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Here are the testimonials of our guests that we received in the past years.


Testimonial in  English These are recommendations we received on our Linkedin profile in January 2014 from Carol, who spent a week here in our Albergo Diffuso in Peccioli (a dispersed hotel inside a medieval village) and took part to many of our activities, and from Richard, who came several times to the concert of Andrea Bocelli at Teatro del Silenzio through our organization.

Details of the Recommendation: "As co-owner of Arianna and Friends, Arianna Fazio been instrumental in building a very successful inbound tour operator business. Her company provides a wide variety of day tours in the vicinity of Peccioli in Tuscany as well as "live local" accommodations. Their tours can be customized for individuals or groups and cover a variety of local customs and culture. I would highly recommend Arianna and her company to anyone wanting to get off the beaten path in Tuscan."
Service Category: Tour Operator
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Details of the Recommendation: "Arianna Fazio, and friends have the ability to organise your holiday itinerary , whether it be for family , but also for Concerts, exhibitions
Arianna has the personal touch and attention to detail, she has a deep and detailed knowledge in the travel industry and holidays achieving great results at a reasonable cost to their clients.
A person of high integrity."
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2013 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 16th October 2013 from Sandi, who spent a week in Tuscany with her large group of friends and did many charming activities with Massimo.

We just arrived last night at home and have not stopped expressing our love for your country!
I would be honored to enjoy your father's olive oil in America! It will not be anything that I will be able to buy here and I would love to have the Taste of Tuscany again!!

I have enclosed my work address so I or someone would be here! Thank you for your time with us and we have so many memories, thank you and Arianna for providing us this service!
Please send the recipes of our cooking class, the salad recipe that we all enjoyed so much!! And pictures!!!
Thank you again and again!!

If you wanted me to write something up so you can place on your website, I would be honored to do that!!



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 8th October 2013 from David and Elaine, who spent 10 days in the Albergo Diffuso in Peccioli (a dispersed hotel) and got a lot of activities with Massimo.

Ciao a tutti!
Elaine and I posted a review to Trip Advisor last night so you can keep an eye out for it. I emailed Massimo a week ago or so, but have not heard back so I don't know if I used the correct email address. Can you please verify Massimo's personal email or if he received the email?

Massimo had asked for some pictures from out trip and we finally sorted through them and can provide them to you for whatever you'd like them for. Feel free to post them if you'd like.

Hope all is well with everyone.
Molto Grazie!

David e Elaine


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 3rd October 2013 from Eliza, who had a private cookery class at her premises with Massimo and Ester.

Hello Mossimo!

We are in Ravello right now. I never want to leave Italy. We have the best pictures we will post of our evening with you and Ester! Absolutely the best night of this amazing vacation. We will be home next Sunday and will touch base as soon as we catch our breath. All our best! We will be back!


Testimonial in Russian language This is an email we received on 19th September 2013 from Tatjana, who spent a week in Tuscany with Massimo with many daily activities. This message in Russian language.


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 10th September 2013 from Jill, who brought her family to our cookery lessons with Veronica.

Hi Veronica!
Thank you so much for sending us the recipes! We have made the pork, pasta, and the sauce. We talk about our cooking class every day, how yummy the food was and how much fun we had cooking with you! We took my daughter to her university 2 weeks ago and she is really enjoying it so far!

We can't wait to get back to Italy and spend more time there!


Jill and Family


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 9th September 2013 from Olga, who had her holiday arranged by us.

Good morning!
found a couple of spare minutes to write a thank you!
Parents really enjoyed their trip and organization of the event!!!
to new meetings!!!
thank you once again!


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 4th September 2013 from Mark, who experienced one of our cooking classes during his stay in Tuscany.

Dear Veronica,

Many thanks for the cookery lesson that you provided to Deena and myself we both thoroughly enjoyed it and thought you were a terrific teacher of Tuscan cuisine. We both learnt lots which we hope to use in our cooking back in the UK. It has certainly whetted our appetite for Tuscan cuisne and may look at undertaking a longer course in the future.

The drive back was very safe thanks and we enjoyed our last evening in Tuscany; unfortuately our honeymoon has now come to an end and we are back in the UK and back to reality.

Many thanks for emailing the recipes and also scanning my notes, it is greatly apprecaited.

Thanks again for such an entertaining class and providing a true highlight of our honeymoon.

Kind Regards,



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 4th September 2013 from Lisa, who joined us for a truffle hunting tour.

Hi Massimo:

It's Lisa writing. I hope you are well. We had such a lovely time in Tuscany and wanted to say that we loved our time spent with you. You are a fabulous guide! Thanks for all of the information and passion that you brought to each tour.

Speaking of our tours, we have been trying to find a Rose wine from Italy to rival the delicious wine we had at the truffle hunter's after our truffle hunt. We can't remember the name of the bottle of rose that we had that day, but perhaps you might be able to recall? We would like to see if it's available her in the NY area.

Thanks in advance. I hope you have a busy fall season!



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th August 2013 from Tracy, who took a specialty tour focusing on organic cheese and olive oil.


Eric and I just wanted to thank you all again for arranging our cheese and olive oil tour yesterday on such short notice.

We all had a fabulous time with Luca. He was a wonderful guide -- so obviously passionate and knowledgeable about that area of Tuscany. His enthusiasm was contagious! He has a way of not just giving you information but also turning the facts into a lively stories. We loved it. I hope we did not frustrate him with our many questions!

Although our kids were tired (still a little jet-lagged, plus we biked all over Lucca the day before . . .) they told me that the tour was their favorite thing so far, especially Luca's stories about his family and their olive grove, seeing the "moldy cheeses in the cheese cellar", and of course eating the terrific food and trying the olive oil. When we asked them questions about what they learned, they seemed to have gotten it all -- thanks, I am sure, to Luca's patient storytelling.

So, thank you all, especially Luca!

Best regards,



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th July 2013 from Cynthia, who took a series of tours and activities with us.

Hello Arianna & Friends

I have a few photos to share with you. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you for all of the great tours and assistance and organisation of my holiday in Tuscany. I had a very enjoyable time! You are all great! I made a pizza and foccacia today with Aldo's recipe and the ingredients that I bought in Italy and Presto! they turned out good! Thanks for the great pizza making class at Aldo's. It was so much fun as were all the other tours!

Wishing you all a wonderful summer.




Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th July 2013 from Raya, who enjoyed one of our small group cooking classes at My Tuscan Kitchen's cooking school.

Hello Arianna Good morning From Tel -Aviv!
thank you very much for the Toscan cooking class on the 7/11/13 in Agriturismo La Ca ' Solare. Mrs. Ester was very good teacher and the translator( sory i forgot his name) was very good as well. I hope to come again for 2 step of cooking class in Toscany.
Thanks again

Raya took part to a group cookery class at our school My Tuscan Kitchen »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 23rd July 2013 from Robin, who enjoyed a private Italian language course with us.

Dear Veronica
Ny family and I can only confirm what you wrote below and we rate the day among top 2 of our experiences here in Toscane. We have allready used our new skills to make wondefull Italien food and with the recepies it will only be better :-)
When we return to Denmark next week, I will as promised send you some pictures from the day.
Please send our love to Ester.
Hope to meet you again next time we go to Toscany.

Kind regards

Søren's family

Søren enjoyed a private cooking class at his villa »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 22nd July 2013 from Robin, who enjoyed a private Italian language course with us.

Hi Massimo - Cristina was fantastic. She is a wonderful teacher and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her for any future clients.
I am glad your concert event is over - you must be happy that life is back to normal.
I look forward to working with you again soon. Regards,

Robin took part to a private Italian language class »



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Victoria on 22nd July after arranging a family reunion in Tuscany for her relatives in one of our agriturismos.

Arianna, thank you for organising our huge family gathering last week at alessandros farm house. We had a lovely time. I have transferred the final payment to you this morning and it should be with you by 9am on Wednesday. Enjoy the Tuscan sun, it's raining here! Thank you again. Victoria



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Will on 21st July 2013 after a family cooking class with 9 children!!

Thanks so much for organising our amazing holiday. My son Thomas has not stopped talking about Esther, Veronica and massimo and the pizza and pasta!
Here is a photo of him in action should you wish to use it.
Thanks again

Will and his family joined our pasta making class »


Testimonial in  English These are two emails we received from Holly and Randy on 7th and 9th July 2013, after a private shore excursion from the port of Livorno:


Thanks so much for a great day on Sunday, June 23rd! We really enjoyed it. We are enjoying telling our friends about it and sharing our photos.
Our luggage had some "adventures", so we just received it, but we're now looking forward to enjoying a wonderful Martelli pasta dinner!

I've attached the photo that was taken of the 4 of us!

Thank you again!

Holly & Randy

Hello again!

Thanks so much for the pasta instructions, in writing! I've just finished making the sauce and was about to start cooking the pasta when I came across your message--perfect timing!

You are welcome to publish the picture, as well as any of our words, including those I've posted to cruise critic (I've copied and pasted the text of that from the cruise review I posted--see below). Thanks for the link to tripadvisor . . . I will be happy to post a review there too!

We will continue to share your information with others, until we meet again!

Holly & Randy

Holly & Randy visited a pasta factory, a winery and an oil mill »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Julia on 17th June 2013, who experienced our cooking class at Licia's:

Hi Luca!

We just got back to NY last night. We had a FABULOUS time with you and Licia. It was truly a memorable experience. You both were so knowledgable and fun to be with! I will certainly send you some photos when I upload them. I will recommend you to any friends going to Tuscany!


Julia took a private cooking class at Licia's »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 14th June from Kari and her family, who cooked with us in a private cookery lesson delivered to their rental house in Tuscany:

Dear Arianna and your team!

