Teatro del Silenzio 2017 – The best offers to the event!

The 12th Edition of the event at Teatro del Silenzio in 2017 is announced for:




On Thursday 3rd AUGUST 2017 at 8.15 pm – Lajatico, Tuscany

Tickets are officially on sale. We sell concert offers with:


in some of the best areas inside the arena

close to Teatro del Silenzio or in Tuscan towns or cities

on board cars, minivans, minibuses or coaches

by multi-language local operators





Our 2017 concert offers


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STAY NEAR THE CONCERT (within 20 kms):

TICKETS* + TRANSFERS + ACCOMMODATION in Lajatico - Volterra - Pontedera and other villages

Comfortable accommodation in the little towns or villages surrounding Lajatico


TICKETS* + TRANSFERS + ACCOMMODATION in San Gimignano or San Miniato

Lovely hotels with view in historical towns with a lot of local character



Best hotels in the most attractive destinations of Tuscany


TICKETS** + TRANSFERS from Florence, Pisa, Volterra, Pontedera or S. Gimignano

Join comfortable return transfer services to Lajatico on board our minibuses and coaches associated to tickets to the event

* You can include tickets in your package if you need to buy some or simply select the package without tickets if you already bought them

** These packages all include tickets

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Executive tickets
€ 418.60

Poltronissima tickets
€ 257.14

Prima poltrona tickets
€ 209.30

Seconda poltrona tickets
€ 149.50

Poltroncina tickets
€ 125.58

Tribuna non numerata tickets
€ 89.70

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From 2008 to 2016 the Tuscan Tour Operator Arianna & Friends
arranged packages to the concert of Andrea Bocelli
at Teatro del Silenzio for over 6,000 people.

Arianna & Friends is located in Peccioli, only 8 kms from Lajatico and from Teatro del Silenzio.

The tour operator and destination management company Arianna & Friends was established in 2007.

It was a great experience and a wonderful occasion to visit Tuscany for many people from all over the world. Read the feedbacks of our guests here or visit our Tripadvisor page.


Teatro del Silenzio is an open air theater just outsite of Lajatico, a small village in Tuscany, 45 kms from Pisa and 95 kms from Florence. Access to the arena requires a 15 minutes walk down a little hill along a pedestrian pathway.
Please, note that the recommended airports to get to the venue are Pisa Airport (45 kms) and Florence Airport (95 kms). The closest railway station is Pontedera on the Pisa-Firenze line.






The theater is NOT easy to reach since the area gets usually blocked due to the heavy traffic related to the event. Private cars are forced to park in a little town 3 km before Lajatico and people need to queue to take public shuttle buses to Lajatico and the theater. The same experience takes place after the end of the event and queues continue for long time.

The easiest and most comfortable way to get to Lajatico without losing time in the traffic jam is by booking seats in our chauffeured cars, minivans and minibuses. Our shared minibus services and our private chauffeured car services are allowed to reach Lajatico downtown. You will get off directly at the entrance of the pedestrian pathway leading to Teatro del Silenzio.
We organize special routes for our guests and we arrange two kinds of service:

On the day of the concert, we organize minivan/minibus/coach transfer services from Pisa, Florence and the many other accommodation places we selected. Our minibus collects you at your premises or at a convenient place in town and drives you to Teatro del Silenzio. Our service is the easiest and most comfortable way to get to Lajatico without stress. If you want to book your seats on our minivans, minibuses or coaches contact us now!
On the day of the concert, we organize private chauffeured car transfer services from Pisa, Florence and any other place in Tuscany. Our professional drivers collect you at your premises and drive you to Teatro del Silenzio. Our service is the easiest and most exclusive way to get to Lajatico. If you want to book your seats on our cars or minivans contact us now!


If you want to take train + bus + taxi:
In order to get to Lajatico from Pisa or Florence you can take a train to Pontedera, i.e. the closest railway station to Lajatico, just 24 kms away. Pontedera is on the Florence-Pisa line. Here you can check the Italian Railway timetable. From Pontedera you can reach Lajatico by taxi or by bus. Here you can check the Local Bus Company timetable. The bus service stops before 9 pm and the last train service runs at around 1:30 am in Pontedera. Taxis cost around 50 Euro one way from Pontedera railway station to Lajatico. There is a limited number of taxis serving from Lajatico on the way back. Often taxi drivers do not get to Lajatico late at night after the event to take the last visitors who need a service. We do not recommend this solution.


If you want to get by car:
If you drive a car from Pisa take the freeway FI-PI-LI in the direction of Florence. If you drive from Florence take the freeway FI-PI-LI in the direction of Pisa. In any case get to the exit Pontedera. Here follow the signs to Volterra. After about 23 kms you reach the small village La Sterza where the concert organization is arranging a huge parking area. From La Sterza you can take a shuttle bus service to the theater and back. It is advisable to get to the parking area at least a couple of hours in advance due to highly possible congestion problems on the road to Lajatico.



Lajatico is a small village in the countryside between Pisa and Volterra. You can get there by rented car or using our comfortable transfer services. Public transport is instead very poor and taxi do not work on the way back.


Our tickets are not available for individual sales, but only combined with accommodation packages and/or transfer service. We only sell tickets in our packages for the sectors EXECUTIVE, POLTRONISSIMA, PRIMA POLTRONA and SECONDA POLTRONA. The Executive and Poltronissima tickets are the ones that we sell out faster.

We sell tickets at their face price, associated with the services of our offers. 


If you subscribe to our ANDREA BOCELLI CONCERT NEWSLETTER we can keep you informed about all editions of Andrea Bocelli’s concerts at Teatro del Silenzio in the future.


