Teatro del Silenzio Program


Thursday 25th and Saturday 27th July 2019 at 8:30
Lajatico, Italy




“Night, splendid night, give us a falling star – teach my children that there is nothing more beautiful – than being authentic, and having a pure spirit – with their feet planted on the ground and eyes turned toward the future”

from “Ali di libertà”

During a magical summer night immortalized by television cameras, through – both solemn and theatrical – set design, choreographies and visionary technologies, earth and sky will come together, as will the performers and the spectators: they will all be called upon to free themselves from their confines and take flight. Yet it will not only be the voice, and the everlasting music, that takes flight.

“Ali di libertà” is the title of the 14th edition of the Teatro del Silenzio.
This will be the celebration of an atavistic and universal drive, of that equal and opposing force to gravity, which is the attraction to the sky (the same force that makes the trees grow, that draws flames upwards and that raises our joined hands in prayer). The great concert planned for Thursday, July 15, 2019 will be dedicated to the poetic interpretation of the most ancient and powerful of human aspirations.

The best of the best is in the program: a multi-sensory experience that will reinvent opera by offering the greatest composers, the most beloved songs and the most popular “classics”, presented within an innovative format that will symbolically take the audience by the hand, within spectacular moving sets that are, currently, unparalleled. It is a memorable journey, to be taken – as always – alongside Andrea Bocelli, through the places where he was born and where many of his dearest loved ones still reside.

“Ali di libertà” – the title of the famous song from the Tuscan tenor’s latest pop album – becomes the main image for a special event that draws inspiration from the 500th anniversary of Leonardo da Vinci and is set to display pyrotechnics as part of an unforgettable celebration of flight and the desire to overcome limits. From the myth of Icarus to, precisely, the genius and clamorous prescience of Leonardo da Vinci’s flying machine, from the winged messengers of many religious traditions (whether faithful angels or those that have rebelled against God, their creator) to the cosmic challenges of the third millennium, this theme will not only permeate the stage, but the entire site, symbolically offering the audience that feeling of vertigo that comes from wearing a pair of wings, through a veritable feast for the senses, poetically interpreting the most ancient and powerful of human aspirations…

Alongside the most beloved Italian tenor of the third millennium, there will be acclaimed international stars of Belcanto who will take on the masterpieces of a repertoire that has had the world dreaming for several decades: everlasting songs will be performed as if the public were part of a movie set, through strong, amazing and rich theatralization.

This represents a monumental project, an unprecedented challenge for the Teatro del Silenzio – a midsummer’s evening dedicated to beauty. Unmissable. An event to experience, remember, proud to say: “I was there”.