Thousands of thanks to you and Lorena of the cooking class on 30th May in Reggello.It was so nice and easy going one can imagine. We all were very satisfied with what we got in that evening. Later in the evening, after the class, we were sitting round the table and tried to find something negative of the cooking class. We found nothing!! It was so perfect and nice and we learned plenty of the Tuscan cooking. THANK YOU!!!!!!
If anybody ever asks us of the cooking classes in Tuscany the only recommendation will be Ariannandfriends for sure. When we planned this evening your website was the best, the inform was clear and the prices were easy to find and very moderate to that we got. That evening was the most rememberable of our visit in Tuscany, GREAT!!!

Best regards and plenty of success to your company

Kari, Kirsti, Jouni, Janita and Satu from Finland



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Sabine on 5th June 2013. Sabine and her party stayed in the medieval village of Peccioli in one of the units belonging to our Albergo Diffuso "Borgo Medievale di Peccioli":

Good afternoon Massimo,

We just would like to tell you THANK YOU for helping us finding this beautiful apartment where we were able to stay for 3 nights.
The location was excellent and everything was super clean.

We appreciated the most that we did not feel like a customer. It felt more being treated like friends. For us, it was an amazing experience, because we were able to live like local italians and not like tourists.

Your office was so helpful and carrying, we never experienced before.

We tell all our friends about this experience, location and friendliness in this town and
recommend your city to everybody. Hopefully, this will bring you more visitors.

We will come back for sure. Just, the date is not decided, yet.

Many greetings from Canada
Jean & Sabine

Sabine spent three nights in the Borgo Medievale di Peccioli »



Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 29th May 2013 from Christy who took her family to an oil mill and an organic cheese farm with the guidance of Massimo:

We loved our tour with Massimo back in April to the olive mill and cheese farm. It was the highlight of our trip! Massimo was so informative! We loved learning about extra virgin olive oil and peccorino cheese. He was so much fun and we had a wonderful day.

I wrote about our experience on my blog at

It was a great day and we will always treasure the time we had in Tuscany! Thanks again for a wonderful tour! Our kids still talk about going to the olive mill and seeing the baby lambs at the sheep farm. Massimo was the best!
Thanks again,

Christy and her family took our olive oil and cheese tour »

A mountain of Sansa
The dairy doing ricotta
A piece of Pecorino
A happy family
These pictures are kindly provided by Christy and are available on her blog.
Click on the pictures above to see her blog.


Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on 13th May 2013 from Linda, who took a group of Canadian friends to one of our cooking classes:

Ciao Arianna!

Come va?

Ho finalmente trovato un momento libero per scriverti. Le mie amiche sono partite ieri per il Canada.

Volevamo dirti che ci siamo divertiti un mondo durante il corso. Licia è davvero brava e dolce e ci ha fatto molto piacere vedere come si vive
in Toscana. Casa sua è una favola, pieno di cose interessanti :)
Poi tu sei stata fantastica e hai spiegato molto bene i segreti e trucchi della cucina toscana, oltre alla storia della zona. Tornerò di sicuro con la famiglia!
Sai che le mie amiche hanno comprato delle confezioni di Pavesini da portare in Canada. Sono rimaste entusaste della tiramisù alle fragole. Speriamo che i biscotti arrivino interi ;)
Nel frattempo, potresti inviarmi le ricette che abbiamo preparato quel giorno? Così le inoltro alle mie amiche.

grazie ancora e a presto!


Linda experienced a cooking class at Licia's »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Nancy on 10th May 2013 after a specialty food tour with Luca:

We are on our way to Pisa now, our last stop before heading home. We loved the tour! It was definitely a highlight of our trip. Once I'm home and have uploaded my pictures, I'll send you some. If you're ever in Southern California, please let us know.


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 22nd April 2013 from Judy, who took her group from a Cruiseship in Livorno to our private pizza class with Aldo.

Hello Luca,
We are fine and we are in Rome now! We've been so busy since our day together that I haven't had a chance to email and thank you for the wonderful day we had. Everyone in our group was so pleased and happy with the experience. We loved you and your excellent commentary about Tuscany and the things we saw, and we also enjoyed Chef Aldo and his beautiful villa (and the great cooking lessons!) so very much. Even the bus was so comfortable and pleasant. We all learned a lot and had lots of fun as well. It was a day we will never forget!
I must tell you....when we arrived back to the ship, we heard many of our fellow passengers complaining about the activities they had done that day. They complained about uncomfortable buses and big crowds and not being able to hear or understand their guides. We all just smiled and said....WE HAD A GREAT DAY!...There were no crowds, we had a comfortable bus, and our guide was the best. Please let Arianna know how much we enjoyed our day. And THANK YOU for the lovely gifts of Tuscan wine - we are all enjoying that very much too!

Judy and her group took a private shore excursion from Livorno
with a pizza class »


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 10th April 2013 from Valerie, who took her young children to one of our ceramic classes while visiting Tuscany:

The kids had a great time and talked about their arts all day long. My husband and I were blown away at all you guys did. It really wasn't what we were expecting! It was so much more. You guys went above and beyond.
We will be singing your praises on Trip Advisor and the like as soon as we get home and I get on my computer. These iPads are so frustrating to type on!
Have a great rest of the week and thanks again,

Valerie and her family took a private class of decoration on ceramics in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 27th March 2013 from Betty, who visited Siena and Florence and met Arianna for one of our cookery lessons.

Dear Arianna,

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experiences we had on our Italy trip. Isabelle is a fantastic guide and she enabled us to get the most out of a short journey to such historic sites. Our entire family will not ever forget our cooking class with you and Ester. I will be sure to write the reviews for Trip Advisor since that is how I found you myself.
Thank you for your patience with our bad driving. I am so very glad that we eventually found you!!
Happy Easter! Best regards, Betty

Betty enjoyed our guided tours in Florence and Siena »

Betty took part in one of our cooking classes »


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 18th March 2013 from Vicky, who took her class to Volterra on a school trip and experienced our day tour with truffle hunting experience, visit to the medieval village of Peccioli and visit to a winery with wine sampling:


Dear Arianna,
I wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful suggestions and organization of our study trip with the students.
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, met wonderful people, ate delicious food and we look forward to organize similar future events.
The students absolutely enjoyed Massimo's tours and experience and were particularly happy to have met professionals and locals of the culinary topography of Tuscany.
I am positive we can have many more fruitful experiences in Tuscany with your agency in the future.
All best wishes and a presto!

Dr. Vicky K.

Vicky took our truffle hunting & winery tour in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received from Rebecca on 26th February 2013 on our Tripadvisor profile, after she visited the Piaggio Museum with Massimo

Although I was in Italy on a group tour, I was able to take off on the odd couple of days and do my own thing. An absolute highlight was being taken throught the Vespa Museum by Massimo of Arianna and Friends. Massimo was waiting at Pontedera Station, and had given me excellent instructions on how to get there. We spent nearly 3 hours at the museum. Massimo translated what the guide was saying, and , being from the area for so many generations, was also able to share his family stories too - which were fascinating! I own a vespa, so was delighted to be able to see this iconic plant. But there were 4 other people on my tour who wish they had known about the museum as well. Thank you Massimo for an unforgettable day!

Rebecca enjoyed a private Piaggio Museum tour in English »

See our Tripadvisor spot »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 15th June 2010 from Ellen and Lex, who spent a relaxing week in Tuscany learning Italian with Massimo:

Buena sera Massimo,

Come va?

This time in English as I've been that busy as well.
I also have been too busy to realise time is flying indeed, but so it is.
Thank you for the invoices.
Furthermore : we had an interesting time with you and are glad to have met with you.
Our training has been a success and we are now in the proces of self studying based upon NL-IT and vica versa. We have been talking about a follow up course with you next year and will come back in due time.

Well Ellen and me wanted to thank you once again, we wish you all the best and we'll be in touch

Cordiali saluti della Olandese

Lex & Ellen

PS: Next time (not tomorrow but soon!!) my email will be in Italian

Ellen and Lex took some private lessons of Italian at their farm in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 7th June 2010 from Elisa, who took 50 girls on a school trip to one of our farms for an exciting cooking class with focus on pasta making:

Dear Arianna,

Thank you so much for the fantastic day you provided for the girls last week. It really was the highlight of their trip, one girl texted home that day and said 'this is the best day of my life'. You can't ask for more praise than that.
Lots of the girls were saying that as soon as they got home they were going to make pasta and tiramasu! They were impressed!

If I can do anything for you in terms of reccommendations please let me know. When we return in two years I will be asking you to provide the same if that is ok.

Thank you again. Everything about the day was so professional and so fantastic.


Elisa x

Elisa and her groups visited did a cooking class at our organic cheese farm »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 1st June 2010 from Gianna, who spent a week in Tuscany with her beautiful family:

Dear Arianna, Massimo, and friends!

You were a great help in making our trip a success! We really appreciated the last minute accommodation arrangements. And the whole group had a great time with the olive oil and dairy tour and then the market tour and cooking class. We learned a lot about tuscan food and wine, had great fun, and ate wonderful, local food. Rafael already made the mushroom bruschetta are we are looking forward to trying to replicate the carciofi risotto and veal in chianti.

Mille Grazie e Ciao,

Gianna booked a private cooking class delivered to her villa by us »

Gianna and her family visited our organic cheese farm »


Testimonial in  German This is an email sent to us on 28th May 2010 by Stefanie and Thorsten, a nice German couple who experienced our cooking class with Arianna:

Liebe Arianna,

unser Aufenthalt bei euch hat uns sehr gut gefallen! Leider gingen die paar Tage wieder viel zu schnell vorbei…
Im Anhang - wie versprochen - die Fotos von unserem gemeinsamen Kochabend.