Lajatico is located in the province of Pisa, in Tuscany, part of Italy. The only language spoken there is Italian with an amusing and coloured local Tuscan accent. Young people and tour operators speak or understand English.

For any help, Arianna & Friends is available for translations and language assistance. We cover English, German, French, Spanish and Russian.


The organization of the concert – City Sound Milano – arranges special services for people with impedements who cannot walk independently. Please, contact them directly as they are the only ones able to arrange such a service.

This is an email we received on 1st September 2016: ... The highlight of the trip was the Andrea Bocelli Concert in Lajatico...

Just got home from our 4 week trip to Italy. The highlight of the trip was the Andrea Bocelli Concert in Lajatico. Thank you Arianna, Consuelo, Veronica, Luca and all the other “Friends” for making this a very special 70th Birthday. The La Vecchia Carraia and Bar La Terrazza were perfect and Apartment Susanna with it’s terrace and beautiful views was stunning. The organization of the event was phenomenal! Everything to perfection! Thank you all for the wonderful memories. Sincerely, Bonnie


This is an email we received on 13th August 2016: ... We will definitely be using your services again ...

A short note to say how much we enjoyed our trip to Tuscany and the Andrea Bocelli concert .
From our initial pick-up at Pisa to our final journey back to the airport all stages of the trip were well organised and most enjoyable.
Hotel SM was a good base and Paola and his family made us very welcome.
We managed to fit in a full day in Pisa and then Florence (by train) but of course the highlight of the.trip was the concert itself. Arianna & Friends made what .could have been a stressful and demanding excursion very comfortable and manageable.
We will definitely be using your services again, most probably in 2018 when I have a “big birthday”!
I will be in touch with you.nearer the.time, but meanwhile thanks.again for helping make.our trip so memorable, and I will be certain to recommend your services to my friends.
With best wishes
Megan W. & Colin. Wilmslow, Cheshire UK.

This is an email we received on 12th August 2016: ... you are really so professional everything was perfect ...


Finally my dream came true on July 30 and I saw Andrea Bocelli at Teatro Del Silenzio. I waited that day a long time and it was amazing to be under the Tuscan sky, listening to his velvet voice I can’t still believe I had the opportunity to hear him singing live! He is definitely the best in the world!

I want to thank you you are really so professional everything was perfect I was on the car number 3 we were 5 people and our driver was so kind, good he informed us in every point (sorry I cant remember his name) I met Argentine couple and I liked them so much along the way we talked to each other. Shortly I am so glad I choosed you.

Also I loved Toscana especially Firenze and I will be back:)

Grazie mille per tutto 🙂


This is an email we received on 12th August 2016: ... I think you did an excellent job...

Ciao Veronica and Arianna and Luca

It’s nearly two weeks since we returned from Tuscany and our wonderful stay there and I apologise that it has taken so long to write to you since our return.

We were very surprised to receive your kind gift of the alabaster fruit bowl and bottle of wine just before our departure along with the enclosed note and I would like to say that the only issue that we had during the whole journey to and from Lajatico was having to listen to one extremely rude and grumpy client of yours (sadly English!) who was presumably the person who complained about the delay to the concert. Actually even though it took us quite a while to get there we were in plenty of time to enjoy the village, the entry to the concert ground and the concert itself so we were somewhat surprised that he had complained at all. We are sorry that you felt the need to apologise. From our perspective there was really no need.

We had a wonderful cooking class on the Friday with Luca (I think I have spelt that wrong!) which we all thoroughly enjoyed and June and I also enjoyed every minute of the concert from start to finish. I am sure with all such events, sometimes things take longer and do not always go to plan but considering how many people you had to look after, I think you did an excellent job.

Many thanks for all your efforts on our behalf.

Kind regards


This is an email we received on 8th August 2016: ... Thankyou so so much for the perfect organisation !!!! ...

Ciao Veronica!
We are now back in Holland for a week, and are still enjoying and re-living every moment of the trip to Tuscany!

Thankyou so so much for the perfect organisation !!!!
From the time that Diego picked us up at the airport on the 27th, til the moment that he brought us back in to the departure lounge, every single event was planned and executed to perfection.

A deep bow and hat off for you and your organisation.

My Aunt Henny, Uncle Leo, my wife Marjan and I are very impressed with every sub part of the trip;
It was all perfect, Thursday 28th visit to Pisa with great guide Ilario, in the afternoon Portofino
Friday 29th with Massimo to Vinci , visiting the Leonardo Museum with dedicated guide, the on to wine tasting, ordered some wine for shipping to Holland, then onwards to Florence, with a great dinner reservation at the square, perfect! Saturday morning again wine tasting in San Miniato, just beautiful day! In evening The Concert!!! Le Cirque!!! and to top it off to the house of Andrea Bocelli for a late dinner to close a perfect evening. The sons of Andrea came to our table and sang a happy Birthday song for Aunt Henny! She was so impressed…..
Nest day we went back to the airport, still feeling in heaven…..a trip to never forget.

thank you thank you Veronica, love from all the four of us!
If we can do anything to promote you or you need references, I can recommend you and your company to anyone who wants to travel to Tuscany and need advise to organise a private chauffeur driven fun-packed holiday suitable for all ages!

Best regards Veronica, Ciao from all of us here in Holland,


This is an email we received on 8th August 2016: ... keep us on your mailing list as we would like to return next year...

Dear all

We just wanted to say thank you so much for the wonderful organisation for our recent trip to Tuscany and the magnificent Andrea Bocelli concert. It was unforgettable!! The accommodation and food at Agriturismo was lovely and Alessio the perfect host.

