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This is the best aspect of our job: keeping our friendship with you.
Here are some of the testimonials we collected from our guests who joined us
during their stay in Tuscany ...

Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 31st March from Pat & Suzie who took part to one of our cooking classes focusing on the pasta making.

Good evening!
My wife (Suzie) and I were lucky enough to enjoy a wonderful pasta lab on March 20th with Massimo and Ester; we had such a great time. I have sent a few pictures of our day; maybe you'll want them for your web site, and hopefully you can share Ester's first "selfie" with her!

If possible, I would really appreciate some help with the recipes we learned. I took so many notes, I can't imagine how I missed anything!

We used 2 different flours for our pastas, one fine and one robust. When we made ravioli and tagliatelle, we mixed the flour 50/50. When we made gnocchi, I have written down to use only fine flour for the dough. But I seem to recall using the more robust flour if more was needed when we were kneading the dough. Is this correct, or do I always use the fine flour when making gnocchi?
Thanks if you can help and I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we enjoyed our day!
Pat & Suzie


Thanks for the great response! I really appreciate it. Please feel free to use the pictures on your web site, I think they capture the fun, beautiful setting, and of course, the great food!
I will definitely post some comments on your trip advisor page for others to read.
We are having friends stay with us in our home over the Easter weekend, and Saturday, Suzie and I are going to treat them to some home made ravioli and gnocchi, along with some of the excellent wines we brought home with us from Tuscany. Hopefully, we will make you and Ester proud of your students! I'll let you know how we do.
Thanks again and all the best,


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 29th March from Ali who took part to one of our cooking classes.

Dear Arianna & Veronica,

Thank you very much for the cooking class and for the recipes you e-mailed today, we really enjoyed our trip to Tuscany.


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 13th March from Ray who visited Volterra and a cheese farm with Moira and Massimo.

Arianna, Consuelo,

Just wanted to say that we thoroughly enjoyed the tour yesterday. Massimo and Moira were great tour guides and I wish we had more time in the region to do more activities. When we get back to the U.S., we will definitely be leaving positive reviews on Trip Advisor and when we come back to the region, would surely like Massimo as a guide again. Once I download the pictures, will send you a picture we took with Massimo and Moira.
Thanks again.



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 7th March 2015 from Lynette, who took part to a family cooking class at our school.

Thank you!
For a wonderful evening! We have had a great time in Tuscany. Your cook, Signora Lorena and her great assistant Arianna, accompanied by the class of rookies, Lynnette and Mick, Billings Montana, and new found friends from Washington D. C., Kristen and Johnny and Kristen's parents.
Please send recipes!!!!!


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 7th November 2014 from Rainer after a series of day tours with Massimo.

Dear Massimo,
Trix and I wanted to thank you for the lovely two days that you showed us around beautiful Tuscany. We both enjoyed every moment of it.
Could you send me the name of the hamlet (villa) that we spent time in after the Vespa museum and also the name of the farm with the cheese making.
We have reached rainy Florence and will be flying out in a few hours.

Thank you again,



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th October 2014 from Karen, who enjoyed a day Vespa tour with her family.

Dear Massimo and Arianna,
I just wanted to thank you so much for the wonderful Vespa tour of Tuscany. My husband, sister and I had the pleasure of this experience on Sunday, September 14th. Massimo, you were a fantastic tour guide! We loved our day in the Tuscan countryside, visiting all of the wonderful places. I am now very picky about my olive oil! This tour was definitely a highlight of our trip to Italy and I highly recommend it to anyone who would like a one-of-a-kind experience!
Warm Regards,


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 23rd October 2014 from Ann and Fred, who booked several tours with our company during their stay in Tuscany.

Dear Consuelo,
I want to thank you and your team for the fun and informative tours we took during our stay at Borgo alle Vigne.
We very much enjoyed the trek with Chiara and her traditional Tuscan picnic lunch prepared just for us with the vegetables from her mother's garden and her grandmother's ham - what a special treat! Chiara's knowledge of Colle Val d'Elsa and the area's history is of high value to your company.

We were also extremely pleased with our day with Luca touring the olive processing plant and the cheese farm - both wonderful experiences - we learned so much. Luca is also knowledgeable and entertaining - we so much enjoyed chatting with him about life in Italy.
Both Chiara and Luca are professional and charming - true valuable assets to Arianna and Friends. We hope to see all of you next year during our stay at Borgo to learn about and enjoy your beautiful country.