Viele Grüße - auch an Ester,
Steffi und Thorsten

Testimonial in  German This is an email sent to us on 25th May 2010 by Thomas from Germany, die who did 2 cooking classes and a cheese tasting tour with Massimo in Spring:

Hallo Massimo,

endlich komme ich mal dazu Dir ein paar Zeilen zu schreiben.

Nochmals vielen Dank für die schönen Tage in der Toskana!
Ihr habt das wirklich sehr gut organisiert!
Inzwischen habe ich auch ein paar Bilder bei Facebook eingestellt.
Zum Wochenende habe ich den Dinkelsalat mit Gambas und das kaffeefreie Tiramisu nachgekocht. Die Schüsseln waren wie ausgeleckt, es muß also gut geschmeckt haben! Mal sehen was ich als nächstes versuche...

Viele Grüße auch an Esther,

Thomas experienced a cooking class at the farm with us »

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email sent to us on 27th April 2010 by Davide, who spent a weekend in Tuscany and booked a breathtaking quad excursion in the woods:

Buongiorno, devo ringraziarla perl lo splendido week end che mi ha fatto passare.
L'agriturismo era confortevole, la camera molto spaziosa e confortevole e le indicazioni per raggiungerlo molto precise.
Le terme a villa borri sono state molto rilassanti e suggestive.
Del tour in quad che dire... SPETTACOLO! Ci siamo divertiti come due bambini al parco giochi, Marco è una persona squisita, gentilissimo e molto competente, torneremo sicuramente.
L'unica cosa, se posso darvi un consiglio, nelle indicazioni per raggiungere il quad tour potreste precisare che quando si trova sulla sinistra un cartello con indicato quad tours ecc... si è giunti a destinazione, bisogna quindi parcheggiare a bordo strada ed entrare dal cancello a piedi. Lo dico perchè io prima di chiamere Marco e farmelo spiegare mi sono infilato un po' in tutte le case del vicinato...
Grazie ancora e speriamo di risentirci presto per un nuovo week end di relax ed avventura.

See further details about our quad excursions in Tuscany »

Testimonial in  English This is an email sent to us on 19th April 2010 by Sapnoti and her husband, a very nice young couple from India who shared two cooking lessons with Massimo:

Dear Massimo,

Karthik and I want to thank you and the whole family at Giuseppe's for the wonderful time we had in Italy. We cant stop talking about the trip to all our friends. We have already started trying to cook some simple pasta and later we hope to cook gnocchi and ravioli. Thanks to you and Carla for making the classes so enjoyable. It was a pleasure spending time with both of you.

Please thank Giuseppe for letting us stay at the farmhouse. We felt quite pampered during our stay there. And a big thanks to Pedro for being such a lovely escort. We enjoyed travelling around Tuscany on the vespa. You told us so much about the history and culture of Tuscany that we almost felt like locals. After your recommendations and directions from Giuseppe we successfully made it to many more towns than we had planned. Karthik and I agree that San Gimignano is our favourite town in Tuscany. Of course, the fantastic ice-cream may be affecting our judgement :-)

I attach a few pictures that we had taken during our trip. The first few are of the cooking classes. The next is of Karthik with his new love, the vespa. The second last is of Pedro trying to chew Karthik's shoes. And the last one of me in Volterra.

Although we dont have any immediate plans, but we do know that this was not our last trip to Italy. Thanks again

Sapnoti & Karthik

Sapnoti & Karthnik did a cooking class at the farm with us »

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email sent to us on 15th April 2010 by Alessandra, who spent a lovely weekend in one of our farmstays near Volterra:

Salve Consuelo

scuse per il ritardo nella risposta.
Siamo stati molto bene, l'accoglienza fantastica, persone gentili, educate e allo stesso tempo 'alla mano'. CI siamo sentiti subito a casa. Il cibo di 'personalità forte' era di primissima qualità, porzioni abbondanti - io ho dovuto chiedere di diminuire le mie porzioni poiché non riuscivo proprio a finire tutte le portate e volevo assaggiare tutto.
Noi abbiamo scelto il vino della casa, che dire scende come succo di frutta e non lascia traccia il giorno dopo *meraviglioso*

L'azienda agricola dov'è situato il palazzo che ospita le stanze è molto bella, viene da ripetere ancora accogliente.
Per ciò che volevamo io ed il mio compagno il fatto di essere sotto scarsa copertura di telefono e internet era un vantaggio, una situazione voluta.

La camera a noi assegnata, daltronde come tutto il resto, molto curata nei particolari. Il fatto di essere strutturata per poter accogliere le persone con necesssità particolari ci ha un po spiazzati con gli spazi (tipo non siamo più abituati a doccia aperta o ad alcuni spazi tanto vuoti), ma questo non ci ha rovinato il soggiorno.

Il meteo non è stato molto gentile, e neanche questo è riuscito a rovinare il nostro soggiorno.

Io spero di tornarci presto, sempre in bassa stagione quando si può avere tante chiacchiere con i gestori, veramente simpatici.

Un saluto

See further details of the property Federica »

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email sent to us on 4th April 2010 by Massimo and Roberta, who spent their Easter holidays in our property Maria Teresa:

Buonasera,vorremmo ringraziarvi per averci fatto trascorrere una pasqua bellissima all'agriturismo di Maria Teresa. Un posto meraviglioso e un atmosfera molto romantica.
Grazie ancora e a presto.Massimo e Roberta

See further details of the property Maria Teresa »

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email sent to us on 22nd February 2010 by Romina, who spent a romantic weekend in one of our agriturismos with her boyfriend:


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 1st February 2010 from Sarah and Steven, who spent a day with us in a truffle hunting excursion and in a cooking class:

Hi Arianna and Massimo,

We came to Italy in December and did a cooking class with Licia at her home and also did the truffle hunting too.
We have arrived home and I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for the experience. It truly was fabulous. We had a great time and have told everyone about it.
I was wondering if you would be able to send us some pictures of our cooking class? We love to have some for our album.
Also, I seem to have missed a note in our cooking class - do you know how much water you are supposed to put in to make your own pasta? It's 200g of flour etc etc… but how much water?
Thank you again and we hope you use your services again in the future if we travel to Italy again.

Kind regards,

Sarah and Steven
Queensland, Australia

Sarah and Steven experienced a cooking class at Licia's house with us »

Sarah and Steven enjoyed our truffle hunting tour in the Pisan Hills »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 10th January 2010 from Peter and Samantha, who booked a day excursion on Vespa scooter throughout Tuscany on their cruiseship stop at Livorno port:


I wanted to thank you again for the wonderful experience my wife and I had in Tuscany in October 2009. The tour you and your fantastic staff arranged for us during our brief stay in tuscany was memorable and unforgettable.
We were picked up and driven to Pontadera (Home of Vespa) for a tour of the Vespa Museum and then jumped on our vespa to tour the countryside of Tuscany on our own (with a little help from your laminated directions).
I want you to know that that day was the absolute highlight of our entire Mediteranean cruise and one day which will be with us both forever.
I look forward to our next visit to your beautiful part of the world and I guarentee that I will be in contact with you and your staff as soon as arrangements are made to travel.
I will not hesitate to recommend you and your tours to all of my friends and work collegues as it was a wonderful experience for us both.
Regards and best wishes,

Peter and Samantha

Testimonial in  English These are two emails we received on 7th and 14th January 2010 from Stacey and Marty, who booked an olive oil, cheese & salami tasting tour in Tuscany with us:

Hello and Happy New Year!

This note is to thank Massimo for a WONDERFUL morning and afternoon at the olive oil factory and organic cheese fam near Volterra! We had a great time and I cannot stop thinking about what a wonderful experience it was. We enjoyed every minute of it and feel like we got a true slice of Tuscany while we were with you. I hope you will call us if you are ever visiting Philadelphia!

Best Regards for a Happy & Prosperous New Year!

Stacey & Marty
Bristol, PA, USA


Hi! Thanks for your note.

We keep telling stories of our experience on the farm! It was so memorable. And the olive oil we purchased as gifts for friends is receiving rave reviews!

We'd love to take you to dinner in Philadelphia, so do let us know when you plan to be in the US.

Buon Anno to you too!

Stacey and Martin met us for a private olive oil, cheese
and salami tasting tour
in the area of Volterra»

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 5th November 2009 from Leslie, who stayed in our agriturismo Elisa and experienced a half-day cooking class at the farm with us:

Hello Conseulo.
We had a wonderful time at the Agriturismo Elisa. Our apartment was amazing and very roomy for four people. It was the most comfortable place we stayed in Europe. We enjoyed visiting the hill towns of Volterra, San Gimignano and Lucca. The highlight of our trip was the cooking class with Chef Carla and translator Massimo. They were both very warm and welcoming, and the dinner we made was wonderful. I will recommend your services to my friends, family.... and anyone I know who plans to visit Italy!

Massimo promised to send us recipes of the dishes we made, if we contacted him through Arianna and Friends. Could you please forward my email address to him, so that we can receive the recipes? Thank you so much.


Leslie experienced a cooking class at Elisa's farmhouse with us »

Leslie and her group of friends booked a holiday at Elisa's through us »

Testimonial in  English This is a letter sent to Arianna on 19th October 2009 from Merete and Johan from Norway, who organized a student exchange program of a month in Tuscany with us. The project was part of the Leonardo da Vinci European Program. The best students of a Norwegian culinary school were invited to practice in excellent restaurants of Tuscany.




Thank you very much for taking part in this project. Would not have been possible without you!

Your way of "thinking ahead" and finding solutions before things become a problem - makes everything seem so easy - BUT just want you to know that we know it takes experience and skills and the right attitude to work like you do.

