Truffle gift box & truffle cooking class

Time for a truffle meal?
Learn how to cook with them! 

It’s always truffle season! Learn how to cook with our truffle specialties. We will deliver the necessary truffle based ingredients to your place and set a live streaming private cooking class for learning how to prepare two dishes with the use of the truffle-based products. You’ll learn how to prepare a truffle risotto and one more dish to choose among: tagliatellepotato raviolichicken escalopes, all with a delicious truffle sauce.

Tagliolini al tartufo Risotto al tartufo

Black truffle home-made noodles

Risotto with slices of Scorzone

Step 1 – Order the ingredients

In order for you to be able to cook a truffle-based meal, you need to get some truffle specialties first. In just a few days you will have them delivered and you will be ready to prepare your meal!
Here is all you need to have:

Bianchetto truffle slices in extra virgin olive oil

Bianchetto truffle in slices

Ideal with: fried eggs, risotto, egg-based noodles, potato puree

Black truffle slices in extra virgin olive oil

Scorzone truffle in slices

Ideal with: fried eggs, risotto, egg-based noodles

Butter with Bianchetto truffle

A butter for eggs with truffle scent

Ideal with: fried eggs, egg-based tagliatelle, canapes, pasta dressings

White sauce with Bianchetto truffle

Snack sauce for truffle based snacks

Ideal with: cheese fondue, canapes, pasta dressings

Parmesan & Bianchetto truffle sauce

Sauce with parmesan cheese and spring white truffle

Ideal with: risotto, bruschettas, chicken meat

Carnaroli rice with Black truffle

Truffle and rice for excellent risotto

Ideal with: butter, parmesan cheese, stewed mushrooms

Truffle box – 6 items Rate

  • 1 x Bianchetto truffle slices – 30 gr
  • 1 x Black truffle slices – 80 gr
  • 1 x Butter with Bianchetto truffle – 160 gr
  • 1 x White sauce with Bianchetto truffle – 180 gr
  • 1 x Parmesan cheese and Bianchetto truffle sauce – 90 gr
  • 1 x Carnaroli rice with Black truffle – 350 gr

€  90

+ Shipping*

* The shipping cost varies according to your country. Please, specify your shipping address in our booking form and we will provide a detailed quotation.

*Shipping rates:

Austria, Belgium, Germany, Luxemburg, The Netherlands shipping rate €25
Denmark, France, Poland, Portugal, Spain shipping rate €35
Finland, United Kingdom shipping rate €45
Malta, Switzerland shipping rate €60
United States shipping rate €80
Other countries on request


Step 2 – Schedule your private virtual cooking class with us on Zoom

Once you have received your box of truffle specialties home, contact us and let’s set up together your 2 course truffle meal. You’ll learn for sure how to prepare truffle risotto, then you can choose among:

hand made fresh pasta tagliolini with truffle sauce, home made potato gnocchi with truffle sauce, home made potato ravioli with truffle sauce, chicken escalopes with truffle sauce.

After the menu is decided, we will provide the list of ingredients you need for the class. You now just need to set up a date and a time (not later than 10 pm Italy time).

You will connect with us in a zoom conference for a private virtual cooking class of 2 hours in which you will learn how to prepare the dishes and also you’ll learn about the fantastic world of truffle, the truffle hunting experience and the use of truffles and truffle products in the kitchen. You can invite friends over or you can have them cook with us too from other locations! Up to 12 connections possible at the same time. The timing will be set at your convenience.

Gnocchi with truffle sauce
Truffle sauce on home-made gnocchi

You will enjoy a very interesting conversation on truffles and specifically on these truffle specialties, with plenty of information on how to cook and pair the truffle products you bought with other deliciacies!

Our virtual cooking class on truffles Fun activity for your family and friends
Live streaming cooking class on gnocchi Live streaming cooking with Massimo

Private 2-hour virtual cooking class on truffles via Zoom

€ 120

private Zoom conference for up to 12 connections with Arianna or Massimo


Step 3 – Enjoy your truffle meal with your people!

After a preparation of two truffle dishes that will take about 2 hours, you can enjoy a unique and delicious meal with your family and friends. We will give you also some suggestions on the wines to pair with the truffle courses and it will be a memorable day with the most valued people for you!

Sharing a dinner with Countess Gherardi del Testa

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Beneficiary Name: Arianna and Friends S.r.l.
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Check our truffle box offers as christmas gifts

If you are really fond of truffles and you would like to buy a truffle gift box for next Christmas, we have 3 wondeful offers with plenty of truffle based products.
Check our offers here!


Our private truffle hunting tours in Tuscany

Enjoy a 7′ video with our foodie guide (and now officially truffle hunter) Luca introducing the world of truffles in Tuscany. Luca will describe how our private truffle hunting tours with delicious lunch are arranged and will introduce to you the professional truffle hunter Daniele and his cute dog Pato.
Daniele is the producer of the truffle delicacies of our offer below.


Guided visits to the National Festival of White Truffle in San Miniato in November

For real lovers of truffles, this is the most important festival in Tuscany. Every year in November, in the weekends, the town of San Miniato hosts the most important truffle festival of central Italy, along with an incredibly rich and varied food market.
We arrange private guided tours to the event with samplings of plenty of local specialties.


The truffles we can find in Tuscany

Tuscany is a really lucky territory. Along with excellent wines, extra virgin olive oil and other deliciacies, the underground of the region hides a real treasure that not many areas can offer: truffles! Truffles are underground mushrooms of inimaginable delicious scent and flavor that you can taste here all the year through. Learning how they are found and commercialized is a really fascinating experience for visitors of Tuscany.
There are several kinds of truffles available in different peak seasons. See here below the most important ones:

Bianchetto or Marzuolo Nero or Scorzone Bianco
Spring  White  Truffle
– Tuber Albidum Pico –

Tuber Albidum Pico

Summer  Black  Truffle
– Tuber Aestivum –

Tuber Aestivum

Winter  White  Truffle
– Tuber Magnatum Pico –

Tuber Magnatum Pico

A truffle available in March and April. Small in size, very intense long-lasting scent, resembling garlic. The truffle of the summer months, dry, hard texture and thick skin. Ideal for cooking and for preserves. The rarest of all truffles. Available in November. Intense but volatile, to be used only fresh, thinly sliced onto delicate food.

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