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Private Italian language classes during your stay in Tuscany
If you really want to understand the land and the culture of the Italians, what way better you have than learning their fascinating language?
The private Italian language classes of Arianna & Friends are informal and amusing and take place exactly where you are lodged!
You can choose among beginner or elementary level, intermediate level or advanced level. Your expert teacher will focus on specific topics according to your previous knowledge and your needs, and you will learn in a natural setting.
Each lesson takes 1.5 hours and you can take 2 lessons in a row for a 3 hour tuition in one go. In this case the teacher will lead you to a nearby village or farm and give you the chance to practice the language in a real context.

All the materials and tools used in the classes are completely safe

The teaching hours can be integrated with very interesting walks to the local street markets, medieval towns (choosing the non-touristy ones where only Italian is spoken) or to small local museums

Another good didactic device is learning the language during our unforgettable cooking lessons.

The teacher provides a lot of useful advice in order for the participants to go on learning Italian also after their holidays for a long term study

Special lessons can be arranged for children over 7 or teenagers under 16


In our tour we like showing you places off the beaten track and introducing you to Tuscan people with their personal stories, careers and characters.
You will have one of our guides with your party during the whole tour. Please, see below all the guides who can be with you.
During this experience you can also meet some of the Tuscan friends involved in the events. Please, see below which friends you are likely to encounter.


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Rates Table

The total rate for this activity varies according to the amount of hours of the language tuition you prefer
Check rates in the table below.

1 to 5 participants

– RATES 2019 –



“Just a start” formula – 3 hours € 180
Short formula – 6 hours € 350
Medium formula – 12 hours € 680
Intensive formula – 18 hours € 980

Rates include

  • A private teacher coming to your location – within 30 minutes from our premises in Peccioli
  • Learning materials
  • Tax

Rates do NOT include

  • Delivery of class to locations more than 30 minutes from our premises in Peccioli

If your location is more than 30 minutes driving from our premises in Peccioli a surcharge applies. Please, give us full details of your location for a quotation.

This is an email we received from Ellen and Lex, who spent a relaxing week in Tuscany learning Italian with Massimo:

Buona sera Massimo,

Come va?

This time in English as I’ve been that busy as well.
I also have been too busy to realise time is flying indeed, but so it is.
Thank you for the invoices.
Furthermore : we had an interesting time with you and are glad to have met with you.
Our training has been a success and we are now in the proces of self studying based upon NL-IT and vica versa. We have been talking about a follow up course with you next year and will come back in due time.
Well Ellen and me wanted to thank you once again, we wish you all the best and we’ll be in touch

Cordiali saluti della Olandese

Lex & Ellen

PS: Next time (not tomorrow but soon!!) my email will be in Italian

This is an email we received on 1st June from Michelle after a vacation in Tuscany focused on Italian learning:

Miei Cari a Arianna and Friends –
La notte scorsa ho sognato che stavo parlando Italiano. So che eravamo li per soli 9 giorni, ma mi manca Toscana e tutti voi. Spero che stiate tutti bene!

Con Amore,

This is an email we received from Robin, who enjoyed a private Italian language course with us.

Hi Massimo – Cristina was fantastic. She is a wonderful teacher and a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend her for any future clients.
I am glad your concert event is over – you must be happy that life is back to normal.
I look forward to working with you again soon. Regards,

Our private Italian language classes take place in any location in Tuscany within 30 minutes from our premises in Terricciola, Pisa area. If your accommodation is at a distance further than 30 minutes driving from our premises, a surcharge applies. Please, give us full details about your location during the booking procedure for a quotation.

Our painter and assistant drive directly to your location so the meet-up location is at your premises. Please, give us details about your location during the booking procedure.

This program is set on a base of 6, 12 or 18 hours during your stay. A calendar can be agreed on according to your schedule and the teacher's availability. Each lesson takes 1.5 or 3 hours. In case of a 3-hour lesson the program includes a quick visit to a village with the teacher to practice the language in real contexts.

Available all the year through, any day of the week.

This class is held in Italian with some help of English only when necessary.


Not ideal for children. Special lessons can be arranged for children over 7 or teenagers under 16.

No particular clothing required.

No need to consider transportation for this kind of activity as the class is delivered to your villa or accommodation place.

This activity is delivered to your premises so no transportation is to be considered in the organization.

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