Your friendliness - your working capacity - your organizing skills - YOU - made this a wonderful experience for both us and the students!

Looking forward to working with you in the future - and seeing you in Norway in 2010

Kind regards
The Norwegian project team

Merete & Johan
International coordinator Head of Department Restaurant Trades

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 17th October 2009 from Signe and Anders, who stayed in Pisa and took a half-day wine tasting tour to the Pisan hills with us:

Hi Arianna and friends,
We want to thank you for a fantastic wine tour last week! Massimo was a excellent guide with a lot of knowledge about the vineyards we were visiting, and very pleasant to speak with:)
You will definately be recommended to everyone we know who wants to go to Tuscany, and we ourselves is concidering a holiday on a vineyard for the next time we are going.
We hope to keep in touch.
Best regards,
Signe & Anders from Denmark

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 17th October 2009 from Lynne, who booked accommodation in Tuscany trough us:

Hi Arianna,
We enjoyed our stay at Il Seminario very much, Paolo was an excellent host and did everything he could to make our stay comfortable. Our room was exceptionally clean and comfortable
Kind Regards


Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on 17th October 2009 from Nicoletta, who took a holiday package with us for her father and his lover:

Ciao a tutte, sono Nicoletta e volevo ringraziarVi per la gentile collaborazione con il viaggio organizzato a mio padre e la sua compagna.
Sono stati davvero molto bene e gli è piaciuto tutto. Mi hanno fatto tanti complimenti che giro ovviamente a voi.

Vi ringrazio molto per l'attenzione cordiali saluti.

Testimonial in  English This is a comment on TRIP ADVISOR that we received on 12th October 2009:

We booked a tour with Arianna and Friends to do a cooking class with our teenage son and my wife and stayed at Il Selvino. The entire experience was exceptional, the room was clean and spacious, the large pool amongst the pine trees was exceptional as was the overall setting. However more than that the family that runs Il Selvino were the wonderful. The cooking experience with Esther and Arianna was a tremendous experience. Our son wants to be a chef so this was a part of the holiday he was really looking forward to but we all had a wonder ful time, learned lots and shared a wonderful experience with people who genuinely cared about your trip.
The farm house served as a good base for exploring the area - Volterra, Lucca, wineries, and even the highly anticlimactic Piza. Great mornings of exploring and then afternoons in the pool with some local wine.
if you are going to Tuscany take the time and stay at Il Selvino

Read this comment on TRIP ADVISOR»

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 1st October 2009 from Judy, who booked a holiday all over Italy through us:

Dear Consuelo,
We had a wonderful time. The accommodations were great. It was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much for all your help. I hope we can come back again soon.
Thanks again,


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 1st September 2009 from Tracy, after doing a cooking class with her friends in our kitchen

Hello Arianna,
Here are the photos we promised. Thanks again for everything and let us know if you are ever in Stuttgart!
Tracy and Friends

Tracy and her 3 friends did
a Tuscany cooking class with us »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 25th August 2009 from Laurie and John, who booked a cooking holiday in Tuscany with us

Hi Arianna!
It was a wonderful surprise to see your name in my email inbox!
We just finished a 5 day river float through a wilderness area! Now it's back to regular life and work!
Hello Carla!
We would love to come to Tuscany again, I still have all the brochures on my desk.
Hope that all is well, and be sure that we will be in touch the next time we come - and hopefully soon!
Laurie and John

Laurie and John took a cooking class with us »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 19th August 2009 from Cindy and Kristian, who spent their holidays in one of our B&Bs

Thank You, we are well and had a great time in Tuscany. We definitely like to try to come again, hopefully easter next year and we'll definetly book via you. As said before, you saved our vacation! I have recommended both You and susanne and Massimo to others, so you might get some more Norwegian or Dutch custumers....
Thanx again!
Cindy and Kristian

Cindy and Kristian stayed at Massimo»

Testimonial in French This is an email we received on 13th August 2009 from Michelle from France, who spent her holidays in our property Gervasio


Nous avons passé un très très bon séjour à San Gervasio et avons beaucoup aimé la Toscane .
Tout s'est très bien passé .
Merci .


Michelle stayed at Gervasio »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 30th July 2009 from Mike from the US: we organized a dinner with our cook at his private villa:

Massimo - Thanks again for all your help during our stay in Tuscany. The trip was fabulous and we appreciated your guidance throughout the visit. We enjoyed the tour of the cheese farm, the lunch afterwards, and exploring Volterra.

Now, if only we could emulate the crostini with tomatoes, red onion, celery, etc. back here in the U.S!! If not, I guess we'll have to return to Italy soon.


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th July 2009 from Sharon from the US, who spent a week in Giuseppe's agriturismo doing a lot of our activities:

Arianna, thank you! I hope, by now, that you and the team have recovered from the Bocelli concert!

I'm sorry not to have written back before now, but we have been very busy putting life and the businesses back in order upon our return.

We had the best, best time, and I have already begun giving out your business cards to friends and acquaintances who have inquired. We all feel that we got to know the area of Tuscany rather well during our stay, and could not have thought of a way to make the trip better.

No vacation will ever quite be the same, as my standards have now changed because of Arianna and Friend's great offering of activities.

Although the family cannot agree on any ONE activity we felt was our favorite, we all agree that the San Minato day of chocolate, Lee's bio-dynamic winery, and the truffle-hunting was probably our most memorable day as a whole.

Thank you, again, for helping me to be a hero within the family. If you or your team are ever in Southern California, you'll always have a place to stay.

Please give our heartfelt greeting to Massimo and the rest!


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th July 2009 from Jane from USA, who met us after the concert of Andrea Bocelli in Lajatico:


Thank you for helping us last week. The stay at Grotta Giusti was very nice and restful. . Beautiful grounds and house.
I am thinking about coming back next year to Teatro del Silzenio. There was a small hotel just down the street from Mandriola that has a restaurant it was on the road to Volterra. I had dinner there too. the name of the hotel restaurant was something like ..........darra. That might be a good place for me to stay next year. I want to stay in that area for a week at least. I want to spend more time in Volterra. I am interested in Etruscan art.
I would stay at Mandriola too if the price was right for just one person . I would stay there for one week.

Thank you again you were a big help to me and very friendly.


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 24th July 2009 from Laurence from Canada, who did a 10 day holiday in Italy with our organization:

Sorry for the delay. I have not had Internet access until now. I just want to say THANK YOU for everything from reselling the tickets to making last minute arrangements for our ride from Rome to Florence and accommodations here in Florence. We are having a great time in Florence. And thank you for making the reservations for Uffizi and Dell'Accademia for us. It was a real time saver not having to queue up.
In regards to the credit of 81 Euro, would you be able to credit my credit card? If not, then just keep it as credit until we return to Italy. Thanks again for everything!


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 14th July 2009 from Elena from Moscow, who spent 2 months in one of our villas and arranged a pizza class with us:

Hello, Massimo!
Thanks a lot for wonderful photos and words. We miss all of you too. I'm going to write a letter to Franko, it's a pity that he can not use the computer...we could communicate easier and more often. We will be happy to meet you in Moscow if you will have an occasion to come here. Please let us know in advance about your arrival and we will think where to go together and what places to show. 2 months has passed very quickly, but we've got used to your perfect food, beautiful nature and wonderful people. We've printed some photos and look at them regulary, and when I go to the supermarket i look for everything Italian - today I've found Italian flour tipo 00 and Mozzarella di buffalo. Unfortunately the assortment is not much various here, me and Julia really miss Coop and Conad. Even when we follow the original recipy while cooking something Italian here - it's not as tasty as it was in Villa Amalia. Next weekend we will meet with Julia and her family for a barbeque in their summer house, we will drink Franciacorta Ca' del Bosco Brut, watch the photos and listen to Italian music, bought during the vacation. Unfortunately I can not continue my language study right now because most of Italian teachers have a vacation until september, but I hope to improve my knowledge and next summer I'll be able to speak and to write in Italian fluently. Thanks a lot for everything!!!

Elena & friends



Elena spent two months in the
property Amalia »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 13th July 2009 from Frank and Inge who arranged a baby sitter service with us:

Dear Arianna and Friends,

I would like to thank you for arranging the babysitter Ciara (I am not sure how to spell her name) for our Annabel.
We are very happy it was possible in such short notice!

Frank & Inge

Frank and Inge booked a baby sitter in Tuscany with us »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 3rd July 2009 from Jana and Roddrick on their honeymoon in Tuscany and doing a truffle hunting tour and a pastry class with us:


Here are the pictures we promised! We had the most amazing time on this whole-day tour with you. We thank you for custom-making this tour to fit all the things we wanted to do! It was simply amazing and we had more fun than we knew what to do with! I know we went to bed smiling and talking about it for many days afterwards. Every part of it was memorable, fun and perfect! If we are ever fortunate enough to come back to Italy, we are certainly booking with you guys and spending more time in that region. I have recommended you guys to my friends who are planning their trip to Italy in March. I know you will give them the same spectacular treatment that you did us! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making our honeymoon memorable and exciting! Hugs to Massimo and all our Italian friends we met along the way!

Roddrick & Jana

Jana and Roddrick did a pastry class experience in Tuscany »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 24th June 2009 from Andrea, who spent a cooking holiday with her family at Alessandro's farm:

Hi Arianna,

Thank you again for a wonderful evening! My family and I agree that your class was one of the highlight of our trip. Both you and Ester were so good with the children (and the adults). Once I get over my jetlag we're going to get going on making some pizzas and pastries.