In addition, we also enjoyed our tour of Peccioli with Moira - I know it was difficult for her to "herd" her group through the streets and market but she did a wonderful job of keeping us together and telling us about your lovely town.

Please let them all know how much we appreciated them and we send them kisses from America.

Again, thank you to Arianna and Friends - we are also your friends now!
Ann and Fred


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 2nd October 2014 from Diana and Ian, who spent a day in Tuscany for a shore excursion from their cruise ship.

Hi Ariana,
A quick email to thank you for such a lovely day we had on Tuesday.
I think it was the highlight of our cruise and probably was for most of the others as well. People on the cruise were asking us where we had been and I think they were rather jealous of us! We certainly made a good advertisement for your cooking school when we arrived back on the ship!
Once we return to New Zealand I will write a report on trip advisor.
Thanks again and kind regards,
Diana and Ian


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 1st October 2014 from Andrew and Belinda, who visited Tuscany in 2013 for the concert of Andrea Bocelli.

Hello from the UK

We may consider a return to see Andrea Bocelli in his concert when we find out who will be the guests as the concert in 2013 was a disappointment but the rest of it was truly brilliant!

Do please let us know when the dates and the guest line up are announced, as we may use this opportunity to combine a few different tours,

Thank you

Andrew & Lucinda


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 30th September 2014 from Jen who experienced a day grape harvest experience at a fantastic winery in Tuscany with us.

I wanted to let you know that my family and I enjoyed the Grape Harvest tour. We're very glad that Hilton recommended your tour group. Massimo our guide, was fantastic! He was well informed, pleasant and very accommodating. We were a group of four and he addressed all our questions whether they pertained to wine-making or not. He provided us with technical and operational insight about the wine industry, from agriculture to wine-tasting. Probably one of the best tours in Tuscany showing professionalism and hospitality. Massimo gave us a personalized tour which we appreciated very much. We definitely got more than we expected from the tour...and all because of Massimo!

We hope to do other tours with your team when we return to Toscana!


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 29th September 2014 from Vicky, a teacher of an academy in Rome who brought her students to Tuscany for a trip.

Dear Arianna and Massimo,
Now that we are back in Rome after our Tuscan weekend, I wanted to thank you again for all your help and particularly in this instance where I had to plan a student trip under especially difficult circumstances.
I always say to my students that you are my "right hand in Tuscany".

Arianna as soon as they give me new dates for the spring trip I will contact you. In the mean time however, please do let me know of any possible activities happening next spring that I could schedule for my students.

Hope you have enjoyed the Chianti riserva, as a small token of my appreciation for your help and hard work.
Warmest regards,


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 27th September 2014 from Tom and Amie, who spent a week in one unit of the dispersed hotel of Peccioli and took some day-trips during their stay.

Dear all

Just to let you know we have arrived back home and are already missing Italy and Peccioli.

We have had a great holiday or adventure as it has been, and are now very tired and in need of a rest.

I just wanted to let you know that our stay with you was very warm and enjoyable from the moment we arrived.

Massimo was very welcoming and we could not have asked for a better reception. His knowledge of the local area, wine and his friendly character really made our grape picking experience very special. Also, pass on a huge thank you to his mum for the salad. We would love the recipe if it's not a family secret :).

We'd also like to pass on our thanks to Bruno and all his team at the winery for letting us be part of this year's harvest. We hope next year will be much more successful.

We loved staying in the apartment and feeling like part of the community. Especially, breakfast at La Vecchia Carraia.

We hope you are all well and we look forward to returning to Tuscany in the future. Hopefully not too long.

Thank you again to all of you for all your help and for making our stay unique.

Kind regards

Tom and Amie


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 11th August from Simon, a wedding planner from the UK who arranged a wedding in Tuscany for 150 people with our help.

Dear Veronica and Ariana

Thank you so much for all your help. You are the best travel company we have worked with around the world. You were so organised, so helpful and always had a smile on your face.

All the extras for guests were not a problem too which is amazing.

Anyway, I may see you later because we will drop the sign off to you but thanks once again.



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 8th August from Jack and Linda, who joined us for many activites including cookery classes and wine & food tours.

This message is for Arianna, Massimo and Veronica!