Please keep us on your mailing list as we would like to return next year.

Thanks again.

Kind regards


This is an email we received on 7th August 2016: ... it was wonderful - a once-in-a-lifetime experience ...

I want to thank you and your company for arranging the fantastic time we had in Tuscany. The Maestro was amazing, of course, but Le Cirque was much more of an extravaganza than we could have imagined. How did they get all those performers, animals and special effects up to that little town? Hard to believe. It was wonderful – a once-in-a-lifetime experience – and we enjoyed it very much. Perhaps they will offer the show on DVD.

My only negative comment is with regard to the start time. I don’t think it’s reasonable to advertise an 8:15pm start time and then not begin until almost 9:30. Perhaps this is something the organizers can improve on next time.

Again thanks for all your help and hospitality. I do hope we will get to experience another Bocelli concert at Teatro del Silenzio sometime in the future.

– Joe

This is an email we received on 7th August 2016: ... everything went like clockwork..

Ciao Veronica,
We wanted to let you know how much we enjoyed the Andrea Bocelli concert at Lajatico; it doesn’t seem possible that a whole week has gone by! We are sorry not to have met you personally on the night of the concert, as some from our hotel did, but we are so grateful for all of your meticulous planning. Everything went like clockwork, San Gimignano and the hotel La Cisterna were both stunning, and a special commendation to the driver who collected and took us back to Pisa airport. You made a special occasion for us into an exceptionaly special occasion.
Grazie Mille
Diana & Tony

On 7th August 2016: (in Italian language) - ... Speriamo di assistere anche il prossimo anno ad un altro concerto al teatro del silenzio

Cara Veronica, cari amici toscani, buon giorno Ancora una volta grazie per averci dato la possibilità di assistere ad uno spettacolo unico, bellissimo, in un posto magico quale è il teatro del silenzio, con la voce super di Andrea Bocelli e dei suoi ospiti.
Grazie anche per gli hotel dove siamo state trattate benissimo, le stanze veramente ampie e confortevoli.
Grazie anche per gli omaggi che ci avete fatto.
Ci avete sorpreso.
Speriamo di assistere anche il prossimo anno ad un altro concerto al teatro del silenzio

A presto Michelina

Sincere thanks to you and the team for the transfer arrangements:

Hello Veronica

Many apologies for the lateness of this thank you email but I would just like to offer my sincere thanks to you and the team for the transfer arrangements you provided for the Andrea B concert in July.

I know that there were a number of disgruntled passengers on the Volterra coach who made life difficult for you but in my opinion their complaints were not justified. You all did you best and in my opinion met the promise you made for the transfer.

Please pass on my thanks to the team

Kind Regards


On 4th August 2016: ... thank you for your help and general assistance in making things work out so well for us...

Dear Veronica,

Safely home now. We had a great time in Lajatico last week and thoroughly enjoyed the Concert. I just wanted to thank you for your help and general assistance in making things work out so well for us – all much appreciated.
As a matter of interest, is it worth booking hotels through you next time we want to be in Italy?
I hope Lorella found the apartment keys safely after we left

Kind regards


Our appreciation of the way you handled our transportation and accommodation requirements:


I would like to express our appreciation of the way you handled our transportation and accommodation requirements. Absolutely first class. This years performance at the Teatro was magnificent, at the same high but on a different level that last years performance.

It would be nice if you would add on other Norwegian citizen to your list of name being notified later this year of the 2017 event. His name is Harald


We talked about coming back and enjoying this event in the future with our friends:

Ciao Arianna,
So nice to hear from you. Garry and I were just talking yesterday about Andrea Bocelli festival and how busy you and the crew must be – sounds like a big success! We talked about coming back and enjoying this event in the future with our friends. Again thank you so much – take the much deserved rest. Thank you for the recipes, can’t wait to try them again – each time it will bring beautiful memories of Tuscany and Arianna and Friends!



Please convey my profound thanks and appreciation to all your team:

Dear Veronica,
Just a short message to thank you so much for all your kind assistance both with the bookings and on sight at the concert. It was really helpful to Jenny. It would have been a total nightmare without your special help. I also managed to get jenny a signed photo from Andrea Bocelli saying ” N
Happy 70th Birthday Jennifer and signed by him. So all in all I was able to make her wish come true hanks to you.
Please convey my profound thanks and appreciation to all your team.
Could you please let me know how much a transfer from our accommodation in Florence to Pisa airport would cost?
Thank you I really wish we could take you out for dinner. However if you ever want to visit England you have an open invitation to come as stay with us. You have my phon numbers just call and leave the rest to me.
My vertbest wishes,

It was amazing and unforgettable:

Ciao everyone,

Just a short note to thank you for organising for me this wonderful experience.

It was amazing and unforgettable ,

Once again grazie mille



As always, your organisation to and from Lajatico was first class:

Hi all

I am sorry that it has taken me a while to write formally but I do want to record my thanks to you all for another successful and wonderful evening in Lajatico (both rehearsal and concert) this year.

I am aware that some people were disappointed in the content and, indeed we had no idea that the format would be different to what we have come to accept from Andrea in concert, but to see Cavalleria Rusticana performed was special and we would not have missed if for the world.

As always, your organisation to and from Lajatico was first class and we probably could not, or would not want to do it, without you. We would be grateful if you could let us know as soon as tickets for the
2015 concert are available.

Many many thanks once again.

