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This is the best aspect of our job: keeping our friendship with you.
Here are some of the testimonials we collected from our guests who joined us
during their stay in Tuscany ...

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th August 2013 from Tracy, who took a specialty tour focusing on organic cheese and olive oil.


Eric and I just wanted to thank you all again for arranging our cheese and olive oil tour yesterday on such short notice.

We all had a fabulous time with Luca. He was a wonderful guide -- so obviously passionate and knowledgeable about that area of Tuscany. His enthusiasm was contagious! He has a way of not just giving you information but also turning the facts into a lively stories. We loved it. I hope we did not frustrate him with our many questions!

Although our kids were tired (still a little jet-lagged, plus we biked all over Lucca the day before . . .) they told me that the tour was their favorite thing so far, especially Luca's stories about his family and their olive grove, seeing the "moldy cheeses in the cheese cellar", and of course eating the terrific food and trying the olive oil. When we asked them questions about what they learned, they seemed to have gotten it all -- thanks, I am sure, to Luca's patient storytelling.

So, thank you all, especially Luca!

Best regards,


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th July 2013 from Cynthia, who took a series of tours and activities with us.

Hello Arianna & Friends

I have a few photos to share with you. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you for all of the great tours and assistance and organisation of my holiday in Tuscany. I had a very enjoyable time! You are all great! I made a pizza and foccacia today with Aldo's recipe and the ingredients that I bought in Italy and Presto! they turned out good! Thanks for the great pizza making class at Aldo's. It was so much fun as were all the other tours!

Wishing you all a wonderful summer.



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th July 2013 from Raya, who enjoyed one of our small group cooking classes at My Tuscan Kitchen's cooking school.

Hello Arianna Good morning From Tel -Aviv!
thank you very much for the Toscan cooking class on the 7/11/13 in Agriturismo La Ca ' Solare. Mrs. Ester was very good teacher and the translator( sory i forgot his name) was very good as well. I hope to come again for 2 step of cooking class in Toscany.
Thanks again

Raya took part to a group cookery class at our school My Tuscan Kitchen »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 23rd July 2013 from Robin, who enjoyed a private Italian language course with us.

Dear Veronica
Ny family and I can only confirm what you wrote below and we rate the day among top 2 of our experiences here in Toscane. We have allready used our new skills to make wondefull Italien food and with the recepies it will only be better :-)
When we return to Denmark next week, I will as promised send you some pictures from the day.
Please send our love to Ester.
Hope to meet you again next time we go to Toscany.

Kind regards

Søren's family

Søren enjoyed a private cooking class at his villa »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 22nd July 2013 from Robin, who enjoyed a private Italian language course with us.

Hi Massimo - Cristina was fantastic. She is a wonderful teacher and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her for any future clients.
I am glad your concert event is over - you must be happy that life is back to normal.
I look forward to working with you again soon. Regards,

Robin took part to a private Italian language class »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Victoria on 22nd July after arranging a family reunion in Tuscany for her relatives in one of our agriturismos.

Arianna, thank you for organising our huge family gathering last week at alessandros farm house. We had a lovely time. I have transferred the final payment to you this morning and it should be with you by 9am on Wednesday. Enjoy the Tuscan sun, it's raining here! Thank you again. Victoria


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Will on 21st July 2013 after a family cooking class with 9 children!!

Thanks so much for organising our amazing holiday. My son Thomas has not stopped talking about Esther, Veronica and massimo and the pizza and pasta!
Here is a photo of him in action should you wish to use it.
Thanks again

Will and his family joined our pasta making class »

Testimonial in  English These are two emails we received from Holly and Randy on 7th and 9th July 2013, after a private shore excursion from the port of Livorno:


Thanks so much for a great day on Sunday, June 23rd! We really enjoyed it. We are enjoying telling our friends about it and sharing our photos.
Our luggage had some "adventures", so we just received it, but we're now looking forward to enjoying a wonderful Martelli pasta dinner!

I've attached the photo that was taken of the 4 of us!

Thank you again!

Holly & Randy

Hello again!

Thanks so much for the pasta instructions, in writing! I've just finished making the sauce and was about to start cooking the pasta when I came across your message--perfect timing!

You are welcome to publish the picture, as well as any of our words, including those I've posted to cruise critic (I've copied and pasted the text of that from the cruise review I posted--see below). Thanks for the link to tripadvisor . . . I will be happy to post a review there too!

We will continue to share your information with others, until we meet again!

Holly & Randy

Holly & Randy visited a pasta factory, a winery and an oil mill »

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Julia on 17th June 2013, who experienced our cooking class at Licia's:

Hi Luca!

We just got back to NY last night. We had a FABULOUS time with you and Licia. It was truly a memorable experience. You both were so knowledgable and fun to be with! I will certainly send you some photos when I upload them. I will recommend you to any friends going to Tuscany!


Julia took a private cooking class at Licia's »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 14th June from Kari and her family, who cooked with us in a private cookery lesson delivered to their rental house in Tuscany:

Dear Arianna and your team!

Thousands of thanks to you and Lorena of the cooking class on 30th May in Reggello.It was so nice and easy going one can imagine. We all were very satisfied with what we got in that evening. Later in the evening, after the class, we were sitting round the table and tried to find something negative of the cooking class. We found nothing!! It was so perfect and nice and we learned plenty of the Tuscan cooking. THANK YOU!!!!!!
If anybody ever asks us of the cooking classes in Tuscany the only recommendation will be Ariannandfriends for sure. When we planned this evening your website was the best, the inform was clear and the prices were easy to find and very moderate to that we got. That evening was the most rememberable of our visit in Tuscany, GREAT!!!

Best regards and plenty of success to your company

Kari, Kirsti, Jouni, Janita and Satu from Finland



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Sabine on 5th June 2013. Sabine and her party stayed in the medieval village of Peccioli in one of the units belonging to our Albergo Diffuso "Borgo Medievale di Peccioli":

Good afternoon Massimo,

We just would like to tell you THANK YOU for helping us finding this beautiful apartment where we were able to stay for 3 nights.
The location was excellent and everything was super clean.

We appreciated the most that we did not feel like a customer. It felt more being treated like friends. For us, it was an amazing experience, because we were able to live like local italians and not like tourists.

Your office was so helpful and carrying, we never experienced before.

We tell all our friends about this experience, location and friendliness in this town and
recommend your city to everybody. Hopefully, this will bring you more visitors.

We will come back for sure. Just, the date is not decided, yet.

Many greetings from Canada
Jean & Sabine

Sabine spent three nights in the Borgo Medievale di Peccioli »



Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 29th May 2013 from Christy who took her family to an oil mill and an organic cheese farm with the guidance of Massimo:

We loved our tour with Massimo back in April to the olive mill and cheese farm. It was the highlight of our trip! Massimo was so informative! We loved learning about extra virgin olive oil and peccorino cheese. He was so much fun and we had a wonderful day.

I wrote about our experience on my blog at

It was a great day and we will always treasure the time we had in Tuscany! Thanks again for a wonderful tour! Our kids still talk about going to the olive mill and seeing the baby lambs at the sheep farm. Massimo was the best!
Thanks again,

Christy and her family took our olive oil and cheese tour »

A mountain of Sansa
The dairy doing ricotta
A piece of Pecorino
A happy family
These pictures are kindly provided by Christy and are available on her blog.
Click on the pictures above to see her blog.


Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on 13th May 2013 from Linda, who took a group of Canadian friends to one of our cooking classes:

Ciao Arianna!

Come va?

Ho finalmente trovato un momento libero per scriverti. Le mie amiche sono partite ieri per il Canada.