Sorry I have not written sooner, but Linda and I both came down with a bad case of bronchitis and I wound up in the hospital for six days once I got home. We are both doing much better now and I want to thank you all for making our stay in Tuscany such a wonderful experience. We were blessed to have Massimo as our guide for three days and Arianna in Lari. Your choices of places to visit and things to do are second to none. Even when we weren't feeling so well we were having a great time. We enjoyed the cooking class so much we would love to have the recipes, if they are available, of the things we prepared and ate. Also that apple cake that Aldo made was out of this world. We would really like to try to make that one. The wines at Azienda Agricola La Terricciola were so good I had two cases shipped home. Look forward to receiving them sometime next week. Casciana Terme! What a beautiful little village with a large friendly Piazza and people with a heart just as big who made us feel right at home. Every morning we had breakfast with Guido and Maria Rosa at their little business on the piazza. And guess what? When we left Guido sent us off with a bottle of their local wine. How nice is that? The hotel was the perfect choice for our stay in Casciana. We learned quickly that everybody knows everybody or is related to them. Lastly, Arianna, I must say how much I admire the organization you have put together with your "Friends". You made it appear that everything went or was going smoothly when sometimes it probably was not. It is no small undertaking to be responsible for moving and accounting for 1200 people in one night without losing a one. Anyone who has run a business knows it takes talent and dedication to pull that off. At 83 I don't know if I will make it back to Tuscany, but I can tell you I would be there in a heart beat as long as you and your Friends are putting the trip together for us. God Bless you all and may you have many years of continued success..


Jack and Linda



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 2nd August 2014 from Loretta and Julia, who participated to our cooking classes at My Tuscan Kitchen cookery school.

Arianna and Friends,

Julia and I want to thank you for an outstanding vacation!! It was just wonderful and everyone/everything was perfect! It was our first cooking vacation and we could not have imagined the fun and learning as well as great food that we helped to make!

The Tuscan Cooking Class was magnificent! We learned so much and we thoroughly enjoyed our fellow "future chefs"! Signora Carla and Arianna were fantastic as well as patient and fun to be with.

Making Tuscan desserts with Veronica at Mama's Cakes was the greatest! The Traditional Tiramisu, Cenci, Cantuccini, and the Apple Cake was so much fun to make with Veronica's guidance and sharing with the Pizza class was perfect!

Signora Ester and Massimo were wonderful in the Pasta Lab. We enjoyed everything about it and sharing the meals outside with our classmates was a special treat.

We can't thank you enough for your wonderful hospitality. Both Julia and I plan to return someday and do it again.

I tell everyone I meet that they, too, should do this vacation. IT is wonderful and we thank you so much! Gracia!

One question: Can you send me the written recipes for all the dishes/desserts since my notes are not what they should be? Also, I have loads of pictures so if you want a few of the group preparing the meals, I can send them. Just let me know.

Thanks again,

Loretta and Julia

Enzo! This was the name of our driver. A man who loves food!

Luca, our guide, whose name is often confused with Lucca, the Tuscan town!


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 29th July 2014 from Joe and Sue, who took part to a small group biodynamic cheese farm tour for guests coming to the 2014 Andrea Bocelli concert in Lajatico.

Hello Arianna and Friends:
Sending a couple of pictures to show what a great time we had with some of your
staff. Sorry I don't remember your driver's name, but he was a great part of the tours especially for his
willingness to jump in and help.
Of course Lucca is a great guide. His passion for the area, the people, and his job is infectious. His knowledge of
the area's foods and customs, not to mention wines is impressive and much appreciated by Sue and I.
Congratulations for the work you all do.
Joe and Sue

Enzo! This was the name of our driver. A man who loves food!

Luca, our guide, whose name is often confused with Lucca, the Tuscan town!


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 7th July 2014 from Graham, who enjoyed our private Arno river cruise from Pisa to the river mouth at sea, for his birthday!


Just thought I would send you a quick email to thank you very much for organising the transport and cruise for my 50th on the 20th June.

The day was fantastic and your part in making it successful is very much appreciated.

Thank you again.

Kind regards,



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 30th June 2014 from Misty, who brought her all family to Tuscany for a day trip food trip to Lari.

Dearest Arianna,

Our day with you on Saturday was unanimously the best part of our three week trip to Europe. We had not planned to return to Italy because there is just so much more in the world to see but you've have changed our mind.