Thanks again,
And Colin

The family of Andrea stayed in the property Alessandro »


Testimonial in  German This is an email we received on 24th June 2009 from Petra and Margitta, who took Italian lessons and tasted delicious wines while staying at Giuseppe's farm:

Hallo Ihr Zwei,
alles Liebe aus Deutschland und ein dickes Dankeschön für die herrlichen Tage in der Toskana.
Wir sind gut erholt wieder zu Hause gelandet und kommen gern wieder.
Die ganze Organisation war super, Ihr seit toll und das Kochen mit Carla Klasse.
Liebe Grüße an das herrliche Landhaus und Tizianna und Guiseppe.
Wir bleiben in Kontakt und wenn Ihr mal ein Bett zum schlafen braucht, ruft einfach an.
Wir freuen uns auf ein nächstes Treffen und versuchen bis dahin der Sprache mächtig zu werden.
Gruß Petra und Margitta

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on 8th June 2009 from Beatrice from Italy, who booked a quad excursion with us in Tuscany:

Ciao Consuelo,
a nome mio e di tutti i miei amici ti ringrazio per il bellissimo week-end che ci hai organizzato!Veramente complimenti per l'efficienza, nonostante l'imprevisto del tempo!Abbiamo poi visitato S.Gimignano la sera stessa e martedì Volterra, dove abbiamo assistito alle manifestazioni del Palio del Cero, bellissimo!Siamo stati proprio fortunati!Quad promossi al 200%: ci siamo divertiti come pazzi e sicuramente ripeteremo l'esperienza! Visto che per arrivare a Lucca ci abbiamo impiegato poco più di un'ora magari ci torneremo anche in giornata.

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 1st June 09 from Ernesto, experiencing a cooking holiday with us:

Dear Massimo

I would like to thank you and Carla for your patience and for your good instructions on preparing real Tuscany meals. As soon as I try to execute at home what I learned with you both, I will report the results to you.
We had a nice trip back home and now is time to go back to work.

Obrigado e saudações desde o Brasil

Ernesto and his wife stayed in the property Giuseppe »
Ernesto did a cooking class experience »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 22nd May 09 from Jennifer and Kris who met us for a truffle hunting tour:

Dear Massimo,

Thank you for what was definitely the highlight of our trip to Florence. Kris and I had such a fantastic time truffle hunting with you, Riccardo, Stella and Nebbia. It was such an unforgettable, unique experience, and Monica and Riccardo couldn't have been nicer.

I told my travel agent what a fantastic experience it was using Arianna & Friends and that I absolutely recommend your trips. Kris and I have already decided that when we go back to Italy, we want to spend the entire time just taking your tours! Not only did we have a fantastic time in San Miniato, but we truly enjoyed talking with you in the car on the way there and back - we learned so much from you and had so much fun!

As promised, here are some of the pictures we took that day.

Again, thank you for your amazing hospitality and kindness. We'll definitely call you before our next trip and can't wait to use Arianna and Friends again.

Jennifer and Kris

Jennifer and Kris enjoyed our truffle hunting tour in San Miniato »

Jennifer and Kris with Riccardo in the countryside and with both Riccardo and Monica in truffle shop

Testimonial in French This is an email we received on 20th May 09 from Philippe and Brigitte. They went on a wine tasting tour guided by Karine:

Karine, pour les belles explications lors de la dégustation et la parfaite organisation de notre séjour à Fabbiano

Philippe et Brigitte

Philippe and Brigitte took a wine tasting tour »

Testimonial in  German This is an email we received on 12th May 2009 from Anja, who booked her cooking holiday package with us:

Hallo liebe Ariana,

leider sind wir zurück in Deutschland! Das Wetter ist gar nicht schön....
Wir haben uns sehr wohl gefühlt und Ihre aufmerksame und liebenswerte Art sehr zu schätzen gewusst.
Besonders haben wir "unsere" Köchin Ester ins Herz geschlossen!
Es waren wunderbare Tage in der schönen Toscana und wir kommen sicher noch einmal wieder.
Vielen Dank, ciao

Anja and her mother stayed in the property Alessandro

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on 5th May 09 from Roberto, coming to Tuscany for the 1st May Long Break:

Bunogiorno karine,
se non avessi avuto la linea guasta le avrei già scritto io per ringraziarla del week-end che ha programmato per noi: davvero tutto puntuale, rilassante e ben organizzato. Non ci sembra di poter muovere delle critiche negative riguardo a nessuno dei servizi da voi prenotati per noi...davvero tutto molto confortevole.

Non mancherò di ricontattarvi qualora dovessi decidere di ritornare nella magnifica Toscana!!

A presto e grazie di tutto,


Testimonial in  German This is an email we received on 7th May 2009 from Gabi and Helmut from Berlin, who spent a day with Massimo in a wine tour:

Hallo Arianna + Massimo,

auf diesem Weg herzlichen Dank für die sehr gute Vorbereitung und sachkundige und individuelle Begleitung bei unserer eintägigen Tour durch die Toskana. Die informationen auf den beiden Weingütern waren für uns sehr interessant, besonders haben uns aber das Engagement und Energie der Winzuer beindruckt, das Erbe zu pflegen und leckere Weine so zu produzieren, dass sie ihre Herkunft nicht verleugnen.
Es war eine Kurzreise, die aber auch dem Gaumen, den Augen und Sinnen sehr viel bot und uns rundrum gefallen hat. Da auch noch das Wetter sehr gut mitspielte, war es perfekt und für meine Frau und mich ein unvergesslicher Tag.

Viele Grüße Gabi und Helmut

Gabi and Helmut took our wine tasting tour »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 3rd May 09 from Chuck, spending a week in our Maurizio farm and doing a cooking class and a truffle hunting tour with Massimo:

Great to hear from you, we meant to write back earlier but got caught up with work and 2 days turned into 2 weeks before we knew it. We wanted to thanks you for a great time, and hope to see you when you come up this way, or next year if we get back to Tuscany. Thanks much for the pictures from the cooking class, it really helped our pasta skills.
Lucca was very nice, but we did have the worst Pizza in Italy there, however the town was really nice, and no problems parking outside the walls. Your plan for Florence was perfect, we had no problems using the train, and it let up out right near everything we wanted to see. We didn't know that you had to stamp your ticket before you get in the train, but the conductor who checked our ticket was very nice and did not give us a fine.
I have included some pictures from the Truffle hunt, not the best but a good memory. Our visit to San Gimigano was also very nice, we bought an entire Pizza and had a picnic after walking through the town for several hours.

Again, thanks much for making our visit to Tuscany very enjoyable and we hope to see you again, either in Tuscany or here in Germany.


Brigitte & Chuck doing a cooking class and a truffle hunting tour with us in April 2009


Chuck and Brigitte stay at Maurizio »

Chuck and Brigitte took our truffle hunting tour »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 21st April 09 from Karin, spending one day with us at the organic cheese farm:

Hi Arianna,

Hope the sun is shining in Tuscany, and that you are fine!
We all have had a nice program at the farm.
Again I would like to thank you for your kind welcome.
And the lunch with the beautiful table presenting all the delicious
cheese, I liked very much. (long tables, nice people and nice food!!!!)
Whatmore do we need?
So, I hope you are able to send me the recipy of the "spelt" salade.
I hope you like the foto which I have attached. Here in Holland, the weather is nice and we are enjoying spring-
time. Although I always want to go to Italy.
Next time, when we are in the neighbourhood, I let will you know.

with kind regards,


Karin and her family visiting our farm in Spring 2009


Karin did our cheese tasting tour »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 15th April 09 from Cindy and Kristian
after staying at Massimo's for their Easter Break:

We like to thank you so much for all your efforts and work you did for making our vacation a succes! It's good that someone that knows the country can take care of you! Not everybody at the canceled flight was that lucky!
We had a great time in Tuscany and all the problems we had the first day where quickly forgotten after we smelled the Tuscan air! Massimo is a nice place to stay and explore Tuscany and they are very nice. We will definitely reccomend both you as the B&B to our Tuscany loving friends and we might see you next year!

Cindy and Kristian
from Norway

Silvia stayed at Massimo »

Testimonial in  English
This is an email we received on
14th April 09 from Laurie and Chris who took part in our cooking class with Arianna at Elisa's:

Hi Arianna!

It was wonderful to meet you, and THANK YOU arranging an incredible time for us in Italy. Everything was wonderful, the cooking lesson so much fun and so informative. I have eaten mushroom crostini about 5 times since I have been home, and just bought semolina flour for pasta. Now I just need Carla.

I included a few pictures, and there are a couple more coming next email.

We heard about the earthquake a couple days after we returned from Italy, I realize that it didn't strike Tuscany. But I do hope that your family and friends are safe and not in harms way.

Arianna, thank you again. We will be back! Probably not for a year, but I will be in touch again.

Laurie and Chris

Laurie took a cooking lesson at Elisa»

Spreading the dough
And finishing the ravioli

Panorama from Elisa's

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on 14th April 09 from Veronica
after staying at Alessio's for their Easter Break:

Gent.ma Arianna&friends
la presente solo per fare a voi i complimenti per il servizio efficiente e per la vostra disponibilità e serietà! Appena tornata da Chianni, splendida struttura con splendida gente!!
Continuate cosi', spero di poter usufruire presto dei vostri servizi..grazie ancora,

Silvia stayed at Alessio »

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on 14th April 09 from Silvia
after staying at Maurizio's for their Easter Break:

Grazie infinite è stato davvero un bel fine settimana l'agriturismo era carino e la Signora che ci ha ospitato a dir poco squisita, il pranzo di Pasqua era eccellente e la struttura tutta per noi...che dire...Perfetto.
Grazie e a presto!

Silvia stayed at Maurizio »

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on 14th April 09 from Claudia
after staying at Alessio for their Easter Break:

buongiorno, il nostro week end è andato benissimo, ci siamo trattenuti anche per la pasquetta. Il servizio è stato ottimo e l'hotel veramente molto bello. Grazie e complimenti per il servizio svolto con grande efficienza e puntualità. A presto e auguri anche a voi.
saluti Claudia

Claudia stayed at Alessio »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on
24th March 09 from Marla, spendig her spring holidays with her friend Jan:


Hi Arianna!

