Feedbacks and testimonials

This is another recommendation from  Richard through Linkedin:

Details of the Recommendation: “Arianna Fazio, and friends have the ability to organise your holiday itinerary , whether it be for family , but also for Concerts, exhibitions
Arianna has the personal touch and attention to detail, she has a deep and detailed knowledge in the travel industry and holidays achieving great results at a reasonable cost to their clients.
A person of high integrity.”
Service Category: Business Consultant

This is what Carol wrote about us on her Linkedin profile:

Details of the Recommendation:  “As co-owner of Arianna and Friends, Arianna Fazio been instrumental in building a very successful inbound tour operator business. Her company provides a wide variety of day tours in the vicinity of Peccioli in Tuscany as well as “live local” accommodations. Their tours can be customized for individuals or groups and cover a variety of local customs and culture.  I would highly recommend Arianna and her company to anyone wanting to get off the beaten path in Tuscan.”

Service Category: Tour Operator

Arianna, thank you for organising our huge family gathering last week at alessandros farm house. We had a lovely time. I have transferred the final payment to you this morning and it should be with you by 9am on Wednesday. Enjoy the Tuscan sun, it’s raining here! Thank you again. Victoria

First of all, the guide that we had for Siena was excellent. Also, Enzo was fabulous and a life saver for helping us get the luggage. The villa is awesome…..and the chef’s have been great… It is raining here in Tuscany….should we cancel the truffle hunting tomorrow? Also, can you get a driver in Rome to meet us at the train station and take us to our hotel on Saturday May 18?We would like to have the driver pick us up at the hotel on Monday morning to take us to the airport….

Let us know! Joel

Dear Arianna,

I wanted to share with you my students’ great enthusiasm and excitement for the chocolate tour that we had. Everything was greatly organized and it was indeed a pleasure to meet personally Mr. de Bondt and to taste his dreamy chocolate delicacies! We have all bought so much chocolate to last for the entire year! I do hope we can do this again in the future and explore many more opportunities with your company. My students and myself personally, are great advocates of your services at our university.

All best wishes


And further after another of Vicky’s study trips:

Dear Arianna,

I wanted to thank you again for all the wonderful suggestions and organization of our study trip with the students. We thoroughly enjoyed our trip, met wonderful people, ate delicious food and we look forward to organize similar future events.

The students absolutely enjoyed Massimo’s tours and experience and were particularly happy to have met professionals and locals of the culinary topography of Tuscany. I am positive we can have many more fruitful experiences in Tuscany with your agency in the future. All best wishes and a presto!



Hi Arianna & Massimo

We just want to say thank you for a great trip, which we will remember for the rest of our lives. Thank you for the restaurant and the arrangement with the flowers it was perfect. We also had a wonderful trip with Massimo! I really wish we could have had a good trip with the horses and I am very sad that we missed the cooking class, maybe we will come back another time. Thank you for the great service of offering the dinner, we also enjoyed that a lot. Although Nazanin had some problems with her wrist and her back we managed to walk a little around in pisa and florence before we went back.
Again Thank you for all your help.

Kind regards,

Andreas & Nazanin

Dear Consuelo,
The “New Moon” tour was wonderful. We were very well attended by his entire team. See our comment on Facebook (use google translator if you need – Portuguese). Send us other links to post our comments (as Tripadvisor).
If they come to Rio de Janeiro, do not forget to visit us. It will also be glad to assist them with information and road maps or anything that need in Brazil. Please pass this invitation to everyone on the team.
Best regards, Lilian and Luiza

And further after our reply:

Dear Consuelo,

I will definitely refer them to my friends.
I suggest to adapt the “New Moon Tour” (the package is very well organized and interesting) for “Volterra tour – three thousand years of history” and also offer the package on weekdays.
It would also be good to offer transfers to and from Volterra to Pisa or Florence.
Volterra is very beautiful and historical, must be visited and known by all.
Hugs and success for the whole team,
Lilian and Luiza

Dear Arianna:

A quick note as we are back in the USA and reading emails.   You and your friends, Consuelo, Christina, Massimo, Vespa folks, Josee, and Isabella were wonderful to my family and the trip was a complete success.  Thanks so much for making this a wonderful vacation.  Our family will forever remember the tours and events your friends brought to life for us….The Borgo de Colleoli was a great choice for us and we will happily encourage all of our friends who are visiting your area to contact you for tour accommodations.  Please share our thanks with your friends.  Grazie!!!!  Jack

PS Are the few extra charges resolved?