You talked with us like we were friends catching up about everything from religion, to politics, to history and academics. You helped us fall in love with Tuscany and see it through the eyes of locals. You didn't just translate the words and explain the processes; you conveyed the passion, the hardships and the joys of everyone we came in contact with. We truly appreciate you accommodating us in so many ways. I don't only hope to return to Tuscany, but I hope to have more time with Arianna and Friends.
We sincerely hope that one day you will come to visit with us and this is not a token offer. Our door is always open. We think you have found a recipe for success and wish you a long and prosperous business journey so that you can touch the hearts of many more.

Please friend me on Facebook and ciao, until next time,


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 26th June 2014 from Tamra, who took several tours with us.

Thank you Luca!
It was very fun having dinner with you tonight. Please tell your fiancé -next time we will eat together ;) Thank you to you and your mom for the limoncello as well - I cannot wait to try it!
What a perfect end to a fantastic week.
Stay in touch and visit us in Utah!



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 24th June 2014 from Claudia, who participated to one of our cookery classes in Tuscany.

Dear Arianna
Once again thank you for the amazing and unforgettable experience, our cooking class was a hit.
I would like to have the recipes, because we could not write down all the ingredients. We would like to cook this weekend for our friends in Miami.
Thank you for everything and see you soon (I hope so jajajaj)


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 22nd June 2014 from Robin, who came with her friends to our cheese and olive oil tour.

Hi Massimo

I have been very tardy in sending you this overdue photo from a few months ago.....so sorry!

And also just wanted to say thankyou so much for a lovely day yesterday....I did enjoy it! And made some new friends.....looking forward to when we next meet....




Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 13th June 2014 from Gawie, who visited the museum of Vespa in Pontedera with Massimo.

Hi Massimo
Herewith the promised photo - yours will be send under separate email.
Thank you once again for the great day at the museum and history lessons I will never forget!
Kind regards and hope to see you again one day!


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 7th June 2014 from James and Dannie, who took part to a lesson at My Tuscan Kitchen cooking school.

We had a cooking class with Lucca and Esther last month and would like the reciepe for the Fettine di manzo alla pizzaiola. You have created a monster in the kitchen as I just completed a pasta 101 class in Ft worth. Tomorrow is Tiramisu for dessert. Give Easther a hug and kiss for me. Thanks for the wonderful experience.
James and Dannie


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 5th June 2014 from Mary, who joined Luca for a winery and cheese farm tour.

Hi - I will write a review online soon. Loved all! Please share with your winery & cheese farm people. Thank you, Mary


Comment in French This is an email we received on 16th May 2014 from Monika, who experienced some tours in Tuscany in French language with Luca, including a guided visit to the medieval village of Lari and its castle and pasta factory.


Bonjour Luca,

Comment vas tu?

Nous ça va bien! Les obligations professionnelles, familiales et scolaires(toujours milles choses à faire pour les écoles des petits, incroyable!), et sociales(eh oui, tous les gens à inviter et cuisiner des plats italiens pour eux ;))... nous ont toute de suite occupé dès notre rentrée en Suisse.

Mais on profite toujours des merveilleux souvenirs que nous avons gardés de notre voyage en Toscane!

Pareil pour les photos, pas encore vraiment eu le temps de s'en occuper correctement. Mais voici déjà quelques-uns.

J'espère que passeras une bonne saison d'été, pas trop fatigante quand même!

Salutations de la Suisse ou il fait très froid en ce moment, avec un vent terrible, qui rend fou les gens (ce qu'on dit).



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 24th April 2014 from Carmel and Garry, who experienced our Tuscan cooking class at our My Tuscan Kitchen cooking school.

Hi Arianna/Consuelo/Veronica/Massimo,

Carmel and I just wanted to let you know that we thoroughly enjoyed our Tuscan cooking class hosted by Massimo with assistance from Veronica and Larena.

We had the best time and learnt so much and the overall concept is terrific. The time went so quickly and before we knew it, it was 10pm.

We wish you every success with the niche tourism concepts you present and we will certainly recommend the experience we had to all our friends should they be coming to Italy. Who knows we may be back some time in the future and we can book again for another package you offer.

A special thanks to Massimo who was brilliant in explaining the cooking techniques and being a 'guru' at all things Italian!!