Volevamo dirti che ci siamo divertiti un mondo durante il corso. Licia è davvero brava e dolce e ci ha fatto molto piacere vedere come si vive
in Toscana. Casa sua è una favola, pieno di cose interessanti :)
Poi tu sei stata fantastica e hai spiegato molto bene i segreti e trucchi della cucina toscana, oltre alla storia della zona. Tornerò di sicuro con la famiglia!
Sai che le mie amiche hanno comprato delle confezioni di Pavesini da portare in Canada. Sono rimaste entusaste della tiramisù alle fragole. Speriamo che i biscotti arrivino interi ;)
Nel frattempo, potresti inviarmi le ricette che abbiamo preparato quel giorno? Così le inoltro alle mie amiche.

grazie ancora e a presto!


Linda experienced a cooking class at Licia's »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Nancy on 10th May 2013 after a specialty food tour with Luca:

We are on our way to Pisa now, our last stop before heading home. We loved the tour! It was definitely a highlight of our trip. Once I'm home and have uploaded my pictures, I'll send you some. If you're ever in Southern California, please let us know.


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 22nd April 2013 from Judy, who took her group from a Cruiseship in Livorno to our private pizza class with Aldo.

Hello Luca,
We are fine and we are in Rome now! We've been so busy since our day together that I haven't had a chance to email and thank you for the wonderful day we had. Everyone in our group was so pleased and happy with the experience. We loved you and your excellent commentary about Tuscany and the things we saw, and we also enjoyed Chef Aldo and his beautiful villa (and the great cooking lessons!) so very much. Even the bus was so comfortable and pleasant. We all learned a lot and had lots of fun as well. It was a day we will never forget!
I must tell you....when we arrived back to the ship, we heard many of our fellow passengers complaining about the activities they had done that day. They complained about uncomfortable buses and big crowds and not being able to hear or understand their guides. We all just smiled and said....WE HAD A GREAT DAY!...There were no crowds, we had a comfortable bus, and our guide was the best. Please let Arianna know how much we enjoyed our day. And THANK YOU for the lovely gifts of Tuscan wine - we are all enjoying that very much too!

Judy and her group took a private shore excursion from Livorno
with a pizza class »


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 10th April 2013 from Valerie, who took her young children to one of our ceramic classes while visiting Tuscany:

The kids had a great time and talked about their arts all day long. My husband and I were blown away at all you guys did. It really wasn't what we were expecting! It was so much more. You guys went above and beyond.
We will be singing your praises on Trip Advisor and the like as soon as we get home and I get on my computer. These iPads are so frustrating to type on!
Have a great rest of the week and thanks again,

Valerie and her family took a private class of decoration on ceramics in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 27th March 2013 from Betty, who visited Siena and Florence and met Arianna for one of our cookery lessons.

Dear Arianna,

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experiences we had on our Italy trip. Isabelle is a fantastic guide and she enabled us to get the most out of a short journey to such historic sites. Our entire family will not ever forget our cooking class with you and Ester. I will be sure to write the reviews for Trip Advisor since that is how I found you myself.
Thank you for your patience with our bad driving. I am so very glad that we eventually found you!!
Happy Easter! Best regards, Betty

Betty enjoyed our guided tours in Florence and Siena »

Betty took part in one of our cooking classes »


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 18th March 2013 from Vicky, who took her class to Volterra on a school trip and experienced our day tour with truffle hunting experience, visit to the medieval village of Peccioli and visit to a winery with wine sampling:


Dear Arianna,
I wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful suggestions and organization of our study trip with the students.
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, met wonderful people, ate delicious food and we look forward to organize similar future events.
The students absolutely enjoyed Massimo's tours and experience and were particularly happy to have met professionals and locals of the culinary topography of Tuscany.
I am positive we can have many more fruitful experiences in Tuscany with your agency in the future.
All best wishes and a presto!

Dr. Vicky K.

Vicky took our truffle hunting & winery tour in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received from Rebecca on 26th February 2013 on our Tripadvisor profile, after she visited the Piaggio Museum with Massimo

Although I was in Italy on a group tour, I was able to take off on the odd couple of days and do my own thing. An absolute highlight was being taken throught the Vespa Museum by Massimo of Arianna and Friends. Massimo was waiting at Pontedera Station, and had given me excellent instructions on how to get there. We spent nearly 3 hours at the museum. Massimo translated what the guide was saying, and , being from the area for so many generations, was also able to share his family stories too - which were fascinating! I own a vespa, so was delighted to be able to see this iconic plant. But there were 4 other people on my tour who wish they had known about the museum as well. Thank you Massimo for an unforgettable day!

Rebecca enjoyed a private Piaggio Museum tour in English »

See our Tripadvisor spot »


Testimonial in  English This is a quick message which we got on 2nd January 2013 from Julian, who took our cooking class last year.

Thoroughly enjoyed the cooking lessons with the students from Canada last May 2012.


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 12th December from David, a chef who joined us for a truffle hunting and tasting tour.

Dear Arianna,

I hope this finds you well. First of all, I would like to thank you for all your kindness and professionalism during our visit to the truffle hunting site. We really enjoyed getting to know this interesting and ancient process, as well the guide's anecdotes and sense of humor.
I'd like to take this opportunity to give you my best wishes for this upcoming festive season.

Once again, thanks!

Chef David

David took part in our truffle hunting and tasting tour »


Testimonial in  German This is an email we received on 7th December 2012 from Mirko and Stephan, who spent some days with Arianna on wine tours:

Hallo Arianna,
dieses Mal wollten wir es nicht versäumen uns zu bedanken, für unserem gemeinsamen Ausflug in die italienische Weinwelt,
mit zwei reizenden Chauffeusen.
Wir haben wieder so wundervolle Menschen kennenlernen dürfen und gleichzeitig einzigartige Weine verköstigt.
Die Zeit war wunderbar und wir haben beschlossen auch nächstes Jahr mit Dir ein Event zu planen und
durchzuführen. Sicherlich gibt es noch einige unbekannte Ecken mit tollen Weinen.

Molte garzie a tutti coloro che hanno collaborato.
Buon Natale e felice anno Nuovo.

A presto
Mirko e Stephan

P.S. einige Bilder im Anhang


Mirko and Stephan enjoyed one of our wine tours in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is an email arrived on 6th December 2012 from Julie, who spent a day with Veronica for a private cooking class.

Veronica, I must apologize that I did not write sooner [...]
The Tuscan cooking class that Tom, Carol and I took with you at your Tuscany location was all we had hoped for and more!
Tom and I cannot wait to make the risotto and you can be sure that the Tiramisu will be on our Holiday Menus this upcoming Christmas season. I have also already purchased a mezzaluna and enjoyed using it to chop the celery and onion for my stuffing for the Thanksgiving turkey. Certainly was better than putting the celery and onions through the Cuisinart as I usually do. It only took a few minutes more. We are also giving each of our 3 children a mezzaluna for Christmas.
We just loved the style in which you taught, the techniques you demonstrated and the "to many to mention" traditions and hints that you included in our time with you. As I said, this day more than met our expectations. We are still telling our friends and family about our Tuscan cooking adventure: It was truly one of the highlights of our holiday.
I have emailed our travel agent with information about your establishment so that if he ever has a request from any of his clients for a Tuscan cooking class he has all of your information on file. I also told my friend who writes an Italian food blog about your course offering and our wonderful experience with you and the Arianna and Friends Organization. I believe that Tom has emailed you the pictures we took that day. If you ever need a reference or recommendation, please do not hesitate to ask.
Again, I am so sorry that I did not write sooner. I hope most sincerely that our paths cross another day and another class. May God bless you and your family this special season of the year and may the New Year bring you and yours much happiness and many blessings.

Julie and Tom

Julie and Tom took a private cookery lesson with Veronica »


Testimonial in  English This is an email arrived on 27th November 2012 from Adrianne, who joined Massimo for a wine & food day trip.