Evelyn and Michael

Our time in your beautiful region of Tuscany was truly fantastic:

Dear all
Firstly I would like to apologise for taking so long to send you all this email.

Our time in your beautiful region of Tuscany was truly fantastic, the five days just went so quickly.

Our accommodation was lovely, Alessandro and his team made us welcome and very soon after arriving we felt we were among friends.

Now for the concert……..what can I say about such a beautiful venue under the stars and the wonderful Andrea Bocelli. It was a truly memorable evening with the additional surprise of the great Placido Domingo and the fantastic seats that we both had.

We will definately be back, and a big thank you once again for organising it all so well.

Best wishes

Marie & Ray

We're considering the possibility of returning there next year:

Hi good morning

Just to thank you for all the assistance and wonderful time we’ve spent there.
We’re considering the possibility of returning there next year for the concert so, please keep me in the mailing list.
Cheers Vitor

If you get that date first, please keep us in mind as we would like to make our plans with you again:

Dear Veronica,

Well, the 2014 Concert is over and we are back home and back to work. The Concert, as expected, was incredible, even though it was very different from Andrea’s usual concerts, but the weather was great by the time the concert started and the seats were great. Our seats were not as good as last year but, nevertheless, they were great – maybe next time we can get tickets a little more to the center.

All of the rest of the package you prepared for us was also excellent. We stayed in Volterra and we loved it there. Volterra is a very beautiful area of Tuscany and we truly enjoyed the tour of the vinyard and winery. Everything was exactly as you told us it would be.

In fact, Tony and I so loved Volterra, that we are already talking about next year. Andrea’s Facebook page says they are already working on next year’s concert and as soon as all papers & contracts are signed, they will announce the date. If you get that date first, please keep us in mind as we would like to make our plans with you again.

Thanks very much and we hope to hear from you.


Tony & Carol

In Italian language - Ancora una volta vi debbo ringraziare per averci dato la possibilità di assistere ad un concerto unico e irripetibile:

Buon giorno, Veronica
Buon giorno a tutti voi

Ancora una volta vi debbo ringraziare per averci dato la possibilità di assistere ad un concerto unico e irripetibile in un luogo magico, nonostante la pioggia caduta copiosa prima del concerto.
L’hotel di San Gimignano lo conscevamo già e, come lo scorso anno, ci siamo trovate bene tra gente cordiale e disponibile in un paese bello e vivibile, tranquillo, per lo meno dentro le antiche mura.
Grazie e a tutti voi e al prossimo anno
Buone ferie a tutti

Your friendly efficiency made our whole trip one that we will never forget:

Dear Arianna and Friends

Jeff and I wish to thank you all for our wonderful trip to Tuscany. Your friendly efficiency made our whole trip one that we will never forget.

It was such a pleasure to meet you in person Arianna – on our pasta factory tour and olive farm lunch – your enthusiasm was refreshing and contagious – photos attached as promised. We met some amazing people – all who had booked through your company, and were singing your praises.

Thank you once again.

Very best wishes to you all

Rose and Jeff

The concert was truly a “somewhere over the rainbow” experience!

Rainbow over Teatro del Silenzio

An episode right before the performance of Andrea Bocelli at his theater in Lajatico


THANK YOU for you help and service:

Dear Friends,

I just wanted to send you all a well deserved THANK YOU for you help and service for my trip to Italy and the Andrea Bocelli concert.
The Armonia Hotel and staff were delightful. Everything was so well organised. I overheard many comments from other guests that had booked with you who felt the same. Your service and care made it possible for me to be able to travel alone with my mobility issues and I thank you most sincerely. If I am able to return to Italy I will certainly be booking with you.

Kind Regards

In German language - Wir waren sehr glücklich mit unseren guten Platzkarten:

Liebe Arianna,

nun sind wir wieder Zuhause und das schöne Konzert klingt immernoch nach!!
Wir waren sehr glücklich mit unseren guten Platzkarten und dem charmanten und schönen Hotel San Lino in Volterra!
Nochmals ganz herzlichen Dank für alles.
In der anlage ein kleines Foto vom Abend .

Herzliche Grüße von


Arianna and a visitor to Teatro del Silenzio

Arianna orienting guests in Lajatico in the occasion of one of the concerts

Sending a couple of pictures to show what a great time we had with some of your staff:

Hello Arianna and Friends:
Sending a couple of pictures to show what a great time we had with some of your
staff. Sorry I don’t remember your driver’s name, but he was a great part of the tours especially for his
willingness to jump in and help.
Of course Lucca is a great guide. His passion for the area, the people, and his job is infectious. His knowledge of
the area’s foods and customs, not to mention wines is impressive and much appreciated by Sue and I.

Cheese tasting at a Tuscan farm

An event dedicated to music like Teatro del Silenzio can be preceeded by a nice lunch with cheese sampling

Congratulations for the work you all do.
Joe and Sue

Thank you for the most amazing experience:

Good Morning,

Just want to thank you for the most amazing experience.
It was truly fantastic trip and your organization of everything was so helpful.