Carmel and Garry


Testimonial in  English These are recommendations we received on our Linkedin profile in January 2014 from Carol, who spent a week here in our Albergo Diffuso in Peccioli (a dispersed hotel inside a medieval village) and took part to many of our activities, and from Richard, who came several times to the concert of Andrea Bocelli at Teatro del Silenzio through our organization.

Details of the Recommendation: "As co-owner of Arianna and Friends, Arianna Fazio been instrumental in building a very successful inbound tour operator business. Her company provides a wide variety of day tours in the vicinity of Peccioli in Tuscany as well as "live local" accommodations. Their tours can be customized for individuals or groups and cover a variety of local customs and culture. I would highly recommend Arianna and her company to anyone wanting to get off the beaten path in Tuscan."
Service Category: Tour Operator
Year first hired: 2012
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity

Details of the Recommendation: "Arianna Fazio, and friends have the ability to organise your holiday itinerary , whether it be for family , but also for Concerts, exhibitions
Arianna has the personal touch and attention to detail, she has a deep and detailed knowledge in the travel industry and holidays achieving great results at a reasonable cost to their clients.
A person of high integrity."
Service Category: Business Consultant
Year first hired: 2013 (hired more than once)
Top Qualities: Expert, Good Value, High Integrity


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 16th October 2013 from Sandi, who spent a week in Tuscany with her large group of friends and did many charming activities with Massimo.

We just arrived last night at home and have not stopped expressing our love for your country!
I would be honored to enjoy your father's olive oil in America! It will not be anything that I will be able to buy here and I would love to have the Taste of Tuscany again!!

I have enclosed my work address so I or someone would be here! Thank you for your time with us and we have so many memories, thank you and Arianna for providing us this service!
Please send the recipes of our cooking class, the salad recipe that we all enjoyed so much!! And pictures!!!
Thank you again and again!!

If you wanted me to write something up so you can place on your website, I would be honored to do that!!



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 8th October 2013 from David and Elaine, who spent 10 days in the Albergo Diffuso in Peccioli (a dispersed hotel) and got a lot of activities with Massimo.

Ciao a tutti!
Elaine and I posted a review to Trip Advisor last night so you can keep an eye out for it. I emailed Massimo a week ago or so, but have not heard back so I don't know if I used the correct email address. Can you please verify Massimo's personal email or if he received the email?

Massimo had asked for some pictures from out trip and we finally sorted through them and can provide them to you for whatever you'd like them for. Feel free to post them if you'd like.

Hope all is well with everyone.
Molto Grazie!

David e Elaine


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 3rd October 2013 from Eliza, who had a private cookery class at her premises with Massimo and Ester.

Hello Mossimo!

We are in Ravello right now. I never want to leave Italy. We have the best pictures we will post of our evening with you and Ester! Absolutely the best night of this amazing vacation. We will be home next Sunday and will touch base as soon as we catch our breath. All our best! We will be back!


Testimonial in Russian language This is an email we received on 19th September 2013 from Tatjana, who spent a week in Tuscany with Massimo with many daily activities. This message in Russian language.


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 10th September 2013 from Jill, who brought her family to our cookery lessons with Veronica.

Hi Veronica!
Thank you so much for sending us the recipes! We have made the pork, pasta, and the sauce. We talk about our cooking class every day, how yummy the food was and how much fun we had cooking with you! We took my daughter to her university 2 weeks ago and she is really enjoying it so far!

We can't wait to get back to Italy and spend more time there!


Jill and Family


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 9th September 2013 from Olga, who had her holiday arranged by us.

Good morning!
found a couple of spare minutes to write a thank you!
Parents really enjoyed their trip and organization of the event!!!
to new meetings!!!
thank you once again!


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 4th September 2013 from Mark, who experienced one of our cooking classes during his stay in Tuscany.

Dear Veronica,

Many thanks for the cookery lesson that you provided to Deena and myself we both thoroughly enjoyed it and thought you were a terrific teacher of Tuscan cuisine. We both learnt lots which we hope to use in our cooking back in the UK. It has certainly whetted our appetite for Tuscan cuisne and may look at undertaking a longer course in the future.

The drive back was very safe thanks and we enjoyed our last evening in Tuscany; unfortuately our honeymoon has now come to an end and we are back in the UK and back to reality.

Many thanks for emailing the recipes and also scanning my notes, it is greatly apprecaited.

Thanks again for such an entertaining class and providing a true highlight of our honeymoon.