I just wanted to thank Massimo again for the wonderful day he provided our family while we were visiting a couple of weeks ago. He was very engaging and personable and made our time with him seem as if we were with a comfortable friend! His knowledge of the olive and wine industry was extensive and we felt very comfortable asking any question. We felt we really learned about the culture of the people in Italy and just wanted you to know how much we enjoyed our time with him.
thank you,

Adrianne and her family visited our area for a wine and food day-trip »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we got on 25th November from Marco from Brazil, who visited Italy through us during the Summer 2012.

Ciao Consuelo.

Altough we have now almost six months from Bocelli's show show, I need to compliment you for the organization for the show. It was a great time and Tuscany is wonderful. The landscapes, the people, the small cities we normally only see in films and found they really exists, this will never be forgotten.
The remaining of the trip to Firenze and Milan was fine. I loved Firenze.
For sure will try in the future be back in Tuscany.
Please congratulate all in Arianna & Friends and hoe see you again in Italy or Brazil, who knows?

Grazie per tutti,


Marco joined us on the occasion of the concert of Andrea Bocelli in Lajatico, Tuscany, in July 2012 »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 9th November 2013 from Patricia, who had Arianna and Licia for a private cooking class at their villa!

Arianne, What a fabulous cooking class and dinner, we will never forget it! We just fell in love with Tuscan cooking and your infectgious passion for the food and lifestyle in Tuscany . I am attaching a few photos, maybe one will find itself in an ad !! Ciao and GRACIE! Pat and all of us.


Testimonial in  English This is an email we got on 24th October 2012 from Mari , who joined us for a cookery lesson at our chef's.

The cooking class was an absolute highlight to our trip. Massimo and Litia are excellent teachers and we learned so much from them about cooking, Italy and life in general. We are so grateful for this service and the memories!

On a later reply on 11th November 2012 she wrote:

It is so good to hear from you! We are so grateful for the recipes. Saturday we made the bruschetti, the ragu and the 'salami' and we were successful. Our friends asked us to do it again! I tried to send you a text last week but my phone wouldn't cooperate. I had a couple of questions - is semola flour the same as semolina? (we didn't do the tagliatelle Saturday since we wanted to practice on ourselves first). And we couldn't find stracchini cheese in our area. We used cream cheese and it was good (not the same!) What kind of cheese is stracchini? The very first thing we did when we got home was to order a mezzaluna!)

The rest of our trip was amazing and wonderful, but I have to say, when people ask us what was the most memorable part, Tom and I both answer "our cooking class!" This week I will post our a.ppreciation to you and Litia on Trip Advisor. Thank you for being such a vital part of our adventure!
Mari and Tom


Mari and her husband joined us at Licia's for a cooking class »


Testimonial in  English This is an email from Mari, who joined us for a cookery lesson at our chef's.

The cooking class was an absolute highlight to our trip. Massimo and Litia are excellent teachers and we learned so much from them about cooking, Italy and life in general. We are so grateful for this service and the memories!

Mari and her husband joined us at Licia's for a cooking class »


Testimonial in  English This is an email arrived on 16th October 2012 from Arlene, who enjoyed one of our private cooking classes held by Luca and our chef and a wine tour!

Dear Luca

I have now just gotten the time to thank you so very much for your very professional and cordial assistance. You were truly a bright spot in our vacation and we enjoyed the cooking class and the wine tour. We have already told our friends about Arianna & Friends and your expert service in the Tuscany area. Please keep our e-mail and if you ever have the chance to come to the states, please e-mail us and we will be sure to show you our lovely city of Philadelphia and our home in the country and at the beach. Please tell Arianna that you are what we Americans say "a keeper" and her business will flourish with an employee like you.

Thank you again with all the help you gave us and all the courtesy you showed.


P. S. If possible, you said you could e-mail us the recipes from our cooking class!!!

Arlene enjoyed a private wine tour »

Arlene learnt how to cook Tuscan recipes at our cooking class »


Testimonial in  English This is an email arrived on 14th October 2012 from Lynn and her friends, who enjoyed a cooking class on our farm with the teaching of Ester and the assistance of Luca:

Last week myself and 2 friends took a cooking class near Peccoli that was arranged by your company. It was WONDERFUL! Ester and Luca were great. Luca said he would send recipes to my email but I have not gotten them yet. Could you please send the recipes for the fabulous meal that we made? I am anxious to get cooking now that I am home.
Thank You,


Boungiorno, Luca!

Thanks for the fast reply to my email! I am going to try the veal ragu tonight! If it is not too much trouble we would also love the recipe for the chocolate salami we made.

I am attaching some pictures for you. I will also be happy to recommend Arianna and Friends on trip advisor! I think our cooking class was the highlight of my 2 weeks in Tuscany!



Lynn and her friends experienced a cooking class on our farm »


Testimonial in  English This is an email arrived on 27th September 2012 from Carol, who spent an afternoon and an evening at Aldo's, our pizza maker, with her all family to make and taste delicious pizzas and cecina chickpea pie!

Buongiorno Massimo

I just wanted to thank you and Aldo for such a wonderful experience yesterday. Everyone had a thoroughly wonderful time in such beautiful surroundings! Ben, Lucy and Callum are still enjoying the cake!
Our only regret was that Colin and I could not fully participate. However, we are now convinced that we must have a very strong resolve since the temptation was so great!
Colin was also very impressed with your general knowledge of everything that came up in conversation and we both felt envious of your lifestyle in Italy!
When we come back (as we surely will) we will contact you to discuss any other experiences that you could assist with and we will definitely recommend your services to friends and family.
Thank you once again!


Carol and her family enjoyed a pizza cooking experience at Aldo's »


Testimonial in French This is an email we got on 15th September 2012 from Denyse, who took a cooking lesson with Luca and stayed in one of our farms.


Nous avons passes une merveilleuse semaine dans votre belle région que tu as su si bien nous raconter.
Merci de ta grande generosite et ton proffessionalisme. Nous n'aurions pas pu être mieux satisfaits.
Bonne journée de la part de nous trois.
Aussi un merci special pour Carla

Je t'envoye les photos a ton adresse hotmail.

Denyse and her friends enjoued our cooking classes »


Testimonial in  English This is an email arrived on 30th August 2012 from Angela, who experienced one of our cooking classes during her stay in Tuscany.

Hi Arianna

Buongiorno! We are now back in Zimbabwe. What a wonderful time we had in Italy!!
Please could you send us the recipes from the cooking day. We are so keen to prcatice what we learnt!
Thank you again for such a wonderful day. We will remember it for ever!


Angela experienced one of our cooking classes »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we got on 30th July 2012 from Sharon and her friends. They took a private cooking class at their villa near Siena and then they joined us at Aldo's, for a pizza lesson.

Dear Massimo, Leisha, Luca and Aldo

Thank you so much for sharing some of your wonderful recipes, cooking tips and culture with us! Both classes were far beyond what we were expecting and hoped for - fantastico!!
And the food….absolutely delicious!!! We will definitely be passing your information on to all of our friends near and far so that they may also enjoy this wonderful experience on their travels to Italy! And no doubt about I will be back for more!!

Thank you again! I ask only that you please remember to send us the recipes that you showed us for both classes so that we might share the cooking food of Italy with our friend and family. :

Very best regards, I can't say thank you enough,

Sharon booked a private Tuscan cooking class provided at her villa »

Sharon and her friends met Aldo and baked pizzas at his' »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we got on 27th July 2012 from AJoEllen, who attended the concert of Andrea Bocelli in Lajatico through us.

Mom and I have returned from our vacation in Italy. We want to thank you again for all of your help in coordinating our package. The trip to the rehearsal could not have gone more smoothly! We were delighted with the seat assignments on our tickets and very grateful that we got there early, as we didn't know that it was open seating. We enjoyed our great seats for the entire rehearsal.

We really had a wonderful vacation, which was made even more special by the opportunity to attend the Andrea Bocelli rehearsal!


JoEllen went to the 2012 yearly concert of Andrea Bocelli in Lajatico »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 27th July 2012 from Jeremy, who went to the yearly show of Andrea Bocelli at Teatro del Silenzio and took part to our group cooking class on a local farm.