I have to thank you again for the wonderful trip you arranged for Jan and I! It was perfect in every way! We enjoyed the cooking class so much and Carla was such a joy to meet. I'll write more later, but just wanted you to know the rest of our trip was great; the hotels in Fiorenze and Pisa were very nice also.


Marla stayed at Giuseppe »

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on
26nd February 09 from Claudia, spendig her Valentine's day with her boy at the property Nicola:

Gentile Consuelo,
abbiamo trascorso un piacevolissimo fine settimana immersi nella meravigliosa campagna toscana; il sig.Nicola ci ha accolti cordialmente e con la più assoluta disponibilità. Ottima cena e bella atmosfera. Indimenticabile la passeggiata a cavallo e la simpatia della guida Michele.
Grazie a voi.
Saluti Claudia

Claudia, Italy

Claudia stayed at Nicola »

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on
16th February 09 from Valentina & Franco from Italy, spending their Valentine's day at Alessio:

volevo cominciare inanzitutto con il ringraziarVi veramente tanto per il pacchetto che ho acquisito da Voi per san valentino a chianni presso le vecchie cantine. E' veramente un posto bellissimo,accogliente, ed elegante ma allo stesso tempo semplice. E' stato molto rilassante il centro benessere e cena e colazione erano favolose con cibo e vino buono e in grande quantità e la camera era molto molto carina e spaziosa.

Valentina e Franco from Pistoia - Italy

Franco and Valentina stayed at Alessio »

Testimonial in  Italian
This is an email we received on 3rd January 09 from Roberta, who spent the New Year Holidays at Clara's:

Ciao Massimo,auguri per il uovo anno,
volevo ringraziarti siamo stati davvero bene ad Alica, la casa era perfetta,
grazie ancora per la precisione e la disponibilità
sperando di poter beneficare della vostra agenzia.

Roberta and her friends stayed at Clara »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on
20th December 09 from Masao and Atsuko from Japan, joining Massimo in a full day olive oil tour through the best Tuscan mills:

Hi Mashimo,

I hope you are well.
It was a great pleasure to meet you on 10th. Atsuko and I really enjoyed the tour in Tuscany becasue of your perfect guidance. Grazie di cuore!
Atsuko and I have just come back to Japan last night. Since we left Tuscany, we went to Sicily(We rent a car and visited a olive mill and a olive grove in Trapani.. It was informative.),Paris, Chicago, and San Francisco.

Thank you again, and I look forward to seeing you again soon!

Masao - Japan

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on
16th February 09 from Marco from Florence, spending his Valentine's day with his girlfriend in Tuscany with us:

vorrei ringraziarvi per il bellissimo soggiorno che ho passato per san valentino.
la struttura è bellissima e super accogliente grazie ancora anche a nome della mia ragazza

Marco - Firenze - Italy

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on
29th October 08 from Robert from the USA:

We wanted to thank your staff for organizing a terrific day out visiting two wineries and lunch on Monday 13 October.
We had a great time and Karine in particular was wonderful with information about the region, buildings and the wineries.
I can't remember the drivers name, but please extend our thanks, he was smooth and careful.
A great day for me and my family

Robert and family

Testimonial in  German This is an email we received on
22nd September 08 from Udo and Grudun from Germany:

Liebe Arianne,

wir möchten uns für den tollen Kochkurs bei Il Selvino ganz herzlich bedanken. Das war unser Urlaubshighlight. Danke auch für die Flasche Olivenöl. Wir haben uns insgesamt sehr wohl gefühlt und freuen uns darüber. Unser Familie und unseren Freunden haben wir von dem Kochen, Essen und Wein, von der Landschaft, den Menschen und der Lebensart viel vorgeschwärmt.
Bitte grüßen Sie auch Marisa ganz herzlich von uns.
Unsere Einladung an Sie gilt, wir würden uns sehr über Ihren Besuch bei uns in Bremen freuen. Bei uns im Haus bieten wir Ihnen eine kostenlose Unterkunft für ein Wochenende und wir nehmen uns Zeit, Ihnen Bremen und Umgebung zu zeigen.

Wir hoffen sehr auf ein Wiedersehen.
liebe Grüße

Udo Bernshausen und Gudrun Kiewitt

Udo e Gudrun stayed at Alessandro »

Testimonial in  English
This is an email we received on
26th August 08 from Zoe and Zack from the USA:

Hi Arianna & Massimo,
Zach and I wanted to send you an extremely belated thank you for all of your help during our stay in Tuscany. Although we travelled throughout Northern Italy during our trip, we agree that Tuscany and Fattoria Fibbiano were the best part! We enjoyed meeting and getting to know both of you and we adored Carla and had great fun partaking in the cooking classes. You are both so knowledgeable about the area and directed us to many small towns and unique places, enabling us to feel kind of like locals (although our Italian was limited!)

Of course it doesn't hurt that we got engaged in Tuscany as well!
Besides our memories of the amazing trip, we will always be able to tell the story of how we got engaged in a Tuscan vineyard. Everyone thinks Zach was very romantic! We have a few pictures that we I will be sending shortly--if I can figure out Zach's computer. Please let us know that you received them and thank you, thank you, THANK YOU again for helping to make our trip memorable beyond belief. Although we do not have any immediate plans, it was definitely not our last trip to Italia and we cannot wait to return!'

Zach & Zoe

From the top:

The cooking class

Romantic (and successful) walk in the vineyard

Leaving from Fibbiano on a rented moped

Zoe & Zack stayed
at Giuseppe

Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on 21st August 08 from Nadia from Italy:

Gent.ma sign. Karine
La ringrazio per l' invio della prima fattura e mi spiace di non averla incontrata lì al Borgo.
La informo che abbiamo trascorso una meravigliosa settimana al Borgo Colleoli. Il tempo è stato clemente e le passeggiate a cavallo ci hanno rigenerato.
Spero di poter ripetere la stessa esperienza con le nostre bimbe la prossima settimana da sabato 23 agosto a sabato 30 agosto. Ci hanno già confermato la prenotazione per lo stesso appartamento.
Devo pero' ammettere una piccola delusione per l'inaspettata chiusura dell'
enoteca all'interno del borgo.
La cordialità ,la professionalità e l' ottima cucina del personale del ristorante " I secoli" hanno sicuramente compensato questa carenza.

Arrivederci a presto e buona giornata!

Nadia stayed at Borgo di Colleoli »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 21st August 08 from Jen and Bob from the USA:

Dear Massimo & Arianna,

No worries about the gifts!
I'm sorry we did not get to see you one last time Massimo and I'm even more sorry that we were not able to come to your party! We were really honored that you invited us and would have really loved to come!
We just want to make sure that you know we really enjoyed our 7 Night Dinner is Ready Package - it really exceeded our expectations! Our trip to Italy would have felt superfificial without this part of the trip. The location of Selvino was lovely and a perfect place to relax in between our trips to Rome and Forence. It was also centrally located, which made it perfect for exploring Tuscany. We also learned so much about the Tuscan cuisine and culture during the cooking lessons, they were perfect! Marissa & Esther are just perfect and so much fun. One of the best parts was meeting the both of you - it was fun and interesting to learn about life in Italy from your perspectives. We are amazed that you have put together this company at a young age and are reccommending you whenever we can!

Honestly, if you ever need a place to stay in Chicago, please contact us through e-mail or phone.
Take Care,

Jen and Bob

Jen and Bob stayed at Alessandro »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 4th August 08 from Herbert from the UK:

Hello Arianna & Massimo,
On behalf of Joanna and myself I would like to thank you very much for all your help in organising the Bocelli concert & trip. Allow me to say it went like clockwork and we had a great time.
In case there is another concert next year please let us know.

Regards and thank you


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 4th August 08 from Julie from the UK:

Thank you for arranging an excellent visit for us when we came to see Andrea Bocelli.
The Vecchie Cantine hotel was truely beautiful and you service was excellent.

Thank you again, we will definately be back!!!!

Julie stayed at Alessio »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 2nd August 08 from Patrik and Dawne from the UK:

Arianna a very special thank you for all the effort you and your team put in to make our short break in Tuscany it was so enjoyable and memorable. We will certainly be returning possibly even sooner, as, on our return to England some friends gave us a present of 50 vines in a not too distant vine yard and we are discussing whether to return for the harvest in October

Plase put on on you mailing list for promotions etc and if planning to visit England please let us know aswe would love you to stay with us


Patrick & Dawne

Testimonial in Spanish This is an email we received on 28th July 08 from Rafael from the Dominican Republic:

Estimado Massimo,

Muchas gracias por todo, la estadia en Terriciola fue excelente, el concierto estuvo espectacular,los asientos no pudieron estar mejor.De verdad quiero felicitarlos por su servicio,quedamos encantados y esperamos volver el año siguiente pero con mas amigos que quieren unirse a nosotros.

Nuevamente gracias por todo, quedamos enamorados de Toscana, nos vemos el proximo año!!!!



Testimonial in  English
This is an email we received on 27th July 08 from Judy and Jeff from the UK:

Dear Arianna & Mossimo

I just wanted to say what a fantastic time we had in Tuscany everything was wonderful accomodation, people, and what an exceptional night we had at the concert the memory will stay with me forever.
You all did a great job the organisation was brillant, thank you for all the information you sent us and also maps etc waiting for us when we arrived.
Well done to all your team, we have recommended you to several people we spoke to during our stay and also at the airport, hope you get lots more enquiries.
We will definately be back to a beautiful part of the world.