Kind Regards,



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 4th September 2013 from Lisa, who joined us for a truffle hunting tour.

Hi Massimo:

It's Lisa writing. I hope you are well. We had such a lovely time in Tuscany and wanted to say that we loved our time spent with you. You are a fabulous guide! Thanks for all of the information and passion that you brought to each tour.

Speaking of our tours, we have been trying to find a Rose wine from Italy to rival the delicious wine we had at the truffle hunter's after our truffle hunt. We can't remember the name of the bottle of rose that we had that day, but perhaps you might be able to recall? We would like to see if it's available her in the NY area.

Thanks in advance. I hope you have a busy fall season!



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th August 2013 from Tracy, who took a specialty tour focusing on organic cheese and olive oil.


Eric and I just wanted to thank you all again for arranging our cheese and olive oil tour yesterday on such short notice.

We all had a fabulous time with Luca. He was a wonderful guide -- so obviously passionate and knowledgeable about that area of Tuscany. His enthusiasm was contagious! He has a way of not just giving you information but also turning the facts into a lively stories. We loved it. I hope we did not frustrate him with our many questions!

Although our kids were tired (still a little jet-lagged, plus we biked all over Lucca the day before . . .) they told me that the tour was their favorite thing so far, especially Luca's stories about his family and their olive grove, seeing the "moldy cheeses in the cheese cellar", and of course eating the terrific food and trying the olive oil. When we asked them questions about what they learned, they seemed to have gotten it all -- thanks, I am sure, to Luca's patient storytelling.

So, thank you all, especially Luca!

Best regards,



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th July 2013 from Cynthia, who took a series of tours and activities with us.

Hello Arianna & Friends

I have a few photos to share with you. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you for all of the great tours and assistance and organisation of my holiday in Tuscany. I had a very enjoyable time! You are all great! I made a pizza and foccacia today with Aldo's recipe and the ingredients that I bought in Italy and Presto! they turned out good! Thanks for the great pizza making class at Aldo's. It was so much fun as were all the other tours!

Wishing you all a wonderful summer.




Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 28th July 2013 from Raya, who enjoyed one of our small group cooking classes at My Tuscan Kitchen's cooking school.

Hello Arianna Good morning From Tel -Aviv!
thank you very much for the Toscan cooking class on the 7/11/13 in Agriturismo La Ca ' Solare. Mrs. Ester was very good teacher and the translator( sory i forgot his name) was very good as well. I hope to come again for 2 step of cooking class in Toscany.
Thanks again

Raya took part to a group cookery class at our school My Tuscan Kitchen »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 23rd July 2013 from Robin, who enjoyed a private Italian language course with us.

Dear Veronica
Ny family and I can only confirm what you wrote below and we rate the day among top 2 of our experiences here in Toscane. We have allready used our new skills to make wondefull Italien food and with the recepies it will only be better :-)
When we return to Denmark next week, I will as promised send you some pictures from the day.
Please send our love to Ester.
Hope to meet you again next time we go to Toscany.

Kind regards

Søren's family

Søren enjoyed a private cooking class at his villa »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 22nd July 2013 from Robin, who enjoyed a private Italian language course with us.

Hi Massimo - Cristina was fantastic. She is a wonderful teacher and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her for any future clients.
I am glad your concert event is over - you must be happy that life is back to normal.
I look forward to working with you again soon. Regards,

Robin took part to a private Italian language class »



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Victoria on 22nd July after arranging a family reunion in Tuscany for her relatives in one of our agriturismos.

Arianna, thank you for organising our huge family gathering last week at alessandros farm house. We had a lovely time. I have transferred the final payment to you this morning and it should be with you by 9am on Wednesday. Enjoy the Tuscan sun, it's raining here! Thank you again. Victoria



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Will on 21st July 2013 after a family cooking class with 9 children!!

Thanks so much for organising our amazing holiday. My son Thomas has not stopped talking about Esther, Veronica and massimo and the pizza and pasta!
Here is a photo of him in action should you wish to use it.
Thanks again

Will and his family joined our pasta making class »


Testimonial in  English These are two emails we received from Holly and Randy on 7th and 9th July 2013, after a private shore excursion from the port of Livorno:


Thanks so much for a great day on Sunday, June 23rd! We really enjoyed it. We are enjoying telling our friends about it and sharing our photos.
Our luggage had some "adventures", so we just received it, but we're now looking forward to enjoying a wonderful Martelli pasta dinner!