Dear Arianna & Friends,

Just a short note to thank you and your team for the wonderful time we had in Tuscany - your organisation was perfect and we enjoyed every moment. The accommodation was excellent and both the rehearsal and the concert exceeded our expectations. We also enjoyed the cooking experience and the photograph below shows that Massimo did also! His passion for food and extra virgin olive oil was very evident!

Once again many thanks - we will have no hesitation in recommending you to our friends and colleagues.

Jeremy experienced a Tuscan cooking class with Massimo on the occasion
of his visit to Tuscany for the concert of Andrea Bocelli »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 9th July 2012 from Nicole. She spent her Summer in Pietrasanta and referred to us for her tours and cooking experiences.

I recently was on an Arianna & Friends experience with the Tuscan Cooking Class last Friday. Our chef was Licia and our translator was Luca--the people in our group were named Carolyn, Jared, Steve, and Nicole. I\'m Nicole, and I was so excited about that class that when my father and brother arrived here in Italy yesterday, I urged them to pick another Arianna & Friends experience!
So, I\'d like to book an Olive Oil & Cheese Experience day with Arianna & Friends. There will be four people (me, Steve, my brother, and my father) attending this experience.
We are currently residing in Pietrasanta and we have no car. We are interested in this experience for this Wednesday, 11 July. If this day doesn\'t work, we might be able to schedule on another day.
It is better to get in touch with me via email than phone.
Also, I\'d like to request Luca as a translator again, if he\'s available and interested in this experience. He was wonderful company during the previous experience!
Thanks so much! Looking forward to hearing from you!

Nicole and her friends experienced a Tuscan cooking class »

Nicole also took part to one of our wine & food tasting tours »


Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on 18th May 2012 from Beatrice, who arranged a group trip to Tuscany through our organization:

Ciao Consuelo!!!
Volevo farti i miei complimenti per il pacchetto e le soluzioni che hai proposto a me e alle mie amiche.. semplicemente TUTTO FANTASTICOOOO!!
Complice una giornata di sole esagerata, al Calidario è andato tutto per il meglio:
location mozzafiato, atmosfera indimenticabile e personale professionalissimo...un incanto!
Lo stesso per l'agriturismo Maria Teresa: carinissimi anche per la disponibilità che ci hanno riservato nonostante arrivassimo in
tarda serata...
Nell'aria Toscana dev'esserci proprio qualcosa di speciale, perchè tra te e tutte le persone che sto incontrando nelle mie scorribande ho trovato ogni volta persone speciali, che accolgono sempre con calore e simpatia!
Che dire...ad Arianna & Friends e tutto lo staff...GRAZIE!!!
Spero a presto, con altre richieste impossibili ;-)
Buon lavoro

Beatrice stayed at Agriturismo Maria Teresa »


Testimonial in  German This is an email we received on 27th April 2012 from Peter and his friends, who booked a package with excursions and cooking classes with us:

Hallo Arianna

sind wieder in Deutschland angekommen und ich habe heute meinen ersten Arbeitstag:-(
War eine schöne Zeit und wir werden euch lange in Erinnerung behalten. Vielen Dank für den reibungslosen Ablauf.
Übrigens, der Wein von Fibbiano schmeckt zu Hause genau so gut wie in der Toskana. Mal sehn was ich mache wenn die 6 Flaschen alle sind.

Ich mache eine DVD (Film) von den gemachten Bildern und Videos. Diese werde ich euch dann schicken.

Also, nochmal vielen Dank an alle (auch Carla).....

Gruß Peter

Peter hat an einem Kochkurs mit Arianna Teilgenommen »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 24th April 2012 from Laura, who took a day tour with us in the area of the Pisan hills visiting a pasta factory, a medieval castle, an olive oil farm and a winery

Thank you for everything! We had such a wonderful time on our tour. We can't wait to come back to Italy and see you guys again for another adventure!


Laura and Casey went on our food tour in the area of the Pisan hills »

Laura and Casey joined our food tour with our wine tour in the area of Terricciola »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 21st April 2012 from Katie, who experienced our truffle hunting tour followed by a truffle-based lunch in the area of San Miniato.

Caio Massimo!

We just wanted to send an email letting you know what a wonderful experience this was. It was far more than we even expected and are so great ful we decided to do it.

Ricardo was wonderful, informative, and so nice as well as Monica. The lunch after was unforgettable! Everything was so great and will be one of our favorite memories from this trip.

Thank you so much for your help and service.
Katie and Micah

Katie and Micah went for a walk in the woods around San Miniato
in seach of truffles »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 13th April 2012 from Trillium. Her family on the whole took part to a Tuscan cooking lesson at our farm near Pisa.

Hi Arianna and Consuelo,
I wanted to write and thank you both and your staff for all of your help on our trip. I have actually always done all of my own booking and arranging, but was drawn to your website and all of your subsequent follow up. I am very happy with the experience (despite the weather:) and I will absolutely recommend you to our friends here in Milan. My parents had a fantastic time too and I was so glad to share it with them!
Thanks for all of your hard work,
Trillium and Michael

Trillium and Michael experienced our Tuscan cooking class at our farm »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 13th April from Pat, who took a one-day shore excursion from the port of Livorno and enjoyed one of our private cooking classes.


It was a pleasure to meet you. It was a great day. Claudia and Her family were very gracious. I learned many things from her.

Luca was also a great guide. He was very helpfully with information about a region he obviously cares for. He is a great representative for the "new chianti". Please thank everyone for me.

I hope that some day are paths will cross again.



Pat booked one of our shore excursions from the port of Livorno »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 13th February 2012 from Kate, who took one of our private cooking classes provided at the apartment in Lucca she rented with her two friends.

Dear Arianna,

I just wanted to pass on our highest praise and thanks for a simply wonderful class on Friday. We had the best time! Massimo and Esther were so wonderful. We loved the class and will be certain to review favourably on tripadvisor.

Massimo mentioned you could email us the recipes we made? Would that be ok? We are planning a Tuscan feast for our friends now!

Kind regards and thanks again.

Kate and her friends booked our private cooking class provided at their's »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 8th February 2012 from Vicky. Despite the terrible weather conditions in Italy in early February, Vicky managed to bring a group of college students from an exceptionally snowy Rome to Pisa in order to experience our chocolate tour!

Dear Arianna,
I wanted to share with you my students' great enthusiasm and excitement for the chocolate tour that we had. Everything was greatly organized and it was indeed a pleasure to meet personally Mr. de Bondt and to taste his dreamy chocolate delicacies! We have all bought so much chocolate to last for the entire year! I do hope we can do this again in the future and explore many more opportunities with your company. My students and myself personally, are great advocates of your services at our university.
All best wishes

Vicky and her students took our chocolate factory experience »



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 29th December 2011 from Bill, who met Arianna for one of our winter private cookery lessons in Casciana Terme, near Pisa.

Hello Arianna and Friends
Hoping you have a great new year. Thank you so very much for arranging our cooking class in late November. It was amazing.
I would like to bring a small group next October to stay at the farm for about 3-4 days what types of accommodations are there and what prices per night with breakfast each morning?
Thanks again for everything

Bill experienced our private cooking class at a Tuscan farm »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 21st December 2011 from Alan, who spent his holidays with his wife in Tuscany and enjoyed a cooking class, a vespa tour and a visit to the Vespa Museum in Pontedera.

Merry Christmas

We took 6 days Holidays in Tuscany with a cooking class and Vaspa tour
and we enjoyed it very much. Many thanks for making the arrangement.
We wish to share the attached picture show with you.

Alan and Esther of Hong Kong

Alan took a Vespa Tour with us »

Alan went to the Vespa Museum on a guided tour with Massimo »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 16th November 2011 from Roxanne, who booked a private chocolate experience and a tour to Vinci with us.