With grateful regards

Judy and Jeff

Judy and Jeff stayed at Giovanna

Testimonial in French This is an email we received on 26th July 08 from Pauline from France:

Bonjour Karine,
c'est plutot moi qui vous remercie pour votre patience et je suis sincèrement navrée pour le désagrement du paiement...
je suis contente que vous l'aillez reçu le plutot possible...et je vous remercie ainsi que Arianne et Massimo pour l'accueil chaleureux. Et promis dès que je pourrais revenir en toscane je n'hésiterai pas à contacter votre agence ou à le recommander à des proches...
En tous les cas, merci et passer le coucou et le merci à vos collègues. Et bien de bonnes choses à votre agence...
A bientot.

Pauline stayed at Alessio »


Testimonial in  German
This is an email we received on 22nd July 08 from Doris and Wolfgang from Austria:

Liebe Arianna,
lieber Massimo

schwer begeistert sehen wir uns gerade die Fotos von unserem Traumurlaub bei Euch
in der Toscana an. Das es etwas gedauert hat, um Euch zu schreiben, hat leider in der
vielen Arbeit seinen Grund. Sie hat uns schon erwartet.
Wir möchten uns bei Euch beiden noch einmal für diesen wunderschönen Urlaub bedanken.
(Danke auch für Euer Abschiedgeschenk. Wein bereits getrunken, Olivenöl bereits in Einsatz)
Wir sind mit so vielen positiven Eindrücken nach Hause gekommen, dass wir bereits einigen Freunden Euere Adresse mitteilen mussten.
Wenn wir uns als Referenzkunden zur Verfügung stehen dürfen, machen wir das gerne.
Ich hoffe, wir sehen uns bald wieder und wünschen Euch noch viel Spaß (der Erfolg kommt bei Euch sowieso) und Leidenschaft für Euere super Geschäftsidee.

Liebe Grüße aus Salzburg wünschen Euch

Doris und Wolfgang (Austria)

From the top:

Doris during a painting class in the Fibbiano olive grove with Marina, the artist, and Massimo

Wolfgang with Arianna and the cook Carla during the cooking class in Fibbiano

Dinner at Selvino farm all together

Doris & Wolfgang stayed
at Giuseppe

Testimonial in  English
This is an email we received on 22nd July 08 from Dean and Wendy from the UK:

Buonesera Massimo & Arianna,

Having now safely returned home - I thought I'd send you a brief note just to say that it was a pleasure dealing with you over the last few weeks and also very briefly, with Arianna on Sunday night. The wine went down perfectly at our meal in the hotel and the welcome pack was a really nice touch. With your help, this turned out to be the perfect birthday surprise for Wendy - she was actually crying with happiness at the concert (I was also crying but at the thought of my bank balance!!). Our 'luck' with the trains and buses continued until we left!! We also met Dave and Christine at the Le Torri hotel and spent ages swapping Italian stories / experiences. You will be pleased to hear that they spoke very highly of you. As we know many people and also enjoy tourism websites, we'll be recommending you to all the 'Tuscanites' out there.


Dean & Wendy

Dean & Wendy stayed at Raffaella

Testimonial in  English
This is an email we received on 22nd July 08 from Samantha from the UK:


Just a little note to thank you and tell you how much we enjoyed our trip to Tuscany. The organisation was spot on, the transfers were all on time, the drivers were very friendly. We really liked the Hotel Grand San Marco, the staff were very helpful and the resort was a welcome break from the faster pace in the city. The tickets for the concert were perfect and we had a great view of Andrea. My only very small point in terms of feedback was that the Astoria Hotel was really a little tired, I think they are undergoing renovation too, probably more of a three star but the room was very clean and the location central, I booked the trip in a bit of a rush and probably should have considered a higher grade hotel but that is probably just my preference. Thank you so much for your help in organizing, I have already recommended your services to others and would not hesitate to contact you again for my next trip to Tuscany.
Very best regards,


Samantha stayed at Spa Hotel

Testimonial in  English
This is an email we received on 7th July 08 from Mary from the UK:

Good Morning Massimo,


I have attached the photograph of the day you took us to the Martelli pasta factory. We are all still talking about our day with you ...... it was very enjoyable!


Kindest regards, Mary

Mary and her friends visited the Pasta Factory in Lari

Mary and all her friends from the UK with Massimo having a drink outside the pasta factory in Lari.

Testimonial in  English
This is an email we received on 18th June 08 from Mario from Australia:


Just a quick note to say thanks, we really enjoyed our stay at Selvino and my wife thoroughly enjoyed the cooking classes.
We got back yesterday and already she is talking about trying some of the dishes out.
We enjoyed Tuscany and thought it was a beautiful place and will certainly be returning there again
Best wishes for you business, i think you are off to a great start and we will certainly be recommending you to friends

kind regards

Mario and his wife stayed at Alessandro

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 11th June 08 from Josephine from the USA:


This is to thank you for the wonderful service you provided us during our stay in Montelopio.

You and the drivers were a delight to work with. You and they were so patient with our often changed plans. The drivers frequently went out of the way to show us special sites and panoramic views during the excursions. They were excellent drivers, very polite and considerate.
We will certainly recommend your services to any friends travelling in the area.

Sincerely, Josephine (USA)

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 9th June 08 from Renae from the UK:

Hi Arianna,

I wanted [...] to thank you again for a wonderful evening. Everyone had a great time and we all agreed it was educational as well as enjoyable. Paolo was great and very generous in opening his home to us. Alessandra was lovely and a gracious host. And a special thanks to you for your kind hospitality and professionalism.
I look forward to being able to recommend your services, and will look forward to being in touch in the future. Nicola has promised to send some photos to you by email when she returns home, as I didn't have my camera at the villa.

Many thanks again and best of luck.

Kind regards,

Testimonial in  German
This is an email we received on
1st June 08 from Birgit:

-- Hallo Massimo,

nochmals ganz ganz herzlichen Dank für die Organisation des Kochkurses.
Es hat mir viel Spaß gemacht es war interessant und aufregend. Und alles hat so wunderbar geschmeckt und war auch liebevoll angerichtet.
Heute haben wir meine Eltern eingeladen und gleich einen Teil des Menüs zubereitet. Es ist gut gelungen und hat allen geschmeckt.
Eine gute Zeit,
herzliche Grüße aus Bayern und im Anhang ein paar Bilder

Birgit and Peter (Germany)

From the top:

The cook Carla with Birgit ...

and with Peter

Birgit & Peter stayed
at Elisa


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on
28th May 08 from Rasha, after having a tour with Arianna:

Hi Arianna i miss you so much we always talk about you and how sweet you are, we cant forget the tour you arrange it for us,it was really nice and you are really friendly.
I send picture for you maybe you will need it.
every body say hi to you,please be in tuch..

Rasha from Kuwait

Testimonial in  English
This is an email we received on
28th May 08 from Anu and Harry, after having our dinner service in their private villa:

Hi Massimo,
Thank you for a lovely evening. It was the best way to start our holiday. My parents were thrilled and talked about the evening many times during our stay. We will recommend you to our friends who decide to come to Tuscany! We voted for the best food we had in Italy and you won by a mile.

We were going to come and visit you at your office a few times, but the office was closed.
Thanks for all your tips. We drove around a lot and saw many beatiful places. The rain didn´t bother us in such lovely sceneries.

I will send you pictures as soon as I´ll get them on to my computer.

We would love to stay in touch.

Yours, Anu&Harri


From the top:

Massimo explaining a recipe.

The cook Carla and Massimo preparing the dinner.

The family of Anu listening to the features of the wines

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on
27th May 08 from Emma and her family:

Hello Massimo!
Many thanks again for our wonderful Tuscan holiday. We all had a fantastic time enjoying delicious food and wine amid some of the most beautiful scenery. Our cooking classes with Carla served as a delightful highlight to our short brake and we have enjoyed showing off our newly learnt skills to all our friends. It was a pleasure to meet and get to know so many of the local characters sipping wine under the Tuscan stars!
Each of us has recommended La Mia Toscana to our friends and family and we all very much hope to return. Thanks again for making my Dad's 60th Birthday gift such a meorable and happy time.
I have attached some of the pictures which you are welcome to use. My Dad will be in contact shortly with some more.

Kind Regards,

Emma (UK)

From the top:

All the family at work

Making ravioli stuffe with rucola and Swiss chard

Emma's parents and their ingredients

Emma and her family stayed
at Giuseppe

See the complete photo album »

Testimonial in  German
This is an email we received on
25th May 08 from Petra and Michael:

Hallo Arianna, Massimo, Marisa, Alessandro und Silvana,

viele Liebe Grüße aus Bonn und nochmals vielen Dank für die gute Betreuung und den tollen Service. Es war für uns ein wirklich unvergeßliches Erlebnis, der direkte Kontakt mit der toskanischen Kultur durch das gelungene Kocherlebnis wie die selbstgemachten traditionellen Pasta, gegrilltes oder auch fritiertes Gemüse und viele weitere Rezepte. Aber das beste daran ist, dass die Pasta und auch die Crostinis jetzt zu Hause genau so gut schmecken wie bei Euch. Ganz herzliches Dankeschön geht an die Küchenfee: Marisa, ohne die wir die speziellen Tipps und Tricks nie kennen gelernt hätten.

Gerne könnt Ihr dieses Lob auf Eurer Hompage veröffentlichen.

Viele Liebe Grüße
Michael &Petra (Germany

From the top:

Marisa among vegetables

Michael and Arianna

Marisa, Massimo and Petra

Petra und Michael stayed
at Alessandro

Testimonial in  English
This is an email we received on 22nd May 2008 from Pete:

Hi Arianna,

I'm sorry it has taken a little time to get back to you. Things back at work have been a little crazy. The trip was absolutely magical. Although it rained a little during our horseback riding excursion, it couldnt damper our experience. The villa at Pieve-de-Pitti was gorgeous, and everything worked out perfectly. Thank you so much for making this such a wonderful experience.

