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Duration:4 hours



An incredible and authentic truffle experience in Tuscany! Truffle hunting with a skilled truffle hunter like Daniele in the beautiful woods of Volterra can be a unique and memorable adventure. Daniele’s expertise, along with his trained truffle dog, adds an authentic touch to the experience. Following the truffle hunt, indulging in a delicious lunch based on truffles at Daniele’s shop in Volterra is the perfect way to savor the fruits of the day!
Make sure to capture the memories and flavors of this unique adventure in Volterra!


The walk in the wood around Volterra
Our tour is a journey into the captivating culture of truffle hunting. Accompanied by our knowledgeable guide, you’ll venture to the enchanting region of Volterra and have the opportunity to meet Daniele. The experience begins with an insightful introduction to the world of truffles. Following that, we’ll head to a nearby forest just outside the walls of Volterra in search of seasonal truffles. Join Daniele and his dog Pato or Ciro for a fun and educational truffle-hunting adventure. Observing the strong connection between the dogs and their owner adds an extra layer of enjoyment to the experience

A delicious lunch at Daniele’s shop
After the hunt, we will move to the center of Volterra, where to meet Stefania, Daniele’s wife at their truffle shop in the main road of the town. Here she will prepare for us a delicious truffle tasting and truffle based lunch using many of the truffle products they produce.

Black truffle menu:
Truffle based bruschettas, salami and cheese
Pecorino cheese fondue with truffle
Fried egg with truffle or chianina beef carpaccio with truffle
2 glasses of local wine, water

White truffle menu:
Truffle based bruschettas
Beef tartare with truffle or an alternative dish
Fried quail egg with truffle
2 glasses of local wine, water

Add a VIP Package to the white truffle experience: CREATE YOUR TRUFFLE MASTERPIECE: A TREASURE IN YOUR HANDS

Complete the truffle experience with our VIP package: A Treasure in Your Hands. Take the reins of flavor creation, guided by the enchanting aroma of truffles.

Personalize the delectable lunch that Daniele’s wife, Stefania, makes for you. The three-course truffle-based meal, already adorned with some fresh truffle shavings, is a canvas awaiting your touch. What sets this experience apart is the power vested in you – the choice of truffle and the freedom to decide its abundance on each dish.

Picture this: a selection of the finest truffles laid before you, each with its unique essence. Engage your senses as you inhale the earthy fragrance and choose the truffle you prefer. Your chosen gem will be carefully weighed on a precise scale, and you decide how much of it must go on each dish.

This isn’t just a meal; it’s a masterpiece in the making. You dictate the intensity of truffle bliss on every plate – from a subtle hint to an indulgent abundance; it’s all in your hands. The addition of truffles is an optional extra to be paid separately.

As your culinary exploration unfolds, relish the freedom to decide, appreciate the sensory delight, and savor the satisfaction of crafting a truffle-infused masterpiece

As you’ll soon discover, the cost of truffles varies from day to day, especially during the winter season. We will provide you with the current price of truffles on the day of the tour, allowing you to plan and visualize your budget accordingly

A wonderful opportunity to explore Volterra!
Following a delightful lunch, you have the option to extend your day by discovering on your own the enchanting town of Volterra.  If you would like a more in-depth exploration with a guided tour, feel free to inquire about the available options and request a personalized estimate.



This is a list of specialties that you are likely to sample as part of the program of this tour. Please, note that the specialties of the tasting session and/or lunch may vary according to the season and the availability of the products in the day of the tour.

In our tour we like showing you places off the beaten track and introducing you to Tuscan people with their personal stories, careers and characters. You will have one of our guides with your party during the whole tour. Please, see below all the guides who can be with you. During this experience you can also meet some of the Tuscan friends involved in the events. Please, see below which friends you are likely to encounter.