I've attached the photo that was taken of the 4 of us!

Thank you again!

Holly & Randy

Hello again!

Thanks so much for the pasta instructions, in writing! I've just finished making the sauce and was about to start cooking the pasta when I came across your message--perfect timing!

You are welcome to publish the picture, as well as any of our words, including those I've posted to cruise critic (I've copied and pasted the text of that from the cruise review I posted--see below). Thanks for the link to tripadvisor . . . I will be happy to post a review there too!

We will continue to share your information with others, until we meet again!

Holly & Randy

Holly & Randy visited a pasta factory, a winery and an oil mill »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Julia on 17th June 2013, who experienced our cooking class at Licia's:

Hi Luca!

We just got back to NY last night. We had a FABULOUS time with you and Licia. It was truly a memorable experience. You both were so knowledgable and fun to be with! I will certainly send you some photos when I upload them. I will recommend you to any friends going to Tuscany!


Julia took a private cooking class at Licia's »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received on 14th June from Kari and her family, who cooked with us in a private cookery lesson delivered to their rental house in Tuscany:

Dear Arianna and your team!

Thousands of thanks to you and Lorena of the cooking class on 30th May in Reggello.It was so nice and easy going one can imagine. We all were very satisfied with what we got in that evening. Later in the evening, after the class, we were sitting round the table and tried to find something negative of the cooking class. We found nothing!! It was so perfect and nice and we learned plenty of the Tuscan cooking. THANK YOU!!!!!!
If anybody ever asks us of the cooking classes in Tuscany the only recommendation will be Ariannandfriends for sure. When we planned this evening your website was the best, the inform was clear and the prices were easy to find and very moderate to that we got. That evening was the most rememberable of our visit in Tuscany, GREAT!!!

Best regards and plenty of success to your company

Kari, Kirsti, Jouni, Janita and Satu from Finland



Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Sabine on 5th June 2013. Sabine and her party stayed in the medieval village of Peccioli in one of the units belonging to our Albergo Diffuso "Borgo Medievale di Peccioli":

Good afternoon Massimo,

We just would like to tell you THANK YOU for helping us finding this beautiful apartment where we were able to stay for 3 nights.
The location was excellent and everything was super clean.

We appreciated the most that we did not feel like a customer. It felt more being treated like friends. For us, it was an amazing experience, because we were able to live like local italians and not like tourists.

Your office was so helpful and carrying, we never experienced before.

We tell all our friends about this experience, location and friendliness in this town and
recommend your city to everybody. Hopefully, this will bring you more visitors.

We will come back for sure. Just, the date is not decided, yet.

Many greetings from Canada
Jean & Sabine

Sabine spent three nights in the Borgo Medievale di Peccioli »



Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 29th May 2013 from Christy who took her family to an oil mill and an organic cheese farm with the guidance of Massimo:

We loved our tour with Massimo back in April to the olive mill and cheese farm. It was the highlight of our trip! Massimo was so informative! We loved learning about extra virgin olive oil and peccorino cheese. He was so much fun and we had a wonderful day.

I wrote about our experience on my blog at

It was a great day and we will always treasure the time we had in Tuscany! Thanks again for a wonderful tour! Our kids still talk about going to the olive mill and seeing the baby lambs at the sheep farm. Massimo was the best!
Thanks again,

Christy and her family took our olive oil and cheese tour »

A mountain of Sansa
The dairy doing ricotta
A piece of Pecorino
A happy family
These pictures are kindly provided by Christy and are available on her blog.
Click on the pictures above to see her blog.


Testimonial in  Italian This is an email we received on 13th May 2013 from Linda, who took a group of Canadian friends to one of our cooking classes:

Ciao Arianna!

Come va?

Ho finalmente trovato un momento libero per scriverti. Le mie amiche sono partite ieri per il Canada.

Volevamo dirti che ci siamo divertiti un mondo durante il corso. Licia è davvero brava e dolce e ci ha fatto molto piacere vedere come si vive
in Toscana. Casa sua è una favola, pieno di cose interessanti :)
Poi tu sei stata fantastica e hai spiegato molto bene i segreti e trucchi della cucina toscana, oltre alla storia della zona. Tornerò di sicuro con la famiglia!
Sai che le mie amiche hanno comprato delle confezioni di Pavesini da portare in Canada. Sono rimaste entusaste della tiramisù alle fragole. Speriamo che i biscotti arrivino interi ;)
Nel frattempo, potresti inviarmi le ricette che abbiamo preparato quel giorno? Così le inoltro alle mie amiche.

grazie ancora e a presto!