Good afternoon

We booked 2 days of tours with you last November and I'm not sure if I ever let you know how much we enjoyed the tours-especially Mossimo's company. We did a day trip to the chocolate making in San Miniato and then Vinci. The next day we toured Pisa and Lucca. The kids really enjoyed the chocolate making. I have pictures I can send if you are interested in seeing them. Thanks again and any time I hear of someone traveling your way, I recommend your company.

Roxanne experienced our chocolate workshop experience »

Roxanne enjoyed our half-day tour to Vinci and the museum of Leonardo »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 15th November 2011 from Susan, who experienced our pizza class at the chef's house.

Dear Consuelo,

I just wanted to write a note to tell you what a wonderful time we all had at Aldo's home. He was such a wonderful host and Luca was very charming, delightful and informative. We were delighted with all the wonderful food and the beautiful home. Thank you very much. We send our best to Aldo and Luca.

I also wanted to ask about my cousins camera (...).

Best regards,


Susan took our private pizza class »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 7th November 2011 from Maureen, who visited several wineries and an organic cheese farm with Arianna.

Hello Arianna,

I want to thank you for arranging such a wonderful day for us on our recent trip to Tuscany. Everyone in our group enjoyed it, and loved the choices of wineries and the olive oil farm for lunch.
Everything was perfect, and I look forward to recommending your company for any of our clients traveling to Italy.

Thank you again!


Maureen experienced our olive oil and cheese tasting tour »

Maureen experienced our wine tasting tour to several Tuscan wineries »


Testimonial in  German This is a message from Werner that we received on 05th November 2011. He took a package for a short break in Tuscan with cooking class and tasting tours:

Ciao Arianna!

Nun ist es schon drei Wochen her und wir denken immer noch gerne an Ester, Alessandro, Guiseppe und Sie zurück. Es war ein wunderschönes verlängertes Wochenende und wir sind uns jetzt schon sicher, dass wir wiederkommen. Das Oliven-Öl von Giuseppe ist leider schon aufgebraucht und die Kekse von Alessandro's Mutter waren leider schon nach zwei Tagen aufgegessen. Wir hätten gerne das Rezept, bitte, bitte!
Mit Ester und Ihnen zu kochen war fast schon wie zuhause bei Mama zu kochen, sehr persönlich und ungezwungen - einfach schöööööööön.

Einen Brief an Alessandro wegen seiner Probleme mit Alice haben wir geschickt und hoffen, dass er hilfreich ist.

Jetzt wünschen wir Ihnen allen eine wunderschöne Zeit und freuen uns schon auf ein Wiedersehen.

Ganz liebe Grüße

Barbara + Werner

Barbara und Werner took a private cooking class at our farm »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 16th October 2011 from Theresa, who spent half a day in Lajatico at our chef's house.

Dear Ariana,
We had a wonderful evening with Licia and Massimo on on September 27, 2011. Massimo first showed us The Theater of Silence in Lajatico and then led us to Licia's wonderful home. The lesson, dinner, wine and company were excellent - we truly enjoyed ourselves. Massimo told me that I could receive the recipes for our meal and I would love for you to send them to me. I did take notes but in rereading them, I'm missing quite a bit since I was involved in the preparing and the cooking. I am also going to send you some photos - please share with Licia and Massimo.
Thank you,

Vegetables fried in a light batter
Ravioli with Tuscan meat sauce
Pork filet in bread crust

JTheresa booked a cooking class at our chef's house »


Testimonial in  German This is an email we received on 22nd September 2011 from Jaqueline and Beda after one of our cooking classes with Arianna.

Liebe Arianna
Nochmals herzlichen Dank für die Organisation und Durchführung unseres Kochkurses in der Toscana. Wir haben die Zeit mit dir und Carla wirklich genossen, genau so wie das Resultat unser "Arbeit". Danke auch noch für das Geschenk, das uns Tiziana heute morgen von dir überreicht hat.

Es würde uns freuen, wenn wir die Rezepte auch noch in schriftlicher Form erhalten (kann auch in Italienisch sein), dass wir für unsere Freunde in Zukunft richtig Toskanisch kochen können!
Wir werden beim Trinken des Chianti auf dich und die schöne Zeit hier in der Fattoria anstossen.
Herzliche Grüsse
Jacqueline & Beda

Jacqueline and Beda booked our half-day cookery lesson »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 19th September 2011 from Barbara, who took our half-day tour including a visit to an organic cheese farm and an oil mill.

Hi Arianna,

Jay and I just wanted to thank you so much for arranging our tour with Massimo. We had a great time and thought that Massimo was a fantastic and very informative guide!. The Olive Mill and Cheese tour was wonderful. We really enjoyed it.

All the best -


Barbara experienced our olive oil and cheese tasting tour »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we got on 16th September 2011 from Kelly and her friends, who spent half a day in Lari with Massimo visiting a pasta factory and the medieval castle of the town.

Hi Consuelo,

I just want to thank all of you on behalf of our whole group! The tour was AMAZING and we enjoyed it so much! Massimo was a great guide and had so much good info on all the places we visited. Everyone was so kind and generous, we could not have had a better time! I live here in Italy and will for sure be returning in the future next time I have visitors. Exceptional service!

Thank you!

Kelly, Erin, Misty and Christy :-)

Kelly took a half-day tour to the medieval town Lari »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we got on 16th September 2011 from Anthea, who spent a day with Arianna visiting a medieval castle and a small pasta factory in Lari before getting to an olive farm for a lunch based on local specialities.

Come stai, Arianna? It was very nice meeting you - and thanks much for a wonderful day exactly a week ago. It's hard to believe that it was only 7 days ago when we were in your beautiful country. Our hearts are still there....

Per your request, here are the photos from my camera for your keepsake. Good luck with the business and keep that beautiful smile of yours shining. Mostly, keep Tuscany the way it is.... and keep Lucca the hunter in check! :)

Big hugs

Anthea took a half-day tour to the medieval town Lari »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we got on 5th September 2011 from Ian, who booked a day tour to Lucca, Pisa and a winery in San Miniato while staying in Tuscany.

Hi Consuelo

I wanted to drop you a note of thanks for arranging such a wonderful day for our family.

To begin with, the tour of Lucca with Wanda was fantastic. Her historical knowledge made for a very interesting morning and her enthusiasm throughout the tour brought the town to life! Please pass on our thanks and appreciation to Wanda.

And just when we thought things couldn't get any better, we had an absolutely wonderful afternoon during our wine tasting tour at Cosmo's estate.

Laura (from Ireland!) was a perfect hostess. She took us on a relaxing tour of the gorgeous grounds (with lots of grapes to sample), explained the wine making process and finished with a casual and very enjoyable hour of outdoor wine and olive oil tastings in the family gardens. What a perfect way to spend an afternoon. We purchased some wine and olive oil and both were a big hit with family and friends back here in Canada.

Thanks again, Consuelo, for organizing our day, (suggesting that we see Pisa on our own) and allowing us to meet such wonderful people like Wanda and Laura. Our memories of our day in Tuscany are fond indeed and we would highly recommend our tour experiences to others.

Hopefully we will come to visit once again. If so, we will be sure to contact you.

Yours truly,


Ian took a city sightseeing tour to Lucca & Pisa »


Testimonial in  English This is an email arrived on 3rd September 2011 from Lana, who met Massimo for a one-day shore excursion starting from the port of Livorno.

Bonjourno Massimo,

I have to say that our day with you at Aldo's house making pizza was one of the highlights of our trip! It was truly a magical day! The cruise was very nice but a little large for our liking. The other trip that we enjoyed was to Naples, Pompeii & the Amalfi coast. We had lunch at a beautiful restaurant in Positano. Bellisima!

Thanks so much for making our trip so special. Russell and I may be traveling back to Tuscany next September as he will be having his 50th birthday. I will definitely be in touch if we make the trip back.