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Rates Table

The total rate for this activity varies according to the number of people in your party and the kind of seasonal truffle.
Check rates in the table below.

with lunch based on black and spring truffles
– from THE january through august –
MAX 8 people

– RATES 2024 –



2 persons € 490
3 persons € 630
4 persons € 770
5 persons € 910
6 persons € 1050
7 persons € 1190
8 persons € 1330
Extra teen (12-17 yrs) € 75
Extra child (4-11 yrs) € 50


– FROM october THROUGH december –
mAX 8 people

– RATES 2024 –



2 persons € 660
3 persons € 870
4 persons € 1080
5 persons € 1290
6 persons € 1500
7 persons € 1710
8 persons € 1920
Extra teenager (12-17 yrs) € 95
Extra child (4-11 yrs) € 65

Rates include

  • Private English speaking tour guide for the whole tour – German, Russian, French or Spanish also available
  • A guided truffle hunting walk in the wood with a truffle hunter and his dog
  • A truffle-based full lunch with wines included
  • Tax

Rates do NOT include

  • Transportation
  • Guided tour of Volterra
  • Vip package for white truffle

Transportation is not included in the rates above. For more info on transportation, please see the box “Transportation options”.

This is a message of Beth after enjoying a private truffle hunting tour with Massimo in 2018 right on Christmas Eve!

Arianna and Veronica,

I just wanted to be sure you knew that today as always the tour was fantasico but today was even more fantastico! Our guide and the family was soooo wonderful. It was the best experience!!!

Please book us primarily with this guide whenever possible for future travel as it was such a good fit, it felt like we spent the day with family!

We are back in February and Ill get you dates to see what else we can do!
Thank you, Beth

Here a message of our friends from Philadelphia, who enjoyed a day at Alessio's focusing on truffle hunting on 1st October 2018:

Hello from Philadelphia.

John, Allison and I want to thank you for the wonderful day we spent with you for the truffle hunt and lunch. The experience in the woods with Danieli and Pato was great, as was the cooking and lunch time with Alessio, Paula and Maria. (Sorry if the spelling of their names is not correct).

The day was the highlight of our daughter’s trip and left a wonderful impression of the landscape and people of Tuscany and the joy John and I experience each time we visit. We will be back next year and will hopefully find another adventure to book with Arianna & Friends.



I wrote a 5 star message the last time we were with you. I went back using the link you provided to write another one, and the Trip Advisor site would not let me post it. I’ll try another time. Hope all is well with you.

This is the message of appreciation of Kerry, who visited Tuscany and enjoyed our truffle hunting tour with Alessio in December 2017:

Hello Massimo,

It has been a very hectic time since our return from our trip in Italy.

I wish to thank you so much for your time on our trip on the truffle hunt with Daniell and Parko.
We enjoyed the day and delicious lunch immensely and wish to return once again.

I am still uncertain at this time on the Bocelli Tour for 2018 but hope to make it in 2019 definitely.
Also to do other tours with Arianna and Friends.

Thank you so much once again.
A Merry Xmas to you and all the members of your staff and a prosperous 2018.
Saluti di Australia,
Kerry, Lorenza, Aaron, Janine and Ava.

This tour takes place in the rural area of Volterra, in central Tuscany. About 20 km from Selvatelle, 10 km from Volterra, 20 km from San Gimignano and Montaione.

Unless differently specified, the tour guide meets you at a meeting point near Volterra.

This program takes 4 hours. Time for transportation not included.

Available all year through, from Mondays through Saturdays.

This tour is available in English language. German, French, Spanish, Russian or Italian are also available with no surcharge.


Ideal for children

Comfortable shoes and clothes recommended.

The foods served during this tour might contain gluten, lactose, nuts and alcohol. If you have any food restriction, please inform our personnel during the enquiry process.

This program and its rates do not include transportation and are set on a self-driving base. For further information see the box "transportation options".

The destinations reached during this activity are in the Tuscan countryside, in areas off the beaten track that cannot be reached by public transport. We highly recommend renting a car in order to reach them. As an alternative, we can offer a valued service by chauffeured car, van or minibus. Any cost of transportation is to be added to the rates displayed on the rate table of this page.

A cinquecento in front of San Gimignano
Chauffeured vans and sedans and luxury buses in Tuscany