I will definitely be referring you to all I know,

Kind regards


A few great pix:

Dear Massimo, here are a few great pix from our pizza making class at Aldo’s. Thank you all for everything! I had a fantastic time at Bagni di Pisa, the Bocelli concert and the wonderful pizza making class at Aldo’s in the beautiful Tuscan countryside!
Sending my love to you all! Love your style, efficiency, responsiveness to any communication, etc. And of course, your wonderful spirits!
Molte Amore,
Jane (Giovanna)

Making pizza at Aldo's

Massimo, Aldo and some guests in Tuscany on the occasion of the Bocelli concert at Teatro del Silenzio


Teatro del Silenzio full of people

A picture right before the performance in 2014

Will recommend you to my friends at home
In New Zealand:

Dear Veronica
Ann and I travel around the world a lot and
Also follow Andrea Bochelli on his concerts
We have been MOST impressed with your
Team and organisation
Everything has been very smooth !
Thank u
Yes please keep us informed
Andrea has done concerts in Portofino-we
Would like to see him there as well
Will recommend you to my friends at home
In New Zealand
We will happily entertain you in NZ anytime

Thank you to you and your team for your hospitality:

Hi Arianna,

I am back home now. Thank you to you and your team for your hospitality. Just a reminder to process the credit. Thanks.

Warmest Regards,

Everybody was relaxed and in a good mood:

Dearest Arianna,

Susan wrote to you this morning but I would like to add my thanks and it would seem that you and other tour operators have had an influence and the new people who took over the Teatro del Silenzio management this year did a wonderful job.The environment was happy even party like with picnics and bottles of wine popping during the early evening and everybody was relaxed and in a good mood.
If you have the contacts please thank those concerned who helped make this a wonderful evening in Lajatico.

Thank you ,


The opportunity to see Andrea Bocelli again at Lajatico was even better than we could have ever expected:

Dearest Arianna and ALL your team,

How do we thank you enough??? We arrived home and the opportunity to see Andrea Bocelli again at Lajatico was even better than we could have ever expected.

It is you and your teams attention to detail that makes it so very special. The professionalism, the care, the efficiency, the friendliness gave the evening a party atmosphere to all. No detail was overlooked.It cannot get easier for us .Perfect hotel, good food with great staff !!! Easy transport to the venue and timely return !!! Helpful on site Arianna team staff who looked after us so well.

As for ‘Il Maestro’ riding past us on horseback at the end of the evening was the ‘cherry on the cake’.What world super star takes time to be with his fans in such a way ???

You can book us in for next year.

Once again thank you and your whole team for perfection.

Warmest regards,
Sue & Dan

We had a wonderful trip:

Dear Veronica,

We would like to thank you for the good organization. We had a wonderful trip. The apartment was on a good location, transportation to the concert was super, a good English speaking driver, the reception with snacks and drinks was very nice and above all; we enjoyed the opera and Andrea. We are very enthusiastic!!!

We love to come next year. Would you please send me an email when the tickets go on sale.

Best Regards,

A fabulous event for us:

Hello Veronica,

Thank you for organizing such a fabulous event for us, everything has been perfect, our friends and ourselves have thoroughly enjoyed our visit to your lovely country. The concert was magnificent and we were pleased with our seats. Thank you again for making this trip another special memory for us to take back to

Best wishes,

Jackie and Haven

Appreciation to Arianna and Friends for their expert organisation of this holiday for us:

We would like to add our thanks and appreciation to Arianna and Friends for their expert organisation of this holiday for us. This was our third visit to Lajatico, but our first with Arianna and Friends. We were impressed by the communications that kept us up to date before we left home, and enjoyed the dinner on the first evening in San Gimignano very much. It was a good idea to bring some of us together in advance of the concert, and lovely to find a table reserved for us and everything taken care of, including the bill!
We liked the low-key feel of this holiday, which left us the freedom to do as we liked, but the organisation was there when it mattered most, for the concert evening. We were surprised to see how many people were coming with Arianna and Friends. Being in many different hotels and accommodations, you tended to think there would just be a few of us on the night. How wrong can you be? The seats were fantastic, thank you: brilliant view of the stage, and the concert was as magical as always. These are the memories we shall cherish for ever. And how reassuring it was to find your people at staging posts to direct us back to our buses at the end.
I see lots of people have voiced their concerns about the 90 minute wait to get in, and am heartened to see Arianna has raised it with the organisers. When you consider how long it takes for all those people to get in, queue for the loos, buy programmes and souvenirs, food and drink, and then find your seat, we could have all been in our seats in half the time if they had let us in sooner. And what worries me is that once people realise there is no point standing in a queue, they go off and visit Lajatico etc., coming back much later to avoid the queue, thereby prolonging the start of the concert some more. Another year it could be 10pm before it starts. We would really appreciate a more efficient access system so hope you have the chance to point this out to the organisers.
But all in all, it was wonderful. For me there is nothing to match Andrea Bocelli’s singing. He has the power to take you out of all life’s problems and send you soaring above it all. We do hope we can come again next year with Arianna and Friends.
A big thank you!

I have a few photos to share with you

Hello Arianna & Friends

I have a few photos to share with you. I hope you will enjoy them as much as I do. Thank you for all of the great tours and assistance and organisation of my holiday in Tuscany. I had a very enjoyable time! You are all great! I made a pizza and foccacia today with Aldo’s recipe and the ingredients that I bought in Italy and Presto! they turned out good! Thanks for the great pizza making class at Aldo’s. It was so much fun as were all the other tours!

Wishing you all a wonderful summer.




Multi-language assistance at Teatro del Silenzio

Our operator Consuelo helping guests with directions


A line of visitors entering Teatro del Silenzio

The last kilometer before the gate to Teatro del Silenzio is a pedestrian pathway that people need to walk

This feedback is related to one of the past editions of Teatro del Silenzio

Dear Veronica

many thanks for all arrangements , we very much enjoyed the trip, below I’ve asted our comments for your blog

Best regards


A perfect bus transfer service:

Dear Consuelo,

Thanks a lot for perfect bus transfer service. I’m afraid we did not have a hotel room or a breakfast. Maybe another customer is waiting for your receipt. Please check. We don’t need any receipt.