Please give our thanks again to Aldo.

Best regards, Lana

Lana took a shore-excursion to Aldo's house to learn to make Pizza »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we got from KerenOr and her family from Tel Aviv on 25th August 2011 after a very intense cooking experience at their villa near Arezzo a few days before.

Dear Arianna and Friends,
we would like to thank you for a great afternoon & dinner !
the cooking class was definitely one of the highlights of our visit to Tuscany.
Ester showed us how to cook wonderful food and Massimo explained and hosted the evening with great interest. its been fun and tasty!
could you please send us the recipes so we can try it at home??

till next time,
best regards,

Hi Massimo
I didn't have the chance to thank you for the great evening we had together. So I do it now, thank you and your campanions for the great and happy birthday you gave me, It was absolutely a beautifull evening, full of joy and happy,
I must admit that I am not a recipe follower, which mean that I have to add my twist, but I tried some of your recipes (with changes) like the rice with regular rice which came out great.
For the mazno (the beef), sorry to say, I made some changes like use Merlot wine(I didn't have Chianti), and added some garlic tooth and mashrooms. It came out great.
So, as you can see, I like to do my version of dishes, don't take it personally, I loved you dish, but that is how I am.
Again, you and your companion gave us the best time and I'm going to tell everyone who plan to stay in Tuscany to use your services.
Massino, say thanks to Ester and (sorry, I don't remember her name) a big thanks and give them a big hag in my name.
Hope to meet you again very soon.
Kisses and love

KerenOr and Moshe booked a private Tuscan cooking experience
at their villa in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is some correspondence we had until 28th July 2011 with Anne, who experienced a winery tour in the area of Siena with our guide Silvia.

We have not stopped talking about our wonderful day in Tuscany. Sylvia was a delight! We will definitely use your services again and will be sure to pass your information on to any friends that are travelling to Italy. We are now back in the U.S. Tired but so happy with our trip.


You are certainly welcome to use anything I have said on your website. I immediately gave you a glowing review on TripAdvisor as well! I have talked and talked about the wonderful time we had in Tuscany. My husband and I have celebrated our 10, 15, 20, and now 25 year anniversaries in Italy and we've been fortunate enough to take two additional trips to Italy as well. Just last night he said he is not waiting another 5 years to go back. We want to come back and have Sylvia take on a tour south of Siena! You will be one of my first contacts when we plan our next trip!!!

I'll be sure to post something on Facebook very soon.


Anne took one of our wine tasting tours in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 27th July 2011 from Andreas & Nazanin, who spent some days in Tuscany on the occasion of the concert of Andrea Bocelli at Teatro del Silenzio and booked a speciality tasting tour and a horse riding excursion with us.

Hi Arianna & Massimo

We just want to say thank you for a great trip, which we will remember for the rest of our lives.
Thank you for the restaurant and the arrangement with the flowers it was perfect. We also had a wonderful trip with Massimo!
I really wish we could have had a good trip with the horses and I am very sad that we missed the cooking class, maybe we will come back another time. Thank you for the great service of offering the dinner, we also enjoyed that a lot.
Although Nazanin had some problems with her wrist and her back we managed to walk a little around in pisa and florence before we went back.
Again Thank you for all your help.

Kind regards,

Andreas & Nazanin

Andreas & Nazanin booked a speciality tasting tour with us »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 27th July 2011 from Lilian. She booked a special package in Volterra with a "New Moon Tour".

Dear Consuelo,
The "New Moon" tour was wonderful. We were very well attended by his entire team. See our comment on Facebook (use google translator if you need - Portuguese). Send us other links to post our comments (as Tripadvisor).
If they come to Rio de Janeiro, do not forget to visit us. It will also be glad to assist them with information and road maps or anything that need in Brazil. Please pass this invitation to everyone on the team.
Best regards, Lilian and Luiza

Lilian and Luiza experience our "New Moon Tour" in Volterra »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 15th July 2011 from Mel. We arranged a private chef service at ther accommodation facility.

Dear Ariann,

I'm so sorry I didn't get the opportunity to thank you in person on Tuesday night for creating such a wonderful evening for my husband's birthday dinner. The food was amazing and the beautifully laid table etc just added to the ambience. We all had a wonderful time. Thank you again.

I will be sure to pass on your details to any of my friends that holiday in this area.

Kind regards

Mel took a private chef service in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 29th June 2011 from Kate, who took a cooking experience at her villa with her whole family:

Dear Arianna and Friends

We have all now returned from our magical holiday in Italy and are adjusting to being back in the real world.
We would all like to thank you so much for a fantastic afternoon and evening of cooking, eating and drinking. It was absolutely wonderful - we all enjoyed it so much and I think all came back with new tips on cooking.
A huge thank you to Massimo and Esta who were so warm, kind and fun - especially to the bambinis!

Massimo mentioned sending us the recipes - we would love to have them if possible!
Thanks again


P.S. We left your pamphlets in the villa and told the owner about your amazing services.

Kate booked a private Tuscan cooking experience at her villa in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 13th June 2011 from Nella from the US, who experienced a cooking class and a dinner with Arianna and our cook:

Hi Arianna,


I would like to thank you once again for being a part of my 50th birthday celebrations and making it an enjoyable day for everyone.
Could you please email me the recipes for all the items on the menu we had on the 18th of May. It would be most appreciated.
I hope all is well in bella Toscana and I look forward to my next visit.



Nella booked a Tuscan cooking experience »


Testimonial in  German This is an email we received on 22nd May 2011 from Ruth, who booked a cooking experience and some tasting tours with us:

Liebe Arianna und Team!

Leider hat und der Alltag in Mainz wieder fest im Griff, aber die wunderschönen Tage in Siena wirken noch nach und halten uns bei Laune.
Wir möchten uns noch einmal ganz herzlich bedanken für den herzlichen Empfang in Siena und die wunderschönen events. Ganz besonders begeistert sind wir nach wie vor von dem Kochkurs, der uns allen sehr viel Spaß bereitet hat. Ein ganz großes Lob an Licia für Ihre Geduld und die guten Vorschläge. Dies war der Höhepunkt unseres Urlaubes. Wir möchten ein Kochbuch gestalten, von dem Ihr sicherlich ein Exemplar bekommen werdet - zumindest als Datei per mail!-
Die Tour mit Silvia war auch wunderschön, insbesondere die Weinprobe. Allerdings waren wir von der Olivenölprobe etwas enttäuscht. Wir hatten uns mehr Öle zum Verproben erhofft. Vor allem waren wir überrascht, dass wir das Öl aus dem Glas "trinken" sollten. Das hat uns allen ein wenig auf den Magen geschlagen und ein wenig Brot hätte dann nicht geschadet. Vielleicht könnt Ihr das beim nächsten mal berücksichtigen. Allerdings hat uns dann die Weinprobe in Rocca die Castagnoli, die sich später auch noch auf Grappa ausgeweitet hatte, vollauf entschädigt. Unsere Stimmung stieg zusehends und dazu hat nicht nur das sagenhafte alte Gemäuer beigetragen sondern auch die äußert nette und kompetente Führung durch den Weinkeller. Richtet bitte bei Eurem nächsten Besuch dort unserer spanischen Betreuerin ganz herzliche Grüße von den Mainzer Frauen aus! Da konnten wir uns dann auch nicht zurückhalten und haben eine große Bestellung aufgegeben, die wir allerdings noch sehnlichst erwarten. Auch Silvia an dieser Stelle noch ein ganz herzliches Dankeschön für Ihre tollen Fahrkünste und Erläuterungen über das Chianti-Gebiet (auch für die Übersetzungehilfen z.B. für Wechseljahre : ). Wir haben leider versäumt ganz laut "Stop" zu rufen, als wir an der wunderschönen 400-jährigen alten Eiche vorbeigefahren sind. Es hat uns bei ihrem Anblick schier die Sprache verschlagen. Falls Ihr ein Foto von diesem wunderschönen Baum habt oder eines für uns machen könnt bei der nächsten Tour, sind wir Euch sehr dankbar, wenn Ihr uns ein Bild schicken könntet.
Im Anhang habe ich Euch als Erinnerung ein paar Bilder geschickt, viel Spaß beim Anschauen.