Dear Arianna,
Back in Mexico..after our nice stay in Tuscany.
We were so happy in Tuscany that we are thinkiing to go back but this time with ALL my extended family, we are 85 !!
so I am thinking that you know a lot of this area.
We are looking for a hotel with 40 rooms, just All for the family,  4 or 5 stars,  in a little village not city, and very child friendly!

I would appreciate you great help.. thank you very much,   Cecilia

Hi Massimo,

Just a quick note to let you know how much we all loved our trip.

Mainly thanks to you.  When anyone asks Paul how the trip was all he talks about is “Massimo”!  Everything was GREAT, Tatiana’s, Angy’s, the tours, the food, the cooking lesson, the bus.  I will have to write this on Arianna and Friends facebook page!

The trip home went smoothly and we returned to a heat wave here.  So between jet lag and the heat it’s been a hard adjustment being back home.  I’ve been going through my photos and will send some to you soon.  Of course I wish I had taken al lot more….It was a trip the kids and I will never forget.

Hope all is well in Peccioli!

Talk soon,  Laurie

Dear Arianna,

I wish you a very happy and successful year. We have many friends here in Kenya who want to arrange a similar Tuscan holiday as we did for our family last July. I am recommending you very highly, and hope you will get new business this year from Kenya.

I am doing a photo slide show for these friends in a few weeks, and going through my files, I realized one thing. We were supposed to collect our mountain biking photos from Simone from his house, but we did not manage to do that as we changed our plans on the last day.

I request you to please obtain the CD of our photos and post it to me (email would not be possible I think because of the size of file). My mailing address is as below.

Thank you and best regards to all, especially Massimo.


Hi Arianna,
We enjoyed our stay  very much, Paolo was an excellent host and did everything he could to make our stay comfortable. Our room was exceptionally clean and comfortable

Kind Regards


Dear Consuelo,
We had a wonderful time. The accommodations were great. It was a trip of a lifetime. Thank you so much for all your help. I hope we can come back again soon.

Thanks again,


Thank You, we are well and had a great time in Tuscany. We definitely like to try to come again, hopefully easter next year and we’ll definetly book via you. As said before, you saved our vacation! I have recommended both You and susanne and Massimo to others,  so you might get some more Norwegian or Dutch custumers….

Thanx again!

Cindy and Kristian

Dear Arianna,
Firstly, many many thanks for all your help in organsinig tours and bikes while we stayed at the Villa Saletta. It made such a big difference
I am writing just because I would like to know what the charge ended up being for Isabelle on Thursday, July 16th.  We met her in Florence at 13:30,   and she was with us for about 4 and a half, or 5 hours.  (I think
Many thanks


Hello, Massimo!

Thanks a lot for wonderful photos and words. We miss all of you too. I’m going to write a letter to Franko, it’s a pity that he can not use the computer…we could  communicate easier and more often. We will be happy to meet you in Moscow if you will have an occasion to come here. Please let us know in advance about your arrival and we will think where to go together and what places to show. 2 months has passed very quickly, but we’ve got used to  your perfect food, beautiful nature and wonderful people. We’ve printed some photos and look at  them regulary, and when I go to the supermarket i look for everything Italian – today I’ve found Italian flour tipo 00 and Mozzarella di buffalo. Unfortunately the assortment is not much various here, me and Julia really miss Coop and Conad. Even when we follow the original recipy while cooking something Italian here – it’s not as tasty as it was in Villa Amalia. Next weekend we will meet with Julia and her family for a barbeque in their summer house, we will drink Franciacorta Ca’ del Bosco Brut, watch the photos and listen to Italian music, bought during the vacation. Unfortunately I can not continue my language study right now because  most of Italian teachers have a vacation until september, but I hope to improve my knowledge and next summer I’ll be able to speak and to write in Italian fluently. Thanks a lot for everything!!!