Thank you again,
Pete (USA)

Pete stayed at Caterina »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 2nd January 2008 from Jacob:


I wanted to pass on a thanks for everything that was put together. We had an excellent time. I've already passed along the info about you to some others who were considering visiting Italy within the next year or so. In addition, I've included some of the pics that I took while I was down there. You're welcome to use them however you like. Once again, thanks.

Jacob (USA)


Jacob and Annie visiting Tuscany from 18th to 23rd December 2007. On the right, the delicious dinner after the cooking class. At the top, the visit to the cheese farm with a stop in the sheepfold to see the newborn lambs

Annie and Jacob stayed
at Giuseppe

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 25th November 07 from Sandy, Andi, Lin and Ann:

Massimo- We wanted to share with you how much we enjoyed the cooking class with you and Luana. It was one of the highlights of our trip. I haven't even begun to put my pictures together, but once I do (probably after the holidays are over), I will sent you copies of what I took). May your holidays be the best. Thanks again for making our Italy trip so very memorable. Always,

Sandy and Andi (Rita and Lin too) (USA).


Sandy, Andi, Lin and Rita toasting with the cook Luana (on the right at her sink!) on 18th October 2007. The cooking class and the fantastic dinner with some excellent Morellino di Scansano red wine.

Sandy, Andi, Lin and rita stayed at Talli Country House »

Testimonial in  English This in an email we received on 1st December 2007 from Jill:

Dear Tatiana
Thank you so much for the recipes we are very excited to be able to try our hand at Tuscan cooking! Especially with our Italian friends who have a restaurant. We so enjoyed learning about it and thought you were excellent.
We wish you well with your Florence studies and wondered if you would like to come and visit us in Oxfordshire next year? We would love to have you to stay and show you around Oxford, Warwick and Stratford where Shakespeare our famous playwriter/poet comes from. We won't be able to visit Tuscany again until November but hope to extend our cookery skills again and also our Italian!
Do let us know if you can fit us into your busy schedule

Best wishes


Testimonial in  English
This is an email we received in November 07 from Virginia & Franco:

Dear Arianna, Tatiana e Massimo,
I am sending this message in English so that I do not run the risk of expressing
myself poorly with my limited Italian.
Thank you so much for arranging our stay at Montalto and for the tours to Vinci and
Peccioli. We got a better insight on the area and it'
s history than if we had tried
it on our own. Rest assured that we will reccomend your organization to friends that
plan to visit your area. Attached are photos we took and we hope that you enjoy them
as much as we do. They will always be reminders of a great visit to Toscana. Until
our next visit ciao and mille grazie.

Franco e Virginia (Canada e Italia)

Franco and Virginia in front of the huge wine containers at the winery Cantine Leonardo
in Vinci - October 2007

Franco and Virginia stayed
at Monalto

Testimonial in  English
These are two emails we received in August 2007 from Steve and Tina and from Annette and Xavier who took a cooking class together:

Hello Tatiana,
We will keep good memories of our stay in Italy, and honestly what we prefered the most was that evening at the kitchen with you and the cook. We already advised all our friends that if one day they go to Tuscany they should send you an email first. We will write our review on most popular travelers websites as soon as we are finished with the new house, and we will also send you all our pictures from the cooking class.
Best regards.

Steve and Tina (Canada)

Chère Tatiana,
Le cours de cuisine et le repas lors de la soirée partagée avec nos amis canadiens furent des moments très agréables, sympathiques et très conviviaux.
Encore un grand merci.

Annette et Xavier (Belgium)

Annette and Steve toasting with Zeiro chianti wine
July 2007

The two families all together in the kitchen of Agriturismo La Mandriola - July 2007

Testimonial in French This is an email we received on 18th August 2007 from Anne and Charlotte:

Bonjour Tatiana,

Charlotte et moi avait beaucoup aimée notre semaine à Fibbiano.
Votre organisation était parfaite et l'accueil très chaleureux et
personnalisé. L'endroit est parfait pour se reposer mais aussi comme
base pour visiter les villes et les sites historique.
Le cours de cuisine était super et le resultat delicieux. J'ai
déjà fait quelques recettes depuis je suis rentrée ! Ce que nous
avons particulairement aimer c'était vraiment typique de la Toscane.
Merci pour tout !

Anne et Charlotte (Suisse)

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 14th August 2007 from Lisa:

Arianna and Massimo,

I just wanted to write and let you know how much we enjoyed our tour with your
company. It was wonderful. We really enjoyed Massimo's company and his information
about the area. We loved our time in Tuscany and hope to return again soon. We'll
be sure to recommend your services to others who are traveling your way.

Thank you again and keep up the good work!

All my best,

Lisa (USA)

Lisa and her family visiting the cheese farm
near to Volterra - August 2007

Testimonial in  English
This is an email we received on 4th August 2007 from Donna:

Hi Arianna!

We just arrived home a couple of days ago - to Connecticut, and to Montreal. We can't thank you enough for arranging our fabulous stay in Tuscany at the Casolare Luggiano! It was so beautiful there and the Lippi family was very warm and friendly! Katyusha was so helpful - everything was "non problema!".
We had such a fine time with you and Carla during the cooking class! I can still taste the homemade pasta and that wonderful chicken.
I will send some pictures for you, when I can find the ones I'm looking for.
My daughter and I LOVED the pool! She chose one day to skip our trip to Sienna and stay at the pool with her book. She was happy!
We will recommend your service to others traveling to Italy, and if I can ever get my husband to go, I would love to return to Casolare Luggiano. (I've been enjoying my bottle of wine from there the last two evenings!).
Thank you again for such a fine time!

Warmest regards,

Donna (Canada)

Testimonial in  English
This is an email we received on 21st June 2007 from Icy:

Hello Arianna and Massimo,

Both Florence and I had an extremely great time at the lovely wineries and
wooking class. I've been to several countries before where I've had guides
but I think Massimo is the best one I've ever met. He escorted us back to
Florence from the last winery on our itinerary even when it took him a much
longer time to get home! He is genuinely a really really nice person and
took time to explain to us all our questions. He also has a great knowledge of Italy. We both really enjoyed spending a memorable day with him. I looked into several other Tuscan winery/cooking tours and I am really glad that I went wth Arianna and Friends. :)

- Icy (NYC) and Florence (Hong Kong)

Florence (left) and Icy (right) in Dalle Vigne Wine Loft
Florence - April 2007

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th May 2007 from Enn & Rita:

Hello Massimo,
first of all, we would like to thank you for interesting evening, we really enjoyed it. (..)
we were very satisfied with our visit to Tuscany and we might travel again next year.
I send you some photos from our visit and it's no problem for us, if you would like to post them on your website.

(..) Thank you again and also please forward our regards to Arianna.

Enn & Rita (Esthonia)

Rita holding the leaning tower in Pisa
Agriturismo Alessandro - May 2007

Testimonial in  German This is an email we received on 29th April 2007 from Siegi and Volker:

Guten Tag Arianna,

wir hatten einen tollen Urlaub und sind gut zurückgefahren.
Es hat uns so gut gefallen, dass wir spontan im September wieder kommen werden.
Heute haben wir mit Freunden gesprochen und diese werden mit in die Toscana kommen!!
Viele, viele Grüße an Alessandro, Ester und Marissa.

Siegi und Volker (Germany)

Siegi and Volker at Fattoria Lischeto

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th April 07 from Corinne:

Ciao Adrianna!

I've just gone through my pictures from my camera and I think I've finally
organized all of them! It's still unbeleiveable how picturesque our entire
stay was with you. I especially loved the ceramics class! Please tell
Valentina that I've recieved many complements on my necklace! I really hope
that I'll have the opportunity to do that again someday.
We have been telling everyone how informative you were and interesting to
listen to. It was a nice educational change from my architectural schooling
in Rome, and I wish that my teachers could hold my attention as well as you
did! Bravo! We have decided that another trip to Tuscany is a must, and
this time we will bring my dad and my sister. I can't wait to show them
around to all of the interesting little towns we discovered. Good Luck to
you and "your Friends" with your new business! Hope to see you again!

Thanks again for a great first time in Tuscana!
Corinne :)

Testimonial in  English A testimonial by Danielle & Peter Yango from New York, in Tuscany on their honeymoon in 2006.

Arianna was a wonderful guide through the history of Tuscany and our cooking class. The day was filled with a variety of learning experiences. From wine tasting to Tuscan cuisine, we were treated like royalty troughout the entire day. We highly recommend!
Thank you (Multo Grazie) Arianne, Giuseppe and Carla

Testimonial in  English This in an email we received on 19th October 2006 by Yuchi from Taipei

Ciao Arianna!

Bene, gracie! Good to hear from you! I meant to send you an e-mail earlier but has been inundated with work since I got back to Taipei (How I wish that I was back in Tuscany!)
And yes, I had such a wonderful time in Terricciola thanks to your arrangement and the hospitality of IL Selvino. Please do convey my thanks to Alessandro, Ester, and Marisa.
I think I could probably manage to make the yummy Walnut cake by myself.., am sure that I will someday and I will send you a picture as evidence!
My colleagues and friends have been very envious of me after hearing about my experience in Tuscany, and even more so after seeing my photos. I do hope to return to Tuscany in the future for a longer stay (perhaps more cooking lessons and olives picking..) And thank you so much for your warm welcome and kind assistance, which has made my trip an unforgettable one! I shall keep in touch.

ciao, Arianna!



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