Beim nächsten Besuch in der Toskana werden wir sicherlich wieder voneinander hören.

In diesem Sinne, ganz herzliche Grüße aus dem sonnigen Mainz, ganz besonders an Licia!!!!

Ruth und der Rest der "Hobbyköchinnen"


Ruth and her friends enjoyed cooking class with us»


Ruth and her friends enjoyed some tasting tours with us»


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 19th May 2011 from Carolina from Canada, who arranged her holidays at one of our farms and experienced our activities:

Hello Consuelo and Adrianna,

I would like to thank you for organizing my cooking lessons and wine tasting, it was a wonderful experience and Ester is such a good cook and so warm and Massimo is so lovely and a fantastic interpreter, his knowledge in Italian cooking and Italian history really add to the experience. It was exactly what I was looking for and more!!

I would love to have the recipes, Massimo did take notes for me but I would love to add mine too, especially that it is still fresh in my memory. Hopefully he can send them to me very soon.

You can be sure I left with my very own mezzaluna, I am ready to do some serious Tuscany cooking!!
Thank you very much for the wonderful experience, Carolina

PS( I will recommend your agency on trip adviser very soon) =

Carolina booked a Tuscan cooking package with us »


Testimonial in  German This is an email we received on 24th April 2011 from Petra and Frank, who experienced one of our cooking classes at our agriturismo, followed by a very tasty dinner:

Liebe Arianna,
wir sind gut wieder in Pieve Emanuele (MI) gelandet und sind voller schöner Erinnerungen an
die wundervolle Zeit mit Dir und Deinen Aktivitäten.
Wir können nur sagen "Kompliment" an diese Arbeit und die Struktur, die Du da geschaffen hast.
Das Weingut Giuseppes ist ein Vorzeigeobjekt in einem hervorragenden Zustand und sehr nette Leute.
Der Kochkurs war einfach toll, wir haben sehr viel gelernt und werden es auch anwenden, zur Erinnerung
sende ich Dir ein paar Fotos.

Wir danken Dir sehr und hoffen, Du hattest ein ruhiges Osterfest, bis auf bald,

herzliche Grüße
Petra und Frank

Petra and Frank enjoyed a cooking class with us»


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 21st March 2011 from Laura, who took her friends to a private tour in the Tuscany area visiting a pasta factory and a wine farm:

Sorry I missed this email, but we were already in Italy!
Thank you again so much for the tour. It was absolutely lovely.
Everyone really had a great time.
I completely envy your job!
Let me know if you need anything!


Laura took a wine tasting tour and a Lari tour with us »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 21st March 2011 from Jack, who spent a holiday in Tuscany with his family doing many of our activities:

Dear Arianna:
A quick note as we are back in the USA and reading emails. You and your friends, Consuelo, Christina, Massimo, Vespa folks, Josee, and Isabella were wonderful to my family and the trip was a complete success. Thanks so much for making this a wonderful vacation. Our family will forever remember the tours and events your friends brought to life for us….The Borgo de Colleoli was a great choice for us and we will happily encourage all of our friends who are visiting your area to contact you for tour accommodations. Please share our thanks with your friends. Grazie!!!! Jack

PS Are the few extra charges resolved?


Jack and his family did a full-day tasting tour with Arianna & Friends »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 3rd January 2011 from Sylvie and Mario, who booked a package in our agriturismo with our activities:

Dear Arianna & Massimo !

Mario and I would like to thank you for our fabulous toscany trip we had.
We appreciated a lot all activities organized by you. The hospitality from Alessandro, we felt like home.
Special thanks again to Massimo's gift of olive oil from his family.
I can hardly wait to taste it.
Yesterday night, I spoke with my daughter and she is eager to eat the toscany specialties that we had cooked with you and Ester.
As soon as the pictures ready, we will let you know where to get them.

Sylvie e Mario

Sylvie and Mario took a cooking class with our chef in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 8th December 2010 from Suzanne, who took our family cooking class in one day of her holidays in Tuscany:

Hi Arianna,
My husband and 2 boys joined you and Esther for a cooking class in late October. I wanted to thank you for a most amazing memory and to forward a few photos. We have told many of our friends about you.
I would also like to extend a warm welcome to Canada to stay with us if you ever make it to Vancouver. We would love the opportunity to cook you dinner! please send an email so i can send photos.
ciao! suzanne

Suzanne took a family cooking class in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  German This is an email we received on 24th November 2010 from Andrea, who spent a weekend in San Miniato with her boyfriend on the occasion of the yearly National Truffle Festival and visited a winery for a wine tour:

Hallo Massimo,
wir wollen uns noch einmal bei dir bedanken. Die Führungen und besonders der nachmittag auf dem weingut waren sehr schön und absolut interessant für uns.
Meinem Freund hat es sehr begeistert. Auch waren wir heut morgen noch zum Trüffel kaufen und es gab heut abend gleich Risotto mit weißem Trüffel. Ein großes Danke noch einmal an dich, für die Adresse.
Wenn du mal wieder in der Nähe von München bist, kannst du gern auf einen Besuch vorbei kommen, Garmisch hat sehr interessante Berge zu besteigen.

Wir wünschen dir noch eine schöne Vor-Weihnachtszeit und besinnliche Tage mit deiner Familie.
Die fotos schicken wir diese Tage.

ci sentiamo
Andrea & Thomas / germania


Andrea and Thomas visited the National Truffle Festival of San Miniato »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 12th November 2010 from Michelle, who took our cooking class at her villa while staying in Tuscany:

Dear Arianna & Veronica,
I absolutely enjoyed the cooking class I had with your company and Veronica was wonderful!! I had so much fun learning from her and tasting the lovely food that was out of this world. I am a personal chef and always look forward to educating myself and tasting food. I am half Italian and so is my husband even though from different regions and our families get to share different preparations of food which is nice. I learned a lot and hope to do it again in the future and would highly recommend your company to anyone who travels to Tuscany. I would love to get Veronica's email address so that we could share recipes together. I have a lot of recipes that I could share in exchange if you all are willing. Again, Thank you so much for the experience and hope to keep in contact sharing recipes. If anyone has a website on how to get Veronica's clay pot that she cooked the beans in that would be wonderful.
Thank you,

Michelle took a private cooking class in her villa in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 16th October 2010 from Ilene & Gary, from the Arizona. They spent a day with us in the area of Volterra for an olive oil and cheese tasting tour:

Greetings from back in Phoenix, Arizona. Karen, we just wanted to take a quick moment to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the most wonderful day of our entire vacation. You were so kind and generous with your information, we will never forget what a great time we had. I hope Massimo has recovered but thank you for filling in for him. I will get on trip adviser this week and give you guys rave reviews.

Also, the organic farm outside of Volterra. Was that part of "town" considered part of Volterra or another name?

Again, we could not have asked for anything better (except for weather perhaps) but I will send you a picture of that quilt once I get it done. I have a few other projects ahead of it but will make sure I send you a picture. Hope everything went well at your son's school and things worked out. If you don't mind, we might be back in touch for some real estate advice!! You never know... our dreams might come true.