Best regards out of holidays at the Baltic Sea. We have nearly Italian weather (up to 35°C)


We shall have no problem recommending you friends and family

Hello Consuelo

Thank you for the transfers to see Andrea Bocelli. We were very impressed with the organisation, especially as we were picked up from our hotel. It was easy to find someone from Adrianna and friends if we needed help.

I was a travel agent for over 30years and retired as a shop manager for Thomas Cook last December. My friend still works for them as a travel consultant and we shall have no problem recommending you friends and family.

Thank you once again.



We remain very impressed with the attention to detail given by your operation:

Boun giorno.

Just a quick line to express our appreciation for the excellent arrangement for our trip to the concert. Everything went extremely well, from our pick-up at the airport (an excellent driver and very courteous), to the arrangements on the night itself. Our intention at this point in time, is to return for the event next year and were wondering if you ran a mailing list, informing clients of the opportunity to book well in advance. I would be pleased to hear from you if this is something you offer.

Finally, I have only one criticism, which pertains to the hotel side of the trip. We were attracted to this particular hotel because it offered access to a swimming pool. However, when we arrived we were informed that the pool was not in service, a seasonal closure. We were told that we could use it if we wished, but on inspection it was obvious that the water wasn’t circulating and looked quite cloudy. I do think that we should have been made aware of this before we travelled and then given the option of an alternative hotel.

That said, I repeat that we remain very impressed with the attention to detail given by your operation.

Graham & Sue

It was a very special experience for my wife and I:

Dear Arianna
We say a big thank you for the organisation for Bocelli. What a beautiful evening although the queue was long and the concert started late.
It was a very special experience for my wife and I. We had originally seen the Vivere concert on TV which inspired us to come.
Tuscany is such a wonderful place and the Hotel and people in Chianni deserve a special mention.
We will be back in Italy soon.


We were delighted with the transport:

thank you, we were delighted with the transport and would use your service in the future…just have to get tickets for the next concert now!
Annie -x-

We did indeed enjoy our stay very much:

Dear Consuelo,

Thank you very much. We did indeed enjoy our stay very much. And will sure return in the future.

Kind regards,


We would definitely use your services again:

To all of you at Arianna & Friends

Thank you so much for suggesting the truffle tour on Monday 15th – we had a brilliant time and managed to find 4 truffles! The occasion was amazing and Lucca truly inspiring with his little dog.

Thank you also for the organisation of the concert tour from San Gimignano to Lajatico, the bus was totally organised it is a shame the same cannot be said about the wait for the concert!

We would definitely use your services again,

Best Regards

Andy & Lucinda

Our time in Tuscany was great:

Dear Consuelo,
thank you very much for the receipt.
Our time in Tuscany was great. Thank you very much for your brilliant organisation and care.
Best regards,

We enjoyed every moment of our trip and specially the Bocelli concert:

Dear Consuelo,

Thank you very much and as we already spoke, we enjoyed every moment of our trip and specially the Bocelli concert, so we are very much looking forward to be back there again next year 🙂

I tried to find the list of the accommodations/packages at your homepage, that you offered for this year’s concert, but guess you have removed it, as the event has passed. Still, is there any chance that you could send me the list of the accommodation packages that you offered this year or at least the list of the accommodations that you had a deal with, so I can do some selection upfront (though it would be nice to know the price and period of the various packages as well).

Thank you very much for everything!
a presto

Kaidi & Eero

Thank you all for the wonderful time we had in Tuscany last week:

Now that we are home safely, we just wanted to thank you all for the wonderful time we had in Tuscany last week – all the arrangements were perfect, the Andrea Bocelli concert was one of our most memorable evenings ever, and the hospitality of Guiseppe and his family at Fabbiana superb.

We had never been to Tuscany in sunflower season – how beautiful it is.

In this day of the internet, I know that clients can sometimes be extra cautious so if you ever wish to receive a reference from us, please do not hesitate to contact us. It will be “shining” like the Tuscan sun!

With Best Regards

Martin & Gill


My holiday in Tuscany will be a very memorable experience:

Dear Massimo

I have only just returned home yesterday evening and just now have read your email. Thank you for your concern. Yes, Angela and Marco are correct, the passenger was very aggressive and his behaviour was uncalled for. Unfortunately, people like that do spoil events for the rest of us. I actually was more concerned for your staff as it was a difficult situation for them to handle and they did very well. Angela remained quiet and Marco parked the bus as he dropped us off and walked away from him and tried to remain calm. They were both very professional and I could see they were concerned for us and eachother. I was worried for them too and could sympathize with their situation. He was very annoying and his swearing and yelling were unpleasant. It is not your fault. He was also seated next to me in the concert. Lucky me! If I could only be so lucky in a lottery! He also made comments during the concert, he didn’t like that “opera sh..”, and why couldn’t Andrea sing some of the other songs on his cd’s which weren’t opera! Besides that, the woman on the other side of me decided it was a good time for snacks and started crunching on potatoe chips in my ear as Andrea was singing some beautiful songs or singing along with him! ugh!! It is of course not your fault nor your organization’s. People’s behaviour is not something you can predict or control. They should be more considerate of others around them. The air conditioning on the bus was just fine. I was comfortable and it was already past midnight so it wasn’t too hot outside. He just wanted to be difficult. He even swore at the women who got off the bus to exchange thier vouchers for tickets. He was obnoxious about everything!
As it turned out all of us girls walked back to the hotel together and shut the elevator door on him so he had to wait!

