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Duration:5 hours


Artisanal products are becoming increasingly popular. Here’s a unique tour focused on artisanal and organic products, as a testament to the strong commitment of private families involved.




The visit to the organic estate
Our tour begins with the visit to an organic estate that exclusively produces flours from ancient grains within an integrated system. Nestled in the countryside between Peccioli and Volterra, the farm offers a breathtaking view. Explore their production of ancient grain flours, legumes, pasta, bread, and biscuits, gaining insights into adopting a healthier diet. Let’s also acknowledge the admirable mission of the two brothers who have invested significant efforts in creating an environmentally friendly space that is entirely free of chemicals.


The town of Peccioli and lunch at a pastry shop
Next, venture to Peccioli, one of the most charming towns in the region, where you’ll meet a delightful family passionate about creating excellent food.
They are the proud owners of a restaurant that, in the previous generation, started as a local pastry shop. The dedication and curiosity of the last two generations have transformed the business into one of the most esteemed pastry shops in the area. Over time, it has evolved also into a restaurant where the chef continually delights guests with new creations and culinary experiments, all while maintaining a strong connection to tradition. They utilize ancient grain flours, produced at the farm we visited, for crafting pizzas, bread, and other specialties that you’ll have the pleasure of tasting in a delectable lunch.


Gelato tasting experience
Additionally, a young family member has recently initiated a project to create a unique gelato. Crafted in an artisanal manner and using local and organic raw materials, they experiment with taste combinations to create unconventional gelato flavors exclusive to this location. A gelato tasting following lunch is a must-try experience.

Delight your taste buds with the result of their creative experimentation, featuring unusual gelato flavors that you can only savor here.



This is a list of specialties that you are likely to sample as part of the program of this tour. Please, note that the specialties of the tasting session and/or lunch may vary according to the season and the availability of the products in the day of the tour.

In our tour we like showing you places off the beaten track and introducing you to Tuscan people with their personal stories, careers and characters.
You will have one of our guides with your party during the whole tour. Please, see below all the guides who can be with you.
During this experience you can also meet some of the Tuscan friends involved in the events. Please, see below which friends you are likely to encounter.








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Rates Table

The total rate for this activity varies according to the number of people in your party.
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ancient grains & artisanal gelato

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2 persons € 350
3 persons € 415
4 persons € 480
5 persons € 545
6 persons € 610
7 persons € 675
8 persons € 740
Extra Adult € 65
Extra Teenager (12-17 yrs) € 60
Extra Child (4-11 yrs) € 55


Rates include

  • Private English speaking guided
  • Visit to the ancient grain estate
  • Visit to the medieval village of Peccioli
  • Lunch with ancient grain products
  • Gelato tasting

Rates do NOT include

  • Transportation
  • Tips to the staff. Not included, not obligatory but very much appreciated

The destinations reached during this activity are in the Tuscan countryside, in areas off the beaten track that cannot be reached by public transport. We highly recommend renting a car or a scooter in order to reach them. As an alternative, we can offer a valued service by chauffeured car, van or minibus. Any cost of transportation is to be added to the rates displayed on the rate table of this page.

A vespa in the medieval village of Peccioli
Chauffeured vans and sedans and luxury buses in Tuscany
A cinquecento in front of San Gimignano