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Wine and food tasting tours in Tuscany

Here are some examples of half-day tasting tours organized by Arianna & Friends and their standard rates. For any of these tours you can choose to drive your own car or ask for a personal driver service.

Wine tasting tour

Tuscany is world wide famous for its excellent production of wine. Both the area of the Pisan hills and the sourroundings of Vinci have got very important over the last years for their unique D.O.C., I.G.T. and D.O.C.G. wines. Arianna & Friends organize wine tours with visits to cellars and tastings to experience the process of wine making. We help our guests discover this world which is deeply rooted in our local tradition and is a basic aspect of Tuscan culture. You will have the opportunity to see both old cellars and tools, still used even today, and the most advanced machinery for modern production. In case of good weather you can also have a walk in the vineyards.

Olive oil tasting tour

Another important Tuscan produce is the olive oil. Thanks to the patient care to the trees and the groves, the result of the olive pressing is an unrepeatable oil that you can taste during a visit to a mill. Here you will discover all the phases of the olive pressing process and the secrets for a good extra virgin olive oil. Eventually you will have the chance to taste and compare different types of olive oil of local production.

Cheese and salami tasting tour

Visit to a local farm specialized in the production of fully organic cheese, from fresh ricotta to ripened pecorino. The farm is located near the Etruscan town Volterra, on the top of a hill, surrounded by a unique landscape. A direct experience in the workroom during the production. Visit to the barn where the sheep and the pigs have lodging. Tasting of different kinds of cheese together with local ham, salami, home-made honey and wine for a genuine light lunch.
Fresh made spaghetti

Pasta factory tour
Even if not famous on a large scale yet, the handcrafted production of pasta is also something Tuscany can be proud of. We can take you to a small family run pasta factory that exports its production in all the world and you will understand why the Italians love this food so much. In the end we will give you a pack of local made pasta as a gift. The factory is located in a small medieval village called Lari, where you can also admire a medieval castle of the Vicars dating back to the XIV Century with its gloomy dungeons. After the visit you are invited to taste a local cherry liquor, typical produce of the small village.
Chocolate tasting tour Chocolate making

The newest jewel among our local produce is chocolate. Tuscan chocolate makers got the best producers in Italy over the last ten years and right in the areas of our activity you can visit a family-run factory. The owner will show you the working rooms, where the cacoa is turned into fine chocolate creations, combined with other interesting flavours and ingredients. Two hours dedicated to descovering the origins and the secrets of the different cocoa blends and to taste the unforgettable.

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