After all is said and done, my evening was not spoiled. On the contrary, it was a beautiful evening and the concert was spectacular. Your staff were so kind to me, all of them, every day and every place or on every tour which I took. They all treated me so kindly and I was really pleased with the service they provided. The vans were also very nice and the drivers drove safely and cautiously and were always alert at the wheel. Thank you for taking such good care of me. The hotel in San Miniato was very good and really gave us a good welcome dinner and apero. They too were very kind to me. Additionally, my extended stay in the Villa was also very pleasant. The pool in the hot weather was terrific! They had a bottle of Andrea Bocelli wine which I was able to purchase before I left and will try it on a special occasion.

The location of the concert was not a problem for me, not with your assistance. I was happy to be able to go to the concert and could not have gotten there without you. I have wanted to come for many years but was worried because I know it is not located easily in a location where public transportation is available and since I do not have a car or know the area have shyed away from coming. However, you have shown me that it is possible and I would very much like to come again. If my job and good health remain I will contact Arianna and Friends again next year to arrange all the details and assist me once more.

It was my first time to Tuscany and it is a beautiful region. I would love to visit again! I had a wonderful time!

I have not yet downloaded my photos but will send you a few as soon as I do for you all to enjoy.

Thank you to you and your staff. My holiday in Tuscany will be a very memorable experience.

Saluti and Grazia Mille!


You guys are truly fantastic!

Thank you for making our night so wonderful. We could not have done it without your company. You guys are truly fantastic!

Everything was so well organised we just wanted to thank all of your team:

Hi Veronica and everyone !!

Just wanted to say a very big ‘Thank you’ for helping us with our booking and our stay in Tuscany.

We had an amazing time, our hotel, transfers, concert tickets….everything was so well organised we just wanted to thank all of your team.
It was so lovely to meet Arianna and all of the team on the night of the concert, you are all so lovely and it was great to meet you all in person, thank you so much.

We didn’t know what to expect but everything worked out perfectly, our only regret is that we didn’t stay longer, 4 days wasn’t enough but the trip was wonderful and we want to do it all again next year !

We found the concert quite emotional, Andrea is such a brilliant performer and the setting was perfect, our only comment was that the gates didn’t open early enough and we all had to wait in the heat for too long, perhaps next year they will do things differently.

Thank you again for making my husband’s birthday surprise such an incredible experience to remember

Please pass on our thanks to Arianna and all of her lovely team

Best Regards

Julie and Colin

Thank you and your wonderful team again:

Hello Arianna

It was so nice to meet you in person last weekend. I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you so much for organising everything, we had a perfectly wonderful time; Andrea’s concert was brilliant and staying at Fattoria Giuseppe was fantastic; we had a lovely time there and were able to celebrate our wedding anniversary weekend in a really special and memorable way.

Thank you and your wonderful team again.

Kindest regards

Helped to make the trip a lasting memory:

Hi Arianna

It is hard to believe that it is now a week since we were in Lajatico!
It was wonderful and I just want to say thankyou to you, Veronica, Conseula, Massimo and everyone who helped to make the trip a lasting memory. I hope that we will be able to come again in 2014.

With very best wishes


The most wonderful few days of our lives:

Dear Arianna and friends,

We would like to thank you for helping us have the most wonderful few days of our lives to celebrate 40 years of marriage.

The hotel package at Villa Bianca was superb from the welcome we received from Antonio and staff to the room, the food & concert buffet, swimming pool and the grounds and your arrangements which all went like clockwork. The tickets you obtained for the concert were absolutely in the right place and the transport arrangements were excellent including the careful driver. We enjoyed the concert even more than we thought possible – what a beautiful performance all round in such a marvellous setting in the Theatre of Silence – just an experience of a lifetime. We even learnt to walk like happy penguins on the way out!!!
The farm cookery course with Mrs Bocelli and Arianna was really good fun, great location & kitchen and the meal outside afterwards was very tasty!!! We learnt a lot of things and have already used our new knowledge and enhanced our Italian cuisine. We have attached a couple of pictures.

We have already recommended you to some friends who want to visit Tuscany and hope we can meet with you again in the future.

Very best regards

Martin & Carol x


A picture in front of the stage at the 2013 edition

Some of our guests in the executive section of the arena


Cooking class the day after the concert of Andrea Bocelli in Lajatico

A group of fans of Andrea Bocelli who gathered for his yearly concert and enjoyed a small group cooking class with Arianna & Friends

Thank you for organizing a very special holiday in Tuscany:

I have written separately to thank you for organizing a very special holiday in Tuscany. I wondered however whether you have had any feedback from the concert ?
If you are able to feed back to the organizers I think they should be aware of the problems caused by the significant delay in the start of the concert and the delay in opening the gates. It was most unpleasant and uncomfortable queuing in the lanes for over an hour and a half. At the end of the concert there was also a problem which prevented a smooth exit which caused difficulties.

Given the distances people had travelled, and we met people from the Caribbean, it would have been nice for guests to be welcomed in English. Overall however the concert was a very special experience.

Kind regards


Note: Our Tour Operator Arianna & Friends has protested with the organizers of the concert, the company CitySound from Milan. We really hope that this bad management of the event by the organization will not happen again.