Linda experienced a cooking class at Licia's »


Testimonial in  English This is an email we received from Nancy on 10th May 2013 after a specialty food tour with Luca:

We are on our way to Pisa now, our last stop before heading home. We loved the tour! It was definitely a highlight of our trip. Once I'm home and have uploaded my pictures, I'll send you some. If you're ever in Southern California, please let us know.


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 22nd April 2013 from Judy, who took her group from a Cruiseship in Livorno to our private pizza class with Aldo.

Hello Luca,
We are fine and we are in Rome now! We've been so busy since our day together that I haven't had a chance to email and thank you for the wonderful day we had. Everyone in our group was so pleased and happy with the experience. We loved you and your excellent commentary about Tuscany and the things we saw, and we also enjoyed Chef Aldo and his beautiful villa (and the great cooking lessons!) so very much. Even the bus was so comfortable and pleasant. We all learned a lot and had lots of fun as well. It was a day we will never forget!
I must tell you....when we arrived back to the ship, we heard many of our fellow passengers complaining about the activities they had done that day. They complained about uncomfortable buses and big crowds and not being able to hear or understand their guides. We all just smiled and said....WE HAD A GREAT DAY!...There were no crowds, we had a comfortable bus, and our guide was the best. Please let Arianna know how much we enjoyed our day. And THANK YOU for the lovely gifts of Tuscan wine - we are all enjoying that very much too!

Judy and her group took a private shore excursion from Livorno
with a pizza class »


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 10th April 2013 from Valerie, who took her young children to one of our ceramic classes while visiting Tuscany:

The kids had a great time and talked about their arts all day long. My husband and I were blown away at all you guys did. It really wasn't what we were expecting! It was so much more. You guys went above and beyond.
We will be singing your praises on Trip Advisor and the like as soon as we get home and I get on my computer. These iPads are so frustrating to type on!
Have a great rest of the week and thanks again,

Valerie and her family took a private class of decoration on ceramics in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 27th March 2013 from Betty, who visited Siena and Florence and met Arianna for one of our cookery lessons.

Dear Arianna,

I cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experiences we had on our Italy trip. Isabelle is a fantastic guide and she enabled us to get the most out of a short journey to such historic sites. Our entire family will not ever forget our cooking class with you and Ester. I will be sure to write the reviews for Trip Advisor since that is how I found you myself.
Thank you for your patience with our bad driving. I am so very glad that we eventually found you!!
Happy Easter! Best regards, Betty

Betty enjoyed our guided tours in Florence and Siena »

Betty took part in one of our cooking classes »


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received on 18th March 2013 from Vicky, who took her class to Volterra on a school trip and experienced our day tour with truffle hunting experience, visit to the medieval village of Peccioli and visit to a winery with wine sampling:


Dear Arianna,
I wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful suggestions and organization of our study trip with the students.
We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, met wonderful people, ate delicious food and we look forward to organize similar future events.
The students absolutely enjoyed Massimo's tours and experience and were particularly happy to have met professionals and locals of the culinary topography of Tuscany.
I am positive we can have many more fruitful experiences in Tuscany with your agency in the future.
All best wishes and a presto!

Dr. Vicky K.

Vicky took our truffle hunting & winery tour in Tuscany »


Testimonial in  English This is a message we received from Rebecca on 26th February 2013 on our Tripadvisor profile, after she visited the Piaggio Museum with Massimo

Although I was in Italy on a group tour, I was able to take off on the odd couple of days and do my own thing. An absolute highlight was being taken throught the Vespa Museum by Massimo of Arianna and Friends. Massimo was waiting at Pontedera Station, and had given me excellent instructions on how to get there. We spent nearly 3 hours at the museum. Massimo translated what the guide was saying, and , being from the area for so many generations, was also able to share his family stories too - which were fascinating! I own a vespa, so was delighted to be able to see this iconic plant. But there were 4 other people on my tour who wish they had known about the museum as well. Thank you Massimo for an unforgettable day!

Rebecca enjoyed a private Piaggio Museum tour in English »

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