Elena & friends

We like to thank you so much for all your efforts and work you did for making our vacation a succes! It’s good that someone that knows the country can take care of you! Not everybody at the canceled flight was that lucky!

We had a great time in Tuscany and all the problems we had the first day where quickly forgotten after we smelled the Tuscan air! Susanne e Massimo is a nice place to stay and explore Tuscany and they are very nice. We will definitely reccomend both you as the B&B to our Tuscany loving friends and we might see you next year!


Cindy and Kristian

Give my greetings to Massimo as well!

Yes, we were crazy camera-women!!!  I love photography and beautiful buildings and art and countryside; and your area is FULL of such!  I don’t know if  you noticed a photo of me, quite red-faced, with Florence below (one of those camera shots where  you hold the camera and shoot with your own face filling much of photo…)…  There is a story behind that that would make you laugh, so I’ll tell you…

Marla had worked hard at her gym before the trip training to climb those 457, or however many, steps to the top of the Duomo in Florence; her “trainer” had worked with her so her legs would be in great shape for the long climb.  Meanwhile, lazy me, who doesn’t like gyms, had said I’d sit in a chair in the church and pray for her trip up and down.  The last day in Florence arrives, the day for us to visit the Duomo…  Marla decides she wants to go shopping for clothes and shoes, forget the climb, after we look around inside the Duomo.  So, I stay down in that area, visiting the shops with leather and scarves and etc. around the Duomo.  Then, I notice another sign for the Duomo and think that maybe this will let me in to see an area we couldn’t see before, stood outside in the cold wind for 25 minutes and by the time I reached the cashier, at least 50 people were packed in behind me.  I go through the turnstile, then read, “Not for people with heart problems.  You must make all 457 (?) stairs; there is no turning back.”  I look around frantically for a way to get out, but there is absolutely no way to get back through all the crowd.  Only one way out and it is up…  Well, after much huffing and puffing and legs that felt like jelly, I emerged on top!!!!  HA!!!!  I had to take a photo of myself to prove I made it!  I was definitely the oldest person up there, amidst the college and high school students.  And, Marla… she never made it up (nor did she find any shoes or clothes to buy…).  Good thing I had the photo to prove I made it, because she thought I was teasing!  ( I spent the next 1/2 hour reclining/recuperating on a seat in the baptistery, taking lots of photos, so nobody would make me leave, thinking I was loitering…)  What an experience!

The hotel in Pisa was great, quite large rooms.  We really liked the location of the one in Florence, as well.  It was smaller but still quite nice and attractive.  There was a bookbinder/papermaker next door who spent over an hour showing us his art.  He was very nice and we thoroughly enjoyed his demonstration, except our feet were so sore.

We really had a wonderful time and appreciate all  you did to make us feel “at home.”  I hope that Marla remembered to give you the money I gave her to thank  you and Massimo for your efforts!  I am really sad we didn’t leave some for Carla, as well.  I have already made the first night’s recipes for my family; they were delicious but I nearly used all my Italian olive oil…  I will have to buy more!  I also found a website where I can order chestnut flour to make castgnaccio like I ate in Lucca.

Spring is so pretty here right now!  Hope you have a few moments to enjoy it there, as well!  Are you excited for Easter?  My parents are coming to visit on Maundy Thursday (Day of the Last Supper). They live nearly 500 km away, in the mountains of East Tennessee.

Blessings to you!


PS Don’t forget you have an open invitation to come visit!!!  (If you can survive my 3 teen-agers!  Actually, they’re very nice people