Was great and thanks for your professionalism:

Dont worry about the uneducated person of a single case.We are happy and understand how hard it is for you to arrange and coordinate this event.Was great and thanks for your professionalism.
See you next time. Keep me on your mailing list for all your future events.
Thanks to Veronica,Consuelo,Arianna n all your team

Thank you for a smooth trip with the transfers accommodation ect:

Hi Veronica
We really enjoyed our stay in Tuscany and hope to return sometime to see more of the beautiful countryside, I would like to take this opportunity
to thank you for a smooth trip with the transfers accommodation ect .
Please pass on my email to Diana as we didn’t see her before we left and would like to thank her for her help during our stay.
Kind regards

We felt at once that we were in safe hands with your excellent communication and friendliness:

Hello Veronica, Arianna and everyone at Arianna & Friends

Just wanted to tell you what a wonderfull time we had on our ‘Bocelli Weekend’

We don’t normally do packages, we normally like to travel independently and make our own arrangements, so we were a little apprehensive. However we felt at once that we were in safe hands with your excellent communication and friendliness from the start of the booking process right through to our arrival in Tuscany.
We were delighted with the Hotel and all the arrangements were excellent. The management of so may people to the concert
on Saturday was flawless.

We topped this off with the fantastic cooking experience on Sunday, which was such fun.

Your staff are all terrific and still managed to be smiling and happy after such a hectic weekend.
We hope you are all having a well deserved rest now.

Thank you all so much

Best Regards

Alison & Gordon

P.S. How do we go about getting the recipes from our cookery lesson ? Are they on your website ?


NOTE: We do not publish the recipes of our cooking classes as they are exclusively accessible to people who take part in them! We send them to you per email instead 🙂

We shall most certainly book with you again:

Dear Veronica and all your colleagues

We just want to say a huge thank you to all of you for arranging the most memorable birthday ever!

Veronica, it was so good to meet you and your colleagues on Saturday, and we are all unanimous in saying that the concert was simply amazing! We were all enthralled from beginning to end, and quite definitely it was the best concert that I have ever attended. The venue is unique, and the stage effects and orchestra from Geneva wonderful.

Andrea was superb as was the whole of the supporting performers….. and the sound! Wow! Bocelli sounded better in the flesh than any recording, as did the other artists. I could rave for hours, but rest assured that it was a concert that will live in our hearts forever! I have to also tell you that our seats were superb so again thank you for your recommendation. The icing on the cake was the encores… I was longing to hear Time to say goodbye and Nessen Dorma, and he sang both. It was a tear jerker!

We also have to thank you for your attention to detail. The hotel was superb, the staff and food wonderful! We love Antonio…. our new best friend. Also Francesca. The planning was all superb and everything went completely without a hitch.

We adored our day in Florence, and thank you for organising that. Our guide was delightful and we saw so much in a short time, yet it was relaxed and very, very informative.

We also made some good friends staying at the hotel. Truthfully, it was like a private house party, with some really lovely people, all going to the concert. Of course we had much to talk about on Sunday! You can imagine.

We shall most certainly book with you again, maybe the cookery course or truffle hunting, but we were thrilled that what we chose was exactly right for us. We could come back to the hotel, and relax by the pool and swim after Florence, and also after walking to Gambassi..

We had good flights both ways, with Easyjet, both on time, and on arrival our son Rob and his lovely wife Linda, drove us to Gambassi with no problems. We have already told people in the flight queue about you and we shall continue to sing your praises to anyone who will listen hehe!.

Our Best wishes to you once again.

Patricia and Bob

I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know!

> Dear All at Arianna and Friends,
> I have just heard from my Mum and Auntie who are safely back in the UK.
> They were overcome with how wonderful everything was and wanted me to pass on their enormous thanks to you!!
> They were made to feel so welcomed and special by everyone from the hotel, to the taxi drivers, to the wonderful guide in Florence,
> and all the help at the concert from yourselves of course!
> I would also like to thank you for making everything so easy to organize – I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know!
> Have a wonderful rest of the summer
> Best regards
> Kay

A BIG thank you for arranging a hassle free transfer to the Andrea Bocelli concert:

Good evening to all

Just a quick note to say a BIG thank you for arranging a hassle free transfer to the Andrea Bocelli concert last Saturday evening, we had an absolutely magical evening thanks to all of you that helped along the way!

With my kindest regards
Paula H.
( coach no:11)

Everything was brilliant!!!

Dear Arianna and team,

Thank you for everything you did to make our sixth visit to see Andrea Bocelli (Il Maestro) at Lajatico so wonderful. It seems that each year you improve the service your team provides.A great hotel in a perfect location, a good welcome meal and pre concert food.For us everything was brilliant!!! Please thank your whole team for the superb efforts they took on our behalf .Everything was so easy and left us nothing to worry about.
We shall see you next year and look forward to yet another fabulous time.

Warmest Regards,

Sue & Dan M.

It was a great success and we will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends:

Dear Arianna and friends,

We have just returned to London after a great experience in Tuscany, staying in San Gimignano and attending the Andrea Bocelli concert.

Thank you very much for organising this for us, it was a great success and we will have no hesitation in recommending you to friends.

Best wishes, Jane and Tom B.

Would you add me to your mailing list for next years concert?

Can I just say a big ‘thank you’ to you all for your great organisation.
Would you add me to your mailing list for next years concert?

This is an email we got on 25th November from Marco from Brazil, who visited Italy through us during the Summer

Ciao Consuelo.

Altough we have now almost six months from Bocelli’s show show, I need to compliment you for the organization for the show. It was a great time and Tuscany is wonderful. The landscapes, the people, the small cities we normally only see in films and found they really exists, this will never be forgotten.
The remaining of the trip to Firenze and Milan was fine. I loved Firenze.
For sure will try in the future be back in Tuscany.
Please congratulate all in Arianna & Friends and hoe see you again in Italy or Brazil, who knows?

Grazie per tutti,