Hope all is well and again, thank you. Keep in touch!
Best Regards,
Ilene & Gary


Ilene and Gary experienced our olive oil and cheese tasting tour in Volterra »


Testimonial in  English This is an email sent to us on 14th October 2010 from Paulette, a very nice Australian lady who spent her holidays with us on the occasion of the yearly concert of Andrea Bocelli in Lajatico in July 2010:

Dear Corine and Adrianna -
Please forgive me for taking so long to contact you after my most wonderful stay in your beautiful Tuscany. It was a dream come true and truely the most joyous experience of my entire life! My afternoon and evening in your company going to Lajatico and the Bocelli winery and then the beautiful farmhouse meal was an evening to always remember, and then the next couple of days in Lajatico and seeing my hero Andrea in his home village. Oh my goodness, words can not explain the joy I felt in experiencing this. I thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me to make this happen. I met Mama Bocelli several times and as you know, Alberto and his family. My only regret was not meeting Andrea, I was just never in the right place at the right time. But I did have many wonderful moments. I will be back and next time for a much longer stay. Of course I will want my next visit to coincide with a Bocelli concert some where there, so if you hear of anything coming up, please let me know.
On the 4th of September my City (Christchurch) was hit by a 7.1 earthquake. Since then we have had over 1700!! My home has been spared, but there was signifcant damage throughout the city. Nerves have been stretched to their limit - Thank goodness I have Andrea's music and my wonderful photos and memories to get me through this harrowing time.
Once again thanks to all of you for helping me make some beautiful memories to live with. You will here from me again.
Love Paulette

See the other comments on the Bocelli concert in Lajatico in 2010 »


Testimonial in  English This is an email sent to us on 6th October 2010 from Anina and her 5 friends, who spent an evening at our chef's house for an interesting and tasty cooking class:

Dear Massimo,

Just a short note to say thank you very much for a most fantastic and unforgettable evening of cooking ! We mostly enjoyed it, and it was one of our highlights of the trip ! It is mostly recommendable !

Marielize and Monica
Marianne and Massimo
Anina, Lizelle and Marielize
The Group

Best Regards


Anina and her friends enjoyed our cooking class at the chef's house »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 4th October 2010 from Colin and Darlene, who enjoyed a cooking class with Arianna:

Hi Arianna
Thank-you again for a wonderful evening of learning to cook! Can you forward to me the recipes that we used for that night please and thanks.
Kind regards Colin & Darlene


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 26th September 2010 from Sallie and Karen, who spent 10 days in Tuscany in our farm and enjoyed our pastry shop experience, our painting class and our cooking class:

Hi Arianna,

Just a quick note to thank you and the team very much for the incredible job you all did during our recent trip to Tuscany. Special thanks to Massimo and Consuelo for helping solve the GPS problem, the replacement Tom Tom worked extremely well and was a definite "must have" for foreigners trying to navigate their way around Italy. Also, to Massimo and Veronica for joining us and translating during our Cooking and Painting classes, their knowledge and experience, without a doubt, enhanced our experience during each of them.

With regard to the Pastry & Pizza Cooking Class we did with Massimo, he mentioned that copies of each of the recipes will be emailed to us, can I also remind you about that please, as we haven't received them yet?

Thanks again.

Sallie & Karen


Testimonial in  English This is an email sent to us on 27th September 2010 by Brenda, who visited our farm and took 3 cooking classes:

Dear Arianna, Massimo and Consuelo,

Ciao! We just had to send you a note to express our thanks on assisting with our plans while we were in Tuscany. All the arrangements that you made for us went very smoothly. We loved the 2 bedroom apartment at the farm. Alessandro was a delightful host. The cooking classes were too much fun. Many thanks to Massimo and Esther for teaching us the regional (and delicious!) recipes. Massimo's information and guidance about the surrounding towns was invaluable. We were able to really get a feel for Tuscany even though we were only there a week. We will highly recommend you to anyone who mentions that they are planning a trip to Italy. We wouldn't hesitate to enlist your services again. Many, many thanks!

Brenda and Mark Riely
Mary Ann

PS. Attached are some pictures from the trip. Feel free to use them as you see fit. :)

Brenda and her family enjoyed our cooking classes at the farm »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 24th September 2010 from Regina, who experienced a cooking class at our farm:

Dear Arianna,
I want to extend a "mille gracie" to you and your staff for making our cooking school, experience a fun event. From the very beginning your prompt response encouraged us to use your school over others. You were warm and very helpful. Massimo and Ester were a delight....their energy, enthusiasm, patience and passion for food and cooking was evident. And Consuelo came to the rescue when someone filled the sugar bowl with salt!!!
The grounds of La Quericole were beautiful and we were fortunate to meet the owner who talked to us with pride about his wine and olive groves. The food and wine were delicious under Ester's and Massimo's guidance.
Our only disappointment was that we did not get to meet you.
Again, thank you and we hope to encounter Arianna & Friends again.
Massimo said he would be sending the recipe's to me, when he does I will forward to the rest of the class.
Where can we get a mezzaluna just like the one we used in class?
Regina & Friends


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 20th September 2010 from Monica, who experienced a cooking class at our chef's:

Dear Masimo and Arianna

We had a lovely evening with Lisa in her kitchen !!! Thank you so much - have already found some great South African Olive oil and will be baking the Cantucinni soon !!!

Monica and family


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 13th September 2010 from Gary, who spent a week in Tuscany with his family and booked a series of day tours with us:


We just wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the chocolate experience, the cheese making experience and the cooking at our villa. The kids are still talking about how much fun it was and this past weekend we tried to replicate several of the recipes we learned with you. They may not remember all of the churches and art we saw, but they will definitely remember the things we did with ariannandfriends. I wanted to post a review on TripAdvisor but didn't see you guys on there. Let me know if I just missed it. Hope are you well and staying busy in September. Drop us a line when you make it to NY.



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 6th September 2010 from the Wiesendangers, who booked a series of chef services in her villa during their Tuscan stay:

Dear Arianna,

We are back in Paris, but we think about our two weeks at the villa Fagnano often. We had a wonderful vacation. And Veronica and Paolo did a wonderful job. They were not just competent and smart, they were terribly attentive and kind.

Thank you. The Wiesendangers, all 13 of them.


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 30th August 2010 from Cecilia, who booked a series of chef service in her villa during her Tuscan stay:

Dear Arianna,
Back in Mexico..after our nice stay in Villa Fagnano..
We were so happy in Tuscany that we are thinkiing to go back but this time with ALL my extended family, we are 85 !!
so I am thinking that you know a lot of this area.
We are looking for a hotel with 40 rooms, just All for the family, 4 or 5 stars, in a little village not city, and very child friendly!

I would appreciate you great help.. thank you very much, Cecilia


Testimonial in  German This is an email we received on 23rd August 2010 from Heike, who looked for a last minute accommodation in Tuscany during her last holidays:

Liebe Arianna,

heute ist mein erster Tag wieder im Büro und ich möchte mich noch einmal ganz herzlich für Ihre Unterstützung bei meiner Rundreise durch die Toskana bedanken. Ich komme bestimmt bald wieder und werde das nächste Mal bereits im voraus planen. Die Gegend um Suvereto hat mir auch sehr gut gefallen. Vielleicht gibt es dort auch eine Unterkunft mit Pferden, am liebsten Westernpferden.

Wir sind bei unserer Reise noch bis Pomorance gekommen und dann über das Voltera Tal wieder zurück ans Meer.

Also liebe Arianna nochmals vielen Dank für Ihre Hilfe und bis bald



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 7th July 2010 from Laurie, a teacher who took her class to Tuscany for a weekly cultural tour to all historical towns:

Hi Massimo,
Just a quick note to let you know how much we all loved our trip.
Mainly thanks to you. When anyone asks Paul how the trip was all he talks about is "Massimo"! Everything was GREAT, Tatiana's, Angy's, the tours, the food, the cooking lesson, the bus. I will have to write this on Arianna and Friends facebook page!
The trip home went smoothly and we returned to a heat wave here. So between jet lag and the heat it's been a hard adjustment being back home. I've been going through my photos and will send some to you soon. Of course I wish I had taken al lot more....It was a trip the kids and I will never forget.
Hope all is well in Peccioli!
Talk soon, Laurie


Laurie and her students visited
our organic